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The Sacrifice is an enemy that appears in Final Fantasy XIII. It is found in Edenhall and Orphan's Cradle.



Sacrifices use Death, although it has a low base chance of hitting. Even when not invoking Instant Death, the Death spell deals quite a bit of damage, regardless of having the Shell buff on or not. This can be a threat to low-HP characters like Hope. The Sacrifice's Anathema can inflict several status ailments. They also use Aerora.


Debuffs work quite well and help keep the Sacrifices under control, especially in larger groups. A Cherub's Crown or the upgraded Seraph's Crown can be equipped for protection against Death.

Aerora shouldn't be too much of a bother if the Vigilance buff is active, as this will prevent characters from getting knocked off their feet.

It's best to deploy characters that know Fog, Fogga, Pain, and/or Painga. Vanille, Fang, and Snow, if he's reached Level 2 of the Saboteur role, are best fit for this situation.

It's even better to have a Ribbon at hand, as it partially protects against Deshell, Poison, Imperil, Slow, and Defaith.


Sacrifices often drop Perfume, an item which can be sold for 12,500 gil. They rarely drop Scarletite, an upgrade catalyst, but they are also useful for gil, selling for 7,000 gil each.

Sacrifices are a considerable source of gil at the game's end, as they are easy to defeat in comparison to stronger enemies, such as the Adamantoise. Sacrifices also appear in larger numbers, resulting in better drop chances.

It is a good idea to equip a Collector's Catalog and Connoisseur Catalog to further increase the odds of obtaining Perfumes and Scarletites.

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The Cavalry transformed.

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