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FFL Sacred Palace

Sacred Palace on the world map.

Sacred Palace (神殿, Shinden?, lit. Temple) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend.


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After the party realizes Jeanne isn't in the Resistance Base, they decide to enter the Floating Castle nearby in search for her. However, Jeanne isn't there either, so they leave on the glider and find themselves along with the castle in a completely different location. They enter the area surrounded by trees.

Byak-Ko tells the party that he's got the white sphere. He tells Mileille that she did well, but he has no more use for her. Jeanne jumps in to protect her sister and takes the blow. The party challenges the fiend into a battle.

After his defeat, Byak-Ko disappears along with the sphere. Mileille realizes that she was foolish, but Jeanne tells her it wasn't her fault since it was bound to happen. Mileille cries and her teardrops fall and turn into a sphere. Jeanne tells her that this is their secret. Jeanne gives the sphere to the party before she dies.

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