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Rurukuta is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is a missing member of the Pugilists' Guild and a student of Hamon Holyfist.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Rurukuta reveals about Hamon's weakness.

During the pugilist training, the Warrior of Light discovers that an illicit drug called somnus is being smuggled into Ul'dah via Black Brush Station. Hamon, Chuchuto and the Warrior of Light investigate the drug and discover that one of the smugglers is actually Rurukuta. In the past Rurukata had discovered that his master, Hamon, had become weak, disappointed Rurukata went down to leave the Guild.

During a training session, Chuchuto and the Warrior of Light are attacked by Rurukuta and his minions. The duo manage to defeat Rurukuta and learn his true agenda. Rurukuta only wants his master to live, even if it means swallowing his pride and running away from the impending fight. Aware that Hamon is in good hands, Rurukuta says goodbye.

Once Weggfarr returns to Ul'dah, he is knocked down by Hamon before he even uses his axe. Not wanting to admit defeat, Weggfarr resorts to using a substance he calls pluton to increase his strength and comes at you in a frenzy. Rurukuta doesn't agree with Weggfarr's cheating and allies himself with Hamon's party to defeat him. Having realized his mistakes, Rurukuta declares that he will embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Widargelt invites Hamon and his disciples to hold a cross-discipline match between the monks and the pugilists. Hamon, Chuchuto and Rurukuta travel to the Fringes but the match is cancelled before it even happens due to the intervention of Adri and his subordinates. Later, Hamon's party finds out about the duel between Widargelt and Adri and they go there to offer their forces to defeat Adri's subordinates.




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Rurukuta Tornstar is fought in Special Instance in Level 25 Pugilist quest Star-crossed Rivals Star-crossed Rivals. Rurukuta Tornstar return as an allied npc in level 30 pugilist quest Return of the Holyfist Return of the Holyfist and in level 70 monk quest The Power to Protect The Power to Protect.