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You fools...what have you done? Gabranth would see Bozja reborn, yet you would bare your steel against him!?


Sadr rem Albeleo is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He appears in the Bozjan Southern Front as a Pilus prior of the IVth Imperial Legion.


Early Life[]

Portrait in Field Notes.

Once a member in good standing of the Ul'dah Thaumaturges' Guild, he was swiftly expelled by Mumuepo when the guildmaster observed the young mage's penchant for acts of unspeakable cruelty. Chased from the sultanate by an angry mob, Albeleo took to wandering the realm in search of yet more powerful magicks of destruction and summoning. Upon arriving in the province of Dalmasca, he fell in naturally with the IVth Legion and their assemblage of soldiers of various talents, and soon after was entrusted by Legatus Noah van Gabranth with command of a regiment of mages. In the fifteen years since, he has trained many in the arcane arts, and with only the most talented able to survive his harsh methods, he succeeded in creating a unit whose name would be spoken of in fear across Eorzea.

Feeling naturally drawn to Menenius and his archaeological expedition, Albeleo was quick to volunteer for the effort against the Bozjan Resistance, and so it was that he came to this land with a shard of auracite recovered from ancient Ivalice.[1]

When the Bozjan Resistance forces were overcome at Volod's outpost in western shores of Igalj Kelo, Bajsaljen ordered a full retreat dispatching his three most trusted lieutenants to cover those in flight. Isolde, Stanik and Xeven succeeded in uniting with the surviving troops, but were ambushed on their return by Sadr and his regiment, who sought to take advantage of the situation by picking off the Bozjans in their weakened state. The three fought bravely, expertly employing the rocks, the trees─even the corpses of their ill-fated countrymen as a defensive wall against their foe. In the end, however, the Garleans' sheer firepower proved too much to overcome. Knowing they faced total eradication otherwise, Stanik and Xeven entrusted their wounded men to Isolde, then engaged in a diversionary attack, which succeeded in confusing the imperials, and thus buying much-needed time for her escape. Stanik and Xeven were alone and entirely at the mercy of their enemy until dawn when they were saved by Isolde who brought reinforcements causing Albelo and his soldiers to retreat.[2]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

IVth leader meeting.

Within Castrum Lacus Litore Sadr has a meeting with Menenius sas Lanatus and Lyon rem Helsos who gets into an argument with his superior demanding they commit to a full assault and crush the resistance. Sadr reminds him that the Bozjans aren't their main goal and they can't fight on both fronts if Dalmsasca decides to rebel as well. Menenius and Lyon argue more about their plans until Lyon states he will return to the battlefield while Sadr asks if letting Lyon continue to battle is a wise choice. Menenius states that he may be a rabid dog but still has his uses, before giving command of the castrum to Sadr hoping he doesn't disappoint him and takies his leave.

Albeleo appears in Castrum Lacus Litore when Bajsaljen commences his assult on the stronghold. Once the Resistance makes its way into the main doors and into bladesmeet, Albeleo appears to face the resistance with a contingent of Magitek weapons, soldiers and his beasts to protect him. Once they are all defeated Albeleo retreats and tells his soldiers to hold them back to give him enough time to prepare his auracite.

Sadr using his Auracite.

Within the airship landing Albeleo uses his Auracite and transforms into the Lucavi Demon Adrammelech where he faces the Warrior of Light and an entourage of adventurers. In the end Albeleo is slain and the resistance continues on into the Castrum.



Albeleo is an Elezen with whitish hair and wears deepshadow gear of casting, which are red robes with chainmail. He wears a metal over his eyes to protect his face.


A mage of surpassing skill, he particularly favors the lost and forbidden arts of ages past, incantations which he is known to practice on his prisoners of war─often with the expected grisly and gruesome results. The utter lack of care he displays for any mortal life has earned him the fear of friend and foe alike.[1]


Albelo as Adrammelech.

Albeleo is faced twice in Castrum Lacus Litore Castrum Lacus Litore. In the first encounter, Albeleo the Maleficent is accompanied by an army of minions. In the second battle Albeleo is faced in the form of Adrammelech as a boss.


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