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...over... It's over... ...everything... Everyone...everything... It's all over... Now everything will begin with me!!

Dummied intro to the battle

Safer∙Sephiroth is the final boss in Final Fantasy VII, fought at the end of "The Planet's Judgment". Being Sephiroth's final form, this is his most powerful transformation. This battle is penultimate, but is considered the final challenge of the game, since it is followed by a plot-related battle that is impossible to lose.

The song "One-Winged Angel" plays during the battle, and has since become known as Sephiroth's theme over his original "Those Chosen by the Planet". Sephiroth's lower body has been replaced by a cloud, with six massive blue-tipped wings protruding from where his legs should be. He is shirtless and has two linked halos, one larger than the other, behind him, with the larger one possessing a sun symbol. His hair, now without bangs, curves upwards in a gravity-defying manner. Sephiroth's right arm is replaced by a dark red wing and his face appears angered with his eyebrows furrowed.



# Formation
924 Safer▪Sephiroth
926 Safer▪Sephiroth


Northern Cave
Planet's Core 924 (event)


Safer∙Sephiroth's base stats are listed in the table as the low value (except for HP which has a base of 80,000), but they change depending on many variables:

  • For every character at Level 99 (not counting Aeris), 30,000 maximum HP, 2 Attack, 20 Defense, 5 Magic Attack, and 16 Magic Defense are added to Safer∙Sephiroth's stats.
  • If Knights of the Round was cast on Jenova∙SYNTHESIS, Safer∙Sephiroth receives an extra 80,000 maximum HP.
  • For every time Bizarro∙Sephiroth's head was killed during the previous fight, Safer∙Sephiroth's maximum HP is reduced by 100, up to a maximum reduction of 24,900 HP.

Safer∙Sephiroth's attacks follow an eight turn cycle, allowing the player to predict his next attack and prepare accordingly.

In all versions apart from the original Japanese version, the cycle is as follows:

  1. Wall or DeSpell (usually alternates per cycle, starting with Wall and using DeSpell on the party, but DeSpell is always used on himself if under Slow status).
  2. Deen (if DeSpell was cast on the party on his previous turn) or Shadow Flare (otherwise).
  3. Unnamed physical attack.
  4. Safer∙Sephiroth flies up into the air; becomes Long Range.
  5. Pale Horse
  6. Super Nova
  7. Break (if Safer∙Sephiroth's HP > 25%) or Heartless Angel (if Safer∙Sephiroth's HP < 25%)
  8. Safer∙Sephiroth drops back down.

Safer∙Sephiroth's MP is restored to full at the beginning of every one of his turns, meaning he cannot ever run out.

Safer∙Sephiroth's opening move is Wall, setting Barrier and MBarrier on himself. This cuts the damage the party does, so DeBarrier should be cast right away. He then casts Shadow Flare, a single-target attack capable of 7,500 damage. Next he uses Pale Horse that is a single-target attack that inflicts some damage and always inflicts Sadness, Frog and Small, and a simple but powerful physical attack, which causes always Paralyze, and Darkness.

His other attacks he may use include Break, which is yet another single-target attack which may cause Petrify, a weak attack named Deen, DeSpell, and Super Nova, which is an attack that reduces the player's HP by 15/16 and may cause Confusion, Silence and Slow. Perhaps his most dangerous spell is Heartless Angel, which will reduce the HP of the entire party to 1, but can be blocked and Safer∙Sephiroth will not use it until his HP is low. Furthermore, since it can never defeat the party, they can simply use Heartless Angel as a chance to heal up from the effects of Super Nova.

Safer∙Sephiroth may rise into the air, becoming a Long Range enemy. He cannot be hit by close range physical attacks during this time, but is limited to using Pale Horse, Super Nova, Heartless Angel or Break.

In the original Japanese version, the battle is slightly different. Sephiroth opens the battle with Slow instead of Wall and uses regular Flare instead of Shadow Flare. Pale Horse deals percentage based damage, and Super Nova, which as a different animation, does not deal percentage based damage, and can thus kill the party. In addition, Sephiroth will cast Doom in place of Heartless Angel.


