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Spell-weaving airborne lizards found in the Sector 5 slums. Inquisitive by nature, they cannot resist collecting shiny objects such as jewelry.

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Rust Drake is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII Remake found in the Sector 5 Slums following the collapse of the Sector 7 plate, as part of the odd job "Chocobo Search" in Chapter 14 - "In Search of Hope". It can also be fought in the Shinra Combat Simulator as part of the "High Flyers" challenge.


Rust drake is enveloped in a dark aura that makes it impervious to status-inflicting spells and offensive magic for a vast majority of the battle. Once it attempts to cast Gravity on the party, it will hover close to ground to charge the attack for 10 seconds. If the rust drake sustains damage equivalent to 25% of its maximum HP during this time, the casting of Gravity will be interrupted and its dark aura will be dispelled. If the drake succeeds in casting the spell, it will reduce the HP of any party member within range of this attack to 1.

The rust drake is weak to Ice and Wind, but resists magic attacks while protected by the dark aura.


When the rust drake is charging its Gravity attack, the player should work fast to attack it and interrupt it. Tifa can launch a Starshower followed up by a Divekick combo, as the Starshower's buff will greatly strengthen Tifa's next ability. Simultaneously, Barret can launch Maximum Fury while Cloud charges up ATB with regular melee attacks.

Dispelling the rust drake's dark aura makes it vulnerable to magic spells, including status debuffs and offensive magic. Cloud can then cast Stop on the drake while Tifa melees to charge 2 ATB bars for a Starshower followed up with either a Blizzaga or Aeroga for massive magic attack damage. If Cloud has enough ATB to spare, he can likewise cast offensive magic to help deal the final blow to the drake.


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