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Ryne, also known as Minfilia or Minfilia of the First, is a character from Final Fantasy XIV, first appeared in the third expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Despite originally sharing her name and hair color with Minfilia Warde, she is actually one of the many girls in the First who became Minfilia's reincarnation while revered as the "Oracle of Light."



Ryne is a girl around 12–13 years old with long blonde hair and glowing sapphire eyes. She wears a pure white dress, a red ribbon tying on a braided hair on her right side, and a pair of combat tight boots.

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After inheriting the powers of the Oracle of Light, Ryne gains red hair and blue eyes.


Much like the Minfilia from the Source, Ryne is kind and caring, wishing to help those in need and those she can still save. As she is still young and constantly overseen, Ryne is shy and reserved, often relying on others for comfort and support. This leads to feelings of self-doubt and worrying about her worth. After seeing the resolve and determination of the Warrior of Darkness and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Ryne gains a new sense of resolve, which leads her to stand up against Ran'jit.

Her relationship with Thancred Waters, her liberator and protector, is complex. As Ryne is not the Minfilia he knows and holds dear, Thancred struggled to accept Ryne. Though he followed through Minfilia's wishes in protecting Ryne as he once did for her, he still kept her at a distance and was reluctant to have her embrace her role as the Oracle of Light. This led Ryne to believe that Thancred hated her. However, after hearing her words of resolve and determination against Ran'jit, Thancred apologizes for his earlier behavior.



"Minfilia" being spirited out of Eulmore.

The current reincarnation of Minfilia first showed up around ten years before the Warrior of Light/Darkness was summoned from the Source. She was taken to Eulmore at a young age and trained by Ran'jit in the ways of her predecessors, having no memory of her birth name. She was rescued by Thancred Waters after he arrived to the First, taking her on as an apprentice in his Sin Eater hunter career. He emotionally distanced himself from the girl after the original Minfilia temporarily used her body to explain her intent to fade while the girl inherits her power.

FFXIV Minfilia x Minfilia

"Minfilia" meets with the spirit of the original Oracle of Light.

Eventually joining the Scions of the Seventh Dawn in their hunt for the remaining Lightwardens, the girl decides to awaken her full potential as the Oracle of Light to help track them down despite knowing that either she or Minfilia will cease to exist as a result. Standing up to Ran'jit allows the girl to find resolve to follow her own path to aid the Scions and restore her home. Minfilia accepts her reincarnation's answer, her appearance changing from blonde with the glowing blue eyes, to reddish ginger colored hair and regular blue eyes. On Thancred's suggestion, to move on with her new life, she adopts the name Ryne.

Following the death of Emet-Selch, Ryne senses a light coming from the Empty and investigates it with Thancred. The two find the first Sin Eater, Eden, Ryne using her powers as the Oracle of Light to revive it under her control to use the aether it has acquired to gradually restore aether in the First.

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Minfilia/Ryne can be recruited to the player's party via the Trust System. Her job is "Oracle of Light", which functions like a Rogue. Her Trick Attack ability ignores the direction requirement and will 100% inflicts the debuff. She can use the magic Banish III, which is a replacement for Suiton, enabling her to use Trick Attack without Hide.

She will not use her limit break if the player is filling a DPS Role in the party, as she will defer to the player's judgment instead.

Thancred will not use Cartridge-based skills unless Minfilia/Ryne is also in the team, owing to his inability to charge cartridges on his own.




According to Thancred, Ryne's name is translated from the fairies' language as "Blessing".

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