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Rydia is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy. She is a Grymoirian incarnation of Rydia originating from Final Fantasy IV. Rydia is one of the two character representatives of that game, the other being Cecil, the latter appearing only in the Maxima version of World of Final Fantasy.




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Who's Who[]

CV: Caroline Macey / Noriko Shitaya
Age in Grymoire: 16
Familiar: Mist Dragon
Notes: Summoner / Researching the Crimson Prophecy / Looks up to Yuna as a role model
Bad Memories
Rydia has a paralyzing fear of fire, brought on by the trauma she experienced when a calamity befell her home village of Mist. She lost her family that day, and even now sees the inferno that consumed them in every spark or flicker of flame. And try as she might, she has yet to overcome her phobia.
Growing Up
The original Rydia from FINAL FANTASY IV underwent a rather unique aging process during her time in the Feymarch, but here in Grymoire she has grown up at the same pace as any other girl. As a result, she's a little bit more down-to-earth than you might remember.
Rydia's mother was also a summoner, which makes the two of them a rarity in Grymoire, where Lilikin do not generally pass on such powers to their children.
Fighting Fire
Since meeting Reynn and Lann, Rydia has made great progress in overcoming her fear of flames. She's still got a ways to go, but the healing has already begun.
Her Mother's Familiar
When a familiar loses the summoner that brought them to a world, it also loses the source of magic that allows it to linger there. Once the magic their summoner invested in them finally fades, they must return whence they came.
However, some masterless familiars prove to be powerful, resourceful, and intelligent creatures. They secure sources of magic that allow them to remain in the world long after their summoners have died. The mist dragon Rydia's mother summoned is one such Mirage.
Prismarium Prison Breaks
Among the Mirages that Reynn and Lann capture, some—like the seven known as the Pleiad—are powerful enough to secure their own magical sources, leave the confines of their prismariums, and wander about the world at will, even while their souls remain beholden. (If they are called upon, they are forcibly teleported back.)
However, this is only possible if the prismarium's master is not paying attention. To put it simply, picture a heavy door in every prismarium that leads to the world outside. If the Mirage is strong enough and no one's watching, it can push the door open and head along on its merry way. However, if the door is kept under lock and key, then no matter of pushing can force it open.
Long ago, Lann and Reynn captured a great number of Mirages, but left the doors to virtually all of their prismariums wide open and unguarded. Because of this, many Mirages—the Pleiad in particular—rampaged across Grymoire and made trouble for everyone. And Lann and Reynn, as the cause of this sorry state of affairs, became known as the Demon Dyad.
First World of Origin:


Guest character[]

Rydia accompanies Lann and Reynn during Chapter 11, "Crimson and Azure", as the twins look for the Key of Flames in Valley Seven. As with most Grymorian versions of main characters from the Final Fantasy series, Rydia does not participate in battles, only simply accompanying the twins on the field. A giant pillar of fire deep into the dungeon causes Rydia to panic and run away, but after the twins catch up to her and rescue her from the enemies, Rydia rejoins the party and eventually dispels the pillar of fire, leaving after doing so.

Intervention Quests[]

The player can take on an Intervention Quest that centers around Rydia.

Rydia also appears in the following Intervention Quest.


The following is a list of quotes uttered by Rydia when talking to her in Nibelheim.

  • Let's head down to Valley Seven. (Chapter 11)
  • I hope that one day I'll be as strong as Lady Yuna.
  • Nicely done.



"Rydia" may be a mistransliteration of Lydia, a more common western name. Lydia refers to a region in western Anatolia, from which the common name is derived.