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SK 01: The Age of GodsEdit

"Many thousand years ago, all-powerful beings looked down upon the land, and their rule was absolute. They commanded all things on the earth. All was done according to their will. Then one day they withdrew behind the walls of a great city of their own making, disappearing from history's stage. In the vacuum left behind, Ivalice fell into chaos, until the march towards a new age finally began.

SK 02: The Age of King RaithwallEdit

Many were the countries and kingdoms dotting Ivalice, and many were the wars waged in this time. Legend says that Raithwall, a noble from a small country in Valendia, was granted a sword and magicite from the gods, and with these artifacts, a mission: to unify the land. His strategic genius and deep empathy with his people were evident in his rule of Valendia, and from there he went on to take control of the remaining two continents. Soon all Ivalice belonged to the Galtean Alliance, and a Golden Age had begun. Now king of all he surveyed, Raithwall's was a benevolent and just reign, guiding the Alliance for near half a century. After his death, the Alliance held firm and knew peace and prosperity for four hundred years until its dissolution with the passing of the last of Raithwall's direct descendants.

SK 03: The Tragedy of NabudisEdit

Two years past, Nabradia, fearing the military might of the Archadian Empire, made treaty with Rozarria to place troops from that land near her borders. Fearing an invasion of the Valendian continent by its sworn enemy, Rozarria, Archadia immediately exerted political pressure on the small kingdom. Yet Nabradia did not accede to their demands, and Emperor Gramis of Archadia was compelled to use force. Several days after the Archadian invasion, a terrible explosion reduced the once proud city of Nabudis to naught but rubble. Though the city fell in the space of a night, the Mist that now swirls where it once stood has transformed the land into a barren waste for eternity. Even now, the cause of this cataclysm is not fully understood.

SK 04: House DalmascaEdit

Bloodline begun by the second prince of Dalmasca to take up the mantle of rule after King Raithwall's passing. The reign of Raithwall's direct descendants, House Galtea, drew to a close after 400 years, marking the end of the Galtean Alliance, and the beginning of rule by House Dalmasca. Dalmasca reign continued for nearly seven centuries, until the Archadian invasion brought their era to an end.

SK 05: House SolidorEdit

A noble Archadian family having a permanent seat on the Senate, and de facto control over the Ministry of Law. In the days following Archadia's establishment as an empire, House Solidor found itself in the opposition to the then-powerful military. Having won the ensuing struggle, it then initiated far-reaching revisions to the law in an attempt to prevent any further challenge to its supremacy. Subsequently, the Ministry of Law was created to monitor the military, with the order of Judges at its head. House Solidor's firm grip on the workings of the Empire can be felt to this day, with Emperor Gramis the fourth in a succession of Solidor emperors.

SK 06: Sky PiratesEdit

A name for the freefolk who ply the open skies in airships. Though they are collectively called "pirates", their actual occupations vary by individual. Some search for legendary treasures, some merely travel the world, while others are indeed ruthless villains who attack trade ships and plunder goods for profit. In recent years, the Archadian Empire has stepped up patrols, bringing in the worst of the lot, all but consigning the more flamboyant feats of piracy to history. Of late, many are pirates who have given up the thief's life for that of the headhunter, bringing their former comrades-in-arms to justice... for a bounty. Those few who remain pirates have struggled hard to retain the title, and are duly proud of it.

SK 07: The Light of KiltiaEdit

Religion begun by the prophet Kiltia over two millennia ago. The religion of the Ordalian peoples is a dualistic system -- a polytheistic pantheon with a God of Light, Faram the Father, at its head. After embarking on a pilgrimage to proselytize and deliver the word of the vision he had seen to the people, Kiltia came to Mt Bur-Omisace, and from there his teachings spread. The Light of Kiltia, as his teachings were called, continued even after his death, until they covered all of Ivalice. Though the followers and churches of Kiltia are spread far and wide, they do not interfere in affairs of state or governance. Though at one point the church held considerable influence, they willingly discarded that power, fearing oppression. Ever since, church officials with the rank of celebrant or higher have been forbidden from participating in statecraft. In addition, Mt Bur-Omisace maintains a mutual non-incursion policy with the surrounding territories. Several years after Kiltia's founding, Saint Ajora began a new teaching, claiming that Faram alone was the one true god, the popularity of this new sect further lessening the power of the Light.

