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Sacred is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VIII found in Tomb of the Unknown King. He is Minotaur's brother. After their defeat, the two join the party as the Brothers Guardian Force team of the Earth element. Sacred is fought twice, once alone, and again alongside his elder brother.


Battle Edit

At the first battle against Sacred, he has only one attack, Smash. Once defeated, Sacred will escape, declaring that "THEY'RE PRETTY STRONG..."

In the second battle, Sacred joins forces with Minotaur. Together they can perform a special attack called Mad Cow Special, an Earth attack.

The brothers will continuously heal themselves with Earth Regeneration.

Strategy Edit

The player can block the brothers' Earth Regeneration by casting Float on the pair. A draw point containing Float can be found within the tomb for this purpose. Float can also be cast on the party to avoid the Mad Cow Special.

The player can also draw Life magic from the pair, which presents a good opportunity to use Limit Breaks; one can choose a character whose Limit Break they want to unleash, and let them get to HP Critical. If the character dies, they can be revived by draw-casting Life. It's advisable to concentrate the team's attacks in one of the pair, as they can no longer perform Mad Cow when one of them is defeated.

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The Japanese name is likely based on the Latin word secreto.

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