As this is the final battle, the party should go all out with their best Materia and equipment. Ribbons are strongly suggested as Safer∙Sephiroth can inflict dangerous status effects. Mastered Restore and Revive Materia are also recommended and any Elixirs and Megalixirs can come handy. Level 4 Limit Breaks make quick work of Sephiroth, but are not necessary.

The party should use Big Guard or Wall to stay protected. Safer∙Sephiroth's Super Nova charges the party's Limit Breaks quickly; this is especially useful if the party has Level 4 Limit Breaks. If the party has Knights of the Round, the summon can kill Safer∙Sephiroth in a few uses.

As all of Sephiroth's attacks, with the exception of Deen, either cannot KO the victim, or only hit one target, if the player is in great excess of Phoenix Downs, they can simply have one character attack, allow the second person to be KO'd, and the third to use a Phoenix Down on the second. This can fail if Super Nova inflicts Confusion, or if Sephiroth gets enough turns to use Deen.

AI script

AI: Setup
  Turn off Death Handling for Safer*Sephiroth
  TempVar:CharLv99 = GlobalVar:CharLv99
  TempVar:BzHeadDeaths = GlobalVar:BzHeadDeaths
  If (GlobalVar:JenovaKoR == 1) Then
    TempVar:JenovaBonus = 80000
  } Else {
    TempVar:JenovaBonus = 0
  TempVar:Stat = 320000
  TempVar:Stat = TempVar:Stat - 30000 * (8 - TempVar:CharLv99)
  Safer*Sephiroth's Max HP = TempVar:Stat + TempVar:JenovaBonus
  Safer*Sephiroth's HP = Safer*Sephiroth's Max HP - (TempVar:BzHeadDeaths * 100)
  Safer*Sephiroth's Att = Safer*Sephiroth's Att + 2 * TempVar:CharLv99
  Safer*Sephiroth's Def = Safer*Sephiroth's Def + 20 * TempVar:CharLv99
  Safer*Sephiroth's MAt = Safer*Sephiroth's MAt + 5 * TempVar:CharLv99
  Safer*Sephiroth's MDf = Safer*Sephiroth's MDf + 16 * TempVar:CharLv99
  Choose Self
  Use <x> on Target
  Use <Appear> on Target
AI: Main
  Safer*Sephiroth's MP = Safer*Sephiroth's Max MP
  Count = Count + 1
  If (Count == 1) Then
    If (Self has Slow Status) Then
      Choose Self
      Cast DeSpell on Target
    } Else If (TempVar:MoveSet == 1) Then {
      Choose All Opponents
      Cast DeSpell on Target
      TempVar:MoveSet = 0
    } Else {
      Choose Self
      Cast Wall on Target
      TempVar:MoveSet = 1
  } Else If (Count == 2) Then {
    If (TempVar:MoveSet == 0) Then {
      Choose All Opponents
      Use Deen on Target
    } Else {
      Choose Random Opponent
      Use Shadow Flare on Target
  } Else If (Count == 3) Then {
    Choose Random Opponent with Highest HP
    Use < > (Physical Attack) on Target
  } Else If (Count == 4) Then {
    Choose Self
    Use <> (Fly Up) on Target
    Stage = 1
    Safer*Sephiroth's IdleAnim = Flying High
    Safer*Sephiroth's HurtAnim = Flinch (Flying High)
    Safer*Sephiroth's Range = 16
  } Else If (Count == 5) Then {
    Choose Random Opponent
    Use Pale Horse on Target
  } Else If (Count == 6) Then {
    Choose All Opponents
    Use Super Nova on Target
  } Else If (Count == 7) Then {
    If (Safer*Sephiroth's HP > 25% of Safer*Sephiroth's Max HP) Then
      Choose Random Opponent
      Use Break on Target
    } Else {
      Choose Random Opponent
      Use Heartless Angel on Target
  } Else {
    Choose Self
    Use <> (Fly Down) on Target
    Stage = 0
    Safer*Sephiroth's IdleAnim = Flying Low
    Safer*Sephiroth's HurtAnim = Flinch (Flying Low)
    Safer*Sephiroth's Range = 1
    Count = 0
AI: Counter - Death
  Choose Self
  If (Stage == 0) Then
    Use <> on Target
  } Else
    Use <> on Target
AI: Counter - 13
  Remove Self

