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Warriors of Light and Eduardo in frog form

Rusalka Sewers (ルサルカ 地下水道, Rusarukāchi Chikasuidō?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions located under Rusalka. It can only be entered if characters are in frog form.


The Warriors of Light go down to Rusalka Sewers to find a frog that Sol though to sing like human. The frog then turns out to be Eduardo, a bard. He loves a mermaid and wanted to go to the Underwater Temple. A witch offered him help, but he was turned into a frog. The Warriors try to undo the spell but it doesn't work. Then they decided to find the Bottle of Bubbly Water, an item that can help one to breathe underwater.


Item Place
Hi-Potion Chest
Silver Spectacle Chest
Elixir Chest