SK 08: Bazaar GoodsEdit

Loot from monsters and the like are crafted into articles fit for sale. Some of these are little more than refinements on the base materials. Others require crystals, concoctions, and alchemy to produce. Few require too much skill or effort, though, making crafted articles a common sight at market, their quality, if not quite their appearance, being hardly distinguishable from that of regularly produced goods. If one is lucky, one might find some articles selling for below the going rate.

SK 09: MistEdit

Naturally occurring energy, found in almost all regions of the world, affecting all living things, the climate, and even the land itself. Magick is but one of the diverse methods of harnessing the power of Mist, the most common being via its controlled release from magicite, an ore known to hold high concentrations of condensed Mist within its crystalline structure. For larger effects, a greater amount of Mist is required, making particularly rich magicite a valuable commodity. There are marked regional differences in the amount of Mist contained in the atmosphere and soil. While typically invisible to the naked eye, high densities of Mist will occasionally manifest in very visible phenomena. The highest concentrations of Mist can even do damage, leading to over-rapid changes in the environment, and violent behavior among animals and those more sensitive to the Mist's effects.

SK 10: Terrestrial ConveyancesEdit

We all are told at one time or another, but how many of us recall that Ivalice is covered with mimic-germinites? Easy to forget, as they have little impact on living creatures, but any moogle worth his hammer could tell you the horribly corrosive effect the little devils have on the metals most often used for engines and vehicles. All the better for airships, which fly high above the germinite clouds, yet a sorry state of affairs for those who would make their journeys on land. The next time you see a party traveling by chocobo and chocobo-led wagon, you will know why they're the preferred means of overland transport, won't you.

SK 11: Electricity and MagickEdit

With the discovery and harnessing of electricity, it was suddenly possible to operate devices of a far larger scale than ever before conceived. However, the vast quantity of solid fuel required to generate electrical power, and the development of methods to artificially condense Mist, led to the latter supplanting the former as the dominant usable energy source in Ivalice. Only the most energy-hungry devices still use electricity today.

SK 12: MagiciteEdit

Common name for stones containing magickal power, or as it is commonly manifest, Mist. There exist varieties: Spellstone, being used for the preparation and working of magicks, Skystone, giving flight to airships, and Memstone, holding fast sounds heard and visions seen, that they might be experienced again. Though their color, shape, and size may differ, these have no bearing on the quality of the stone. Some of the smallest stones are the most powerful, and some of the largest contain only a small amount of Mist, and are as good as useless. It is a property of magicite that it loses its Mist over time, and once spent, a stone's Mist cannot be renewed. Magicite without Mist is mere rock. The ability to manufact magicite of some power has only recently been attained, and this after many long years of research.

SK 13: NethiciteEdit

A variety of magicite with the unusual property of absorbing Mist, thereby nullifying the effects of magick. Though there is some mention of nethicite in ancient tomes, it had been lost, or perhaps consumed, with no mention or record appearing for several centuries. Sky pirates call it the magicite of legend. Latterly, methods of manufacting nethicite have been developed in Archades, and at the time of writing, several test samples are in active use.

SK 14: AirshipsEdit

Airborne craft, developed by the moogles centuries ago. They float by the power of skystone, and are given direction and speed by means of propeller or glossair ring. Currently, they are one of the most popular forms of transport in Ivalice, and the skyroutes are comfortably the busiest of the highways linking the major cities. Airships range in size from private yachts to giant military warcraft. Unable to fly in jagd, where skystone is ineffective.

SK 15: The AlexanderEdit

No. 1 Heavy Carrier class airship being the the flagship of the 12th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army. The 12th fleet, commanded by Judge Zargabaath, operates under the Galtea Tactical Force of the Western Armada, led by Lord Vayne.

SK 16: The IfritEdit

No. 1 Cruiser Class Airship. Belonging to the 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army. Led the Imperial response to the Resistance attack at the royal palace in Rabanastre.

