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Centaur archer who rains bolts of lightning on his foes.


Sagittarius is an Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is the Rank II Lightning Ranged summon, and costs 15 Affinity points to summon. Its normal attack, Plasma Arrow, deals Lightning damage to one foe. Its special, Triple Shot, deals Lightning damage to all foes in range.

Sagittarius resembles the Sagittarius Zodiac, the half-man, half-horse archer. His fur is azure-cerulean, while his hooves are beige-clay. His eyes are grey, yet shine. He wears a large red nose ring. Sagittarius has a brown mane and tail that are spread like a ponytail. He wears a chestplate tied with a crimson scarf. He wears several bracers around his arms and wrists. His nails are black, pointy and claw-like. Sagittarius also wears a helmet with a sharp horn. Sagittarius wields the bow/crossbow, and is always armed with some bolts.



Sagittarius fires his projectiles in the air rather than straight towards the enemy hitting different enemies in turn along with directly hitting others. The Plasma Arrow ability has Sagittarius shoot three arrows in a forked direction. Although it may miss (most of the arrows do), this helps in battling ranged enemies that surround Sagittarius, and is best used by a group of Sagittariuses.



Sagittarius is one of the constellations of the zodiac, and its also a zodiac sign used in astrology.