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Use powerful, deadly magic.


SFX is a command in Final Fantasy IX available only during the battles on the stage of the M.S. Prima Vista while the play I Want to Be Your Canary is being performed. The command allows the use of stage magic in reference to the three ultimate spells of Black, White, and Time Magic from the more classic titles. It is used to dazzle the audience and doesn't have any impact on the story. The three spells are harmless and will deal 0 damage.

The SFX command temporarily replaces the Steal command, and each actor has one specific ability available to him during these battle scenes.

In the Japanese version, the command is referred to as まほう (Mahō?) in hiragana. Previous entries to the series write their Magic command in this way, while the Magic commands in Final Fantasy IX are written as 魔法 (Mahō?) in kanji. Each ability in the skillset has a slightly modified name of another Magic spell. A dakuten is added to the (te?) in メテオ (Meteo?, lit. Meteor) to become メデオ (Medeo?) (Medeo), a handakuten is added to the (ho?) in ホーリー (Hōrī?, lit. Holy) to become ポーリー (Pōrī?) (Poly), and the suffix (da?) is used with the name of the Fire spell for ファイダ (Faida?) (Pyro, which if localized consistently with the other Fire spells would be "Firada").


Ability Description Effect Users
Medeo Powerful Magic. A small meteorite with colorful swirls smashes down on all the enemies. The name is based on the classic Time Magic spell Meteor. The English name may be a reference to the space limitation on spell names in the older games, or just a straight romanization of the Japanese name. Zidane
Poly Powerful Magic. A bright crystal ball shines upon the enemy, supposedly doing Holy damage. Marcus, King Leo
Pyro Powerful Magic. A gust of flame engulfs the enemy, supposedly doing Fire damage. The name is related to "pyrotechnics", a type of special effects. Cinna, Blank, Benero, Zenero



SFX refers to special effect(s) which are illusions used in film, television, and entertainment.