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Sage command. Use new and different magic.


Sagacity Skill (賢術, Kenjutsu?) is the action ability for the Sage in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Skill Equipment AP MP Power Range
Drain Energy Mace 100 12 30 4
Steals target's strength, adding to your HP.
Blind Druid Mace 100 12 4
Spray inky gas. Inflicts darkness.
Water Battle Mace 200 12 34 3
Envelops target in a damaging sphere of water.
Aero Battle Mace 200 12 34 3
Creates damaging whorl of wind.
Raise Life Crosier 300 22 45 4
Great healing magic. Heals HP and revives KO'd units. Deals damage to zombies.
Element: Holy
Giga Flare Lotus Mace 300 40 65 3
More powerful version of "flare." Area affect.
Bio Mandragora 300 12 45 3
Creates viscous waves to damage and poison target.
Ultima Blow Zeus Mace 999 60 x3 As Weapon
Powerful sage attack born from ultima magic.
Element: As Weapon


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