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Ruszor are now extinct marine mammals that were surely a frightful sight to adventurers during the Crystal War. Adventurers spotted by a ruszor would immediately be attacked, and if not careful would face a series of damaging aquatic maneuvers that could result in death. As was the case with many creatures that provided expensive raw materials for crafters and cooks alike, the ruszor were hunted to extinction. Their large tusks or fangs, their hides and their meat were all valued by hunters and craftsmen. Some speculate that there might still be some frozen remains in the Northlands, but excavation in that remote part of Vana'diel is usually thwarted by the demons who currently roam those lands.

Special attacks[]

  • Aqua Blast: Cone attack Water damage and Knockback.
  • Frozen Mist: AoE Ice damage, Dispel, Terror, and self Physical Immunity.
  • Hydro Blast: Cone attack Water damage and self Magic Immunity.
  • Hydro Wave: Cone attack Water damage, removes one piece of equipment, and self Water Absorb.
  • Ice Guillotine: Frontal AoE Ice damage and Max HP Down. Used exclusively by Scylla.
  • Severing Fang: Cone attack damage and Defense down.
  • Sub-zero Smash: Single target damage and Paralyze.