SK 17: The ShivaEdit

No. 1 Light Cruiser Class Airship. Belonging to the 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army. Ordered to return to Rabanastre after the nethicite fragment known as the 'Dawn Shard' was recovered, but sank in an explosion thought to have been caused by the relic before she could make port.

SK 18: The LeviathanEdit

No. 1 Dreadnought class airship being the flagship of the 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army. The 8th fleet was assigned to the Galtea Tactical Force of the Western Armada, under the command of Judge Ghis. Fitted with a skystone made to resist the effects of jagd, the Leviathan was a linchpin of the Imperial Army's main force. Sunk in an explosion caused by the uncontainable reaction of the nethicite fragment known as the Dawn Shard.

SK 19: The BahamutEdit

No. 1 Sky Fortress Class Airship Belonging to the Western divisions of the Archadian Imperial Army, a mobile fortress and tactical base, under the control of the commandant of the Archadian forces, Lord Vayne. This was the last sky fortress designed by Dr. Cid, powered both by ordinary skystone and manufacted nethicite, the latter absorbing Mist from its surroundings to generate the massive amounts of energy the fortress requires to function.

SK 20: The GarlandEdit

No. 1 Heavy Carrier Class Airship. Being the flagship of the anti-Imperial coalition forces led by Marquis Ondore. Built in secret by the Marquis to prepare for war against the Archadian empire. Believed to have much the same capabilities as the Imperial heavy carrier Alexander.

SK 21: The StrahlEdit

Airship designed and built by YPA, a shipwright's guild of Archades. Officially named the YPA-GB47 Test Combat Fighter, production was halted after the completion of a single test model due to dissatisfaction on the part of the Imperial customer with the costly dual-movable-wing design. Scheduled for scrapping, Balthier liberated the ship at the last moment. Balthier has since modified the Strahl to his tastes with a new engine and numerous other augmentations, making it a very different ship from the one envisaged by its YPA inventors.

SK 22: ClansEdit

A group formed for the main purpose of driving beasts and fiends from civilized areas, called to action in particularly bad cases, when individuals and town watches are not deemed equal to the task. Able to react more swiftly than equivalent military units, the clans are used by many smaller municipalities as rapid-response peacekeepers. As a result, few clans' activities need heed the boundaries between territories, and they move freely across wastes and sacred lands alike.

SK 23: CenturioEdit

An elite clan having its clan hall in the Royal City of Rabanastre, formed by the young moogle, Montblanc. That the relatively new Centurio is quickly making its mark among the clans is thanks in no small part to Montblanc's encouragement of cooperation between members, and all Centurios' dedication to getting the job done. Centurio is renowned for welcoming hunters of all races, its founding members including a nu mou, Ma'kenroh, and a viera.

SK 24: Clans of IvaliceEdit

Clans exist throughout Ivalice, the majority of them being quite small. Still, of those clans operating in the largest cities, many have earned a name for themselves through their accomplishments. Clan Diatroma of Bhujerba and Clan Buckaboo of Balfonheim Port are some of the more famous regional clans. Of late, a young clan in Dalmasca by the name of Clan Centurio has become a household name. Along the Phon Coast, bands of hunters fulfill the role of clans, hunting local monsters and keeping the peace.

SK 25: MarksEdit

Beasts - scourge of the common peoples of Ivalice. Foul creatures who take the greatest relish from inflicting the most gratuitous harm. Of these, the worst are identified as a public menace and made "marks", for the slaying of which a bounty is offered. Most mark hunting petitions come from commoners or local officials, though kingdoms have been known to issue requests for the slaying of particularly malevolent menaces. Mark hunters range from professional hunters to casual adventurers. The unwary be warned: though mark hunting is imagined by some to be a short road to fame and fortune, it is oft-times found to be a short road to an early grave.

SK 26: The Hunter CampEdit

Of the many hunters roaming Ivalice, the best of the best, seeking out the rarest of marks, are known to gather in a camp along the Phon Coast. Unlike clans, the hunters that collect here have no leader, and all information exchanges, activities to support the camp, and payments for such, are handled on an individual basis.
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