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Saberclaw is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Cleigne and during the Secure the Mountain Pass hunt.


Relative of the sabertusk indigenous to the mountains of Cleigne. Its claws, while menacing, pale in comparison to its brutal fangs, which are capable of ripping flesh, bone, and even metal to ribbons before regenerating anew.
Size: 16.93 ft. Weight: 569.0 lb.
Saberclaw spotted in Pallareth Pass, north of Lestallum. Hunters were dispatched to rid the area of the saberclaw packs that were raiding ration-carrying trucks and any other cars that passed through the area. This remedied the issue for a time, but it now seems the problem will require regular population control.
Size: 17.12 ft. Weight: 580.7 lb.


Secure the Mountain PassLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Saberclaw x9Pallareth Pass (All Times)122,270 gil, Hi-Elixir★★




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