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The Rupie Mountains area.

Said to be raised in the age of myth, these mountains have a stark, captivating beauty.

The Rupie Mountains are a location in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, situated on the western edge on the continent of Loar. Unlike the nearby city of Moorabella, the snow that falls on these mountains is natural, due to the high elevation of the peaks. The Rupie Mountains are a popular travel destination for the people of Jylland, who visit for a sightseeing view from the rocky cliffs.

Locations Edit

The Rupie