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SJ Restriction (サポートジョブ無効, Sapōto Jobu Mukou?, lit. Support Job Invalid) is a very rare status effect in Final Fantasy XI that temporarily lowers the players' subjob level to zero until it is removed. It is gained by choosing to enter the new Dynamis areas in the Chains of Promathia expansion. Previously, everyone who entered gained SJ Restriction until certain Notorious Monsters were defeated to remove it, but now players have the choice of whether or not to gain the status when they enter—choosing to be afflicted by it allows for a super Weakness Stagger indicated by a white !! to be triggered by the SJ Restricted player. Monsters that are staggered in this fashion are guaranteed to drop a 100-value piece of ancient Currency in addition to their normal loot upon defeat. SJ restriction gained in this fashion may be removed by checking the Somnial Threshold in Dynamis or by leaving Dynamis entirely.

A rare handful of very powerful monsters that can inflict SJ Restriction for a brief period. This effect cannot be removed except by its duration expiring.

Monster TP Move
Provenance Watcher Crystal Bolide
Raja Royal Decree
Shah Shah's Decree

Players who participate in the battlefield for the quests necessary to raise one's permanent level cap to 75 will also have their subjob restricted to zero. The Mercenary Training Camp battlefield also restricts subjobs. The former battlefield is necessary to advance to the endgame, the latter is just for fun and has no reward.

FFXI Obliviscence Pathos status.png

Obliviescence (オブリビセンス, Oburibisensu?, lit. Obliviescence) is a very similar status that is inflicted as part of the Pathos of Alzadaal on those who dare venture deep into the Ruins of Alzadaal to take part in Salvage. It is removed by leaving the ruins, or by obtaining and using a Duplicatus Cell.