Sage command. Use new and different magic.


Sagacity Skill (賢術, Kenjutsu?) is the action ability for the Sage in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Equipment AP MP Power Range
Drain Energy Mace 100 12 30 4
Steals target's strength, adding to your HP.
Blind Druid Mace 100 12 4
Spray inky gas. Inflicts darkness.
Water Battle Mace 200 12 34 3
Envelops target in a damaging sphere of water.
Aero Battle Mace 200 12 34 3
Creates damaging whorl of wind.
Raise Life Crosier 300 22 45 4
Great healing magic. Heals HP and revives KO'd units. Deals damage to zombies.
Element: Holy
Giga Flare Lotus Mace 300 40 65 3
More powerful version of "flare." Area affect.
Bio Mandragora 300 12 45 3
Creates viscous waves to damage and poison target.
Ultima Blow Zeus Mace 999 60 x3 As Weapon
Powerful sage attack born from ultima magic.
Element: As Weapon

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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