Other appearances

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

DFFNT Sephiroth Costume 03-A

One of Sephiroth's alternate outfits is his appearance as the Safer∙Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Unlike in the original, he still wields his Masamune and retains his legs. The costume also has two other colorations.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

The one-winged angel who brings ruthless judgment to bear on all. Using the Planet to gain unimaginable power, the former hero lies in wait to lure Cloud into despair and make the Lifestream his own at last...

Safer∙Sephiroth's CollectaCard

Safer∙Sephiroth appears as boss class enemy. He is fought during the Battle Music Sequence: "One-Winged Angel".

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

Safer∙Sephiroth appears as a boss-type enemy in Battle Music Sequences.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy

PFF Safer Sephiroth

Safer∙Sephiroth appears as an enemy.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Final Fantasy All the Bravest

Safer Sephiroth ATB

Though able to command supernovas, this guy can't even spell his own name.


Safer∙Sephiroth appears as an enemy and is fought on the Outskirts of Midgar and uses Supernova. He gives Death Penalty as loot.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

FFRK Safer Sephiroth FFVII
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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Supernova ssbu

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sephiroth transforms into this form as part of his Final Smash attack.

Behind the scenes

Safer∙Sephiroth has a dummied intro monologue taking place over a black screen before fading into the battle. The line in the PC version is slightly different, ending with "Now everything will begin a new...with me!!"[1]

Safer∙Sephiroth having seven wings is an allusion to the number seven, a common theme in games taking place in the Final Fantasy VII universe.

Jason Greenberg, the only artist working on the original PC port, recalled a crash bug that happened during Sephiroth's Super Nova summon. Near the end of the development cycle, many team members were done with their work and simply helped test the game as much as possible. Greenberg has mused he spent at least a full 24 hours playing that one battle.[2]


Etymology and symbolism

Sepher (סֶפֶר) is Hebrew for "book".

Səphīrōth (סְפִירוֹת, medieval Hebrew form of Sephirot; also spelled Sefirot), is a plural noun in Hebrew; the singular is Sephirah (also spelled Sefira). The Sephiroth are described in the Kabbalah as the manifestations of God that allow Him to manifest in the physical and metaphysical universes. Sephiroth also means "counting" (of numbers).

The boss's name as written in Japanese is "セーファ・セフィロス", or "Sēfa Sefirosu"; "safer" can also be transliterated as "sefer", "sapher", and "sepher". Thus, Safer Sephiroth (Sefer Sfirot) translates to "Book of Numerations" likely referring to the 10 Kabbalistic Sefirot, the ten aspects of creation according to Jewish Mysticism.

Sepher Sephiroth is an index of numbers and their religious correspondences published by Aleister Crowley in The Equinox Vol. 1 Num. 8 in 1912, republished more commonly in 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley. He translates the paper's title as "The Book of Emanations", Sephiroth being the explication of unity through a decimal system.

Safer∙Sephiroth could be seen as a Seraph–a celestial or heavenly being with six colossal wings that literally means Burning Ones, hence the translation of "One-Winged Angel"'s lyrics meaning "burning inside with violent anger"–with a seventh wing in place of his arm.

The dot (・) is an interpunct used in Japanese to indicate that a full proper noun is two separate words. It appears in Final Fantasy VII in the boss names of Jenova's parts and Sephiroth's boss forms.

Names in other languages

  • Spanish: Seguro・Sefirot - Safe Sephiroth
  • German: Retter-Sephiroth - Savior Sephiroth

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