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Sadu Dotharl, also known as Sadu Heavensflame, is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. She is the leader of the Dotharl tribespeople in the Azim Steppe.


Early life[]

As the Dotharl believe that newborn children are the reincarnations of their ancestors, Sadu was given her name when the glimmer of the same great warrior was seen in her eyes. She was raised to be a tremendous fighter, and earned the respect of her fellow kinsmen with her ferocity and absence of any fear.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Sadu joined the Ilsabard Contingent as one of the leaders of Xaela tribes alongside Cirina Mol and Magnai Oronir (the latter much to her chagrin). She escorted the supply convoy alongside them and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and cast the ultimate spell to wipe out the Telophoroi attacking them. Later, she worked with Cirina and Magnai throughout the campaign, with Cirina having to keep the two rivals in check. At the closing stage, she joined with them, Lyse Hext and Pipin Tarupin to assault the Tower of Babil alongside the Scions, fighting alongside Oronir.



FFXIV Sadu.png

Sadu is a Xaela Au Ra with long pale-blonde hair, rich blue skin, and light blue eyes. She wears a Bloodhempen gown of casting, made of blue hempen cloth with long feathers woven into a skirt. Her hand wraps are made of similar feathers, and she wears short blue trousers and golden strapped sandals. In battle, she wields a Scintillant Staff Scintillant Staff, a thaumaturge's arm with a crook made of bones.


As a member of the Dotharl, Sadu is proud of her heritage and tribe's way of life. Though she is happy to explain her tribes' customs and culture to others, she will not suffer anyone questioning and mocking them. She holds a low opinion of the Oronir, her tribes' rivals. Despite this, Sadu respects strength and power, no matter who they are, such as her newborn friendship with peaceful-yet-resilient Cirina of the Mol tribe.

Most of all, Sadu desires combat, be it one-on-one or during the annual Naadam. She feels great satisfaction whenever a strong opponent provides a challenge. She is always eager to meet and fight the Warrior of Light, the Azim Steppe's latest Khagan.

Sadu is crass and sharp with her words, using local Steppe insults to tease her opponents and rivals. Much like the rest of her tribe, Sadu is disinterested in abiding by gender expectations, as (per the Dotharl belief of reincarnation) she has lived in past lives as both a man and a woman. This becomes mostly apparent with her close rivalry with Magnai Oronir, as she always mocks him and glares at him, which evolves into something of a running gag.


Sadu is engaged as both an enemy and an ally during the Naadam Naadam duty, where she summons large walls known as Stellar Chuluus, which she channels with aether to flatten her enemies. After the Dotharl are repelled from the ovoo and invading Garlean forces attempt to engage with the Steppe, Sadu turns her magick on the imperials and requires protection by the player to complete the incantation.

Sadu is fought again in the first half of the solo instance The Will of the Moon duty. The first four phases will be straightforward, but the last phase she will summon a meteorite that will instantly K.O. if she is not defeated in time. She will summon 3 targetable adds. If one is defeated, she will cast Circle of Lift to revive it, which also consumes roughly 40% of her HP.

Sadu is also an NPC ally in the Tower of Babil dungeon.

Triple Triad[]

Sadu Card
Sadu Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 170
Total stats 21
Type None
Description “None are braver than the Dotharl, for we do not fear death.”
Obtain Won from Munglig, The Azim Steppe (12, 33)

Behind the scenes[]

A minion of Sadu is obtainable through crafting, though players must progress through the Doman Enclave Reconstruction questline to at least its third stage to obtain the materials required.