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S'lyhhia is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She originally appeared during the alchemist questline as the caretaker for Damielliot in the original Final Fantasy XIV. In Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward she and Damielliot were reintroduced as recurring characters in seasonal events.


S'lyhhia is the nurse who takes care of Damielliot, who has a mysterious illness that prevents him from waking up. When Nogeloix asks the adventurer to take a medicine to treat Damielliot, S'lyhhia takes him to Damielliot's room, who awakens briefly and says he recognizes the adventurer from ten years ago.[1] Later, Damielliot's condition worsens and S'lyhhia asks the adventurer for help. In Damielliot's room, the adventurer uses the echo and after the sight, Damielliot's condition improves and he wakes up from his coma.[2]




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