Ruvie (ルヴィ, Ruvi?) is Reeve Tuesti's mother. She lives alone in Midgar's Sector 5. She appears in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII novella On the Way to a Smile "Episode: Denzel", where she takes care of Denzel after the collapse of Sector 7. Reeve based Cait Sith's Scottish accent on her and her husband.

In On the Way to a Smile -Episode: Denzel- Final Fantasy VII her name is written in the credits as ルビィ (Rubī?), leading some English viewers to refer to her as "Ruby". (bi?) can represent a "bee" or "vee" sound, but ヴィ (vi?) (used in the novella) unambiguously represents a "vee" sound.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Ruvie had lived at the countryside, but then followed her son to live in Midgar's Sector 5. Her house is full of flower-patterned curtains and clothes, though she has wished to see real flowers, and even had a garden in front of her house where she hoped to plant flowers someday. After the AVALANCHE bombing of Shinra reactor, Ruvie began to stockpile a lot of canned food in her garden shed to prepare for the worst.

One fateful day, a Shinra airship model shattered the window of her house. She ran out to see who did it, and found Denzel. He admitted his fault, and then explained that he had lost his parents. When they both ventured out to find his parents, they found out that Sector 7 had collapsed. Understanding his plight, Ruvie took Denzel in and cared for him.

Ruvie was always busy, either cleaning her house, tending her garden, sewing, or cooking. Denzel would help her around the house. When they were not busy, they would read books; Ruvie would read a thick book, which seems to be Shinra's company profile book, to understand her son's job. Denzel realized that Ruvie kept a lot of similar-patterned handkerchiefs, which she explained was her son's favorite. She lent a monster encyclopedia that belonged to her son for Denzel to read.

Ruvie's corpse.

One fateful day, Ruvie and Denzel both saw that Meteor was heading towards Midgar. Although both were shaken up by their looming fate, they lived life as usual. On the day that Meteor crashed into Midgar, the Lifestream poured out across the world.

When the Lifestream rushed into Sector 5, Ruvie stood helplessly trying to keep it from touching Denzel. The Lifestream rushed into her and she became infected with Geostigma. The next day, she died, but not before saying her last goodbye to Denzel. Her body was buried in her garden by Mr. Gaskin and many others.

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Voice[edit | edit source]

Ruvie is voiced by Ikuko Tani in the Episode: Denzel OVA.

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