Template:FFVII Enemies Sahagin is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII encountered in the sewer below Don Corneo's mansion. They can also be fought in the second round of the Battle Square before the player obtains the Tiny Bronco. In the Battle Square they have enhanced stats with double the normal HP and Attack and Magic Attack increased by 25%.

They mostly just use Harpoon and Water Gun to inflict minor damage, but if they use Shell Defense, their Defense increases greatly since it has a one-in-sixteen chance that rises to 512, meaning the physical attack will deal just one point of damage. It is best to use magic to fight them.

AI Script

Start of battle

Declare OpeningAttack = 0

If (OpeningAttack == 0) Then

If (3/4 Chance) Then: Use Water Gun on random opponent

OpeningAttack = 1


1/2 Chance: Use Water Gun on random opponent

1/2 Chance: Use Harpoon on random opponent

Counter - Pre-turn

Self Defense = 32

If (1/16 Chance) Then

Use Shell Defense

Self Defense = 512


  • The script "Counter - Pre-turn" runs before any turn is made, whether the Sahagin is subject to attack or not.
  • Shell Defense is the flinch animation used whenever Sahagin's Defense increases.



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