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Rursan Reaver (2) is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is one of two variants of the Rursan Reaver.


Enemy Compendium Edit

This more powerful cousin of the standard Reaver is distinguished by its short temper and the eerie, enormous face on its chest. Its attack patterns largely resemble its weaker counterpart, but once it becomes enraged, it will unleash a series of furious slashes with its enormous Rursan Cleaver.

Battle Edit

Much like its counterpart, this Rursan Reaver walks slowly, turns invisble and slashes with its blade. Getting hit will inflict Killsight for few seconds, which means that character afflicted will die with a single hit as long as the status is on.

The most crucial difference is that if player manages to strike a Breaksight, it will enrage (not the same as Rage-status). While enraged, it starts whirling around the field, inflicting heavy damage to anything in its wake.

Strategy Edit

It's recommended to damage it without inflicting Breaksight damage. This way, it will always react like its weaker counterpart, making it virtually the same enemy.

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