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A summoner with the power to call forth eidolons from the Feymarch. She lost her mother and home at a young age. While traveling with Cecil, she disappeared in an accident at sea. From then, she would grow up in the Feymarch, where time flows differently, and return to rescue Cecil and her companions from a tight spot.

Rydia is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the Lost Chapter Overcoming Sadness.



Rydia is depicted as an adult and wears a green outfit with knee-high golden heeled boots and draperies adorned in stars.


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Rydia arrives near the party as they traverse magma-filled caverns. She rescues Raijin, Fujin, and Vivi when they are ambushed by Bombs. After the battle, her friends from home arrive and she greets them in delight, but they are shocked and confused by her appearance. She is also surprised to see Cecil still clad in the armor of a Dark Knight, and Yang realizes that it is the same Rydia but as an adult. Edge does not recognize her at all, and is dismayed to have forgotten someone as pretty as her. Serah clears things up by explaining that it's likely a case of time distortion. Rydia is nonetheless relieved that her friends are all right and says that the Asura told her that the worlds were in grave danger.

Later, Seymour arrives through a Torsion hoping to forge a connection with Rydia. Aware that she too witnessed the death of her mother, and asks why she willingly travels with the man who killed her. Although the others immediately disbelieve this claim, Rydia and Cecil confirm its truth. Rydia refuses Seymour's ideas of vengeance, saying that she has forgiven Cecil and there would be no point in taking revenge. Seymour is disgusted by her choice to forgive and departs.

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Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Mystic Whip (IV) Mystic Whip (IV)


5★ (EX) 70 Equips the EX Ability Summon Dragon.
DFFOO Flame Bute (IV) Flame Whip (IV)


5★ 35 Increases the potency of Summon Leviathan and moderately raises BRV damage when there is only one target.

Increases the potency and extends the duration of Max BRV Up. Grants Water Enchant to all party members. Turns BRV Attack to BRV Attack+ while Water Enchant is active.

DFFOO Chain Whip (IV) Chain Whip (IV)


5★ 15 Polished Black Magic:
  • Flare (IV) BRV boost
  • MAG ATK Up boost, duration+
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Mist Ring (IV) Mist Ring (IV)


5★ 90 HP +680 and DEF +84
DFFOO Eidolon Tiara (IV) Eidolon Tiara (IV)


5★ 35 Destruction:
  • Raises MAX BRV by 220
  • Raises ATK by 72


Command abilities
Move Type Image
BRV Attack


BRV, Magic DFFOO Rydia BRV Attack
BRV Attack
Default 1-hit attack that lowers the enemy's bravery gauge.

BRV Attack+
1-HIT BRV attack. Lasts while Water Enchant is active. Requires Flame Whip's passive. Condition: while Water Enchant is active.

HP Attack


HP, Magic DFFOO Rydia HP Attack
Default 1-hit attack that lowers the enemy's HP gauge.
Flare (IV)


BRV+HP, Magic, Buff DFFOO Flare (IV)
1-HIT BRV+HP attack.

Grants Small Magical Attack Up for 3 turns.

Summon Leviathan

召喚魔法 リヴァイア

BRV, Water Element, Magic, Buff DFFOO Shoukan Mahou Leviathan
1-HIT AoE BRV attack with low action delay.

Grants Small Max BRV Up to all party members for 3 turns.

Summon Dragon

召喚魔法 ドラゴン

EX Ability, BRV+HP, Magic, Ignore Defense, 100% AoE, Debuff DFFOO Shoukan Mahou Dragon
5-HIT AoE BRV+HP attack.

Ignores Defense. Moderately raises BRV damage dealt against a single target. Deals 100% HP damage to all enemies. Inflicts Water Resistance Down to all enemies for 4 turns. Requires Mystic Whip's passive. Condition: usable when EX gauge is filled.

Passive abilities




  • Rydia is found in an area that resembles the Underworld of the Blue Planet, where she went from childhood to adulthood.
  • As in her home game, Rydia reveals herself to the party by rescuing them in battle.
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