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Learned users of sagacious magic.


Sage is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance exclusive to nu mou. Sages are similar to Alchemists in that they have some status ailment magic and wield maces. While their Weapon Attack and Magic Power stats are above average, and they have high MP, they have one crippling flaw: they are the slowest job. It is to a nu mou's advantage to learn the Sagacity Skill action ability, especially the powerful spells Ultima Blow and Giga Flare, and then switch to a quicker job while equipping Sagacity Skill as the secondary action ability.


Sages have the highest MP growth, and are tied with Paladins, Templars, and nu mou Illusionists for slowest speed growth. Compared to other nu mou jobs, Sages have high HP, Attack and Magic Power, allowing them to be equally effective with magic spells as they are with physical attacks and Ultima Blow. They have mediocre Defense and Resistance.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
7.6 B 8.8 S 8.4 B+ 7.6 B+ 9.2 A- 7.6 D+ 0.8 E


Sagacity Skill[]

Sage command. Use new and different magic.

Skill Equipment AP MP Power Range
Drain Energy Mace 100 12 30 4
Steals target's strength, adding to your HP.
Blind Druid Mace 100 12 4
Spray inky gas. Inflicts darkness.
Water Battle Mace 200 12 34 3
Envelops target in a damaging sphere of water.
Aero Battle Mace 200 12 34 3
Creates damaging whorl of wind.
Raise Life Crosier 300 22 45 4
Great healing magic. Heals HP and revives KO'd units. Deals damage to zombies.
Element: Holy
Giga Flare Lotus Mace 300 40 65 3
More powerful version of "flare." Area affect.
Bio Mandragora 300 12 45 3
Creates viscous waves to damage and poison target.
Ultima Blow Zeus Mace 999 60 x3 As Weapon
Powerful sage attack born from ultima magic.
Element: As Weapon


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Reflex Mirage Vest Predict and avoid a regular attack. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Weapon Def+ Dark Gear Reduces damage from weapon attacks. 300
Shieldbearer Round Shield Enables shield-wielding, regardless of job. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Wise Combo Mythril Mace Ranged combo ability for sages. 100


Sages are only concerned with offense, as their high-powered spells and incredible MP make them excellent spellslingers. Having decent attack and wielding maces, they can even handle some physical combat, especially when using Ultima Blow. Their Raise, Blind, and Bio provide support for the team. Giga Flare, in particular, is a fearful spell that can be made even stronger by equipping the Lotus Mace. Sages not without their flaws, however, having mediocre defense and resistance, with resistance specifically being subpar in comparison to other mages. They can be so slow their amazing spells seem to go to waste sometimes and Sages are difficult to acquire in the early game, for how long it takes to get one. Overall, Sages are excellent mages with even some physical capabilities, and although slow, their high power can shut down opponents in a single attack.

When fighting enemy Sages, Silence works wonders, and Blind will do almost as well, demolishing their spells' accuracy. Sages hit harder physically than most mages, but their attack power is manageable bar Ultima Blow. Raise and Bio can create unfortunate situations and their spells can do massive damage. As Sages' defense and resistance are nothing to be worried about, the best strategy is to get to them fast and down them, hopefully before they even get a turn.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Sage NuMou TCG.png

Sage appears as an Aqua-elemental card.


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A sage in classical philosophy is someone who has attained the wisdom which a philosopher seeks.