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The Sabertooth, also known as Saber T in the Nintendo Entertainment System version and Sabretooth in some non-American releases, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. It appears around the city of Onrac, and in the Mirage Tower. It appears with Lesser Tigers, in groups of up to four felines (generally two Sabertooths and two Lesser Tigers). In the Mirage Tower, it is flanked by many Medusas in groups of up to six enemies.

Sabertooth is a normal enemy with no special abilities or resistances, so a normal attacking strategy should work, as it is not very strong either. If it appears with Medusas, they can Petrify a character, so it is recommended to have some Gold Needles.


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The Sabertooth was a feline in the Cenozoic Era which had evolved their fangs up to twenty centimeters long. They were very strong and agile, and were effective hunters, able to kill even large animals when they were in packs. All remaining species disappeared in the extinction event which killed most of Earth's megafauna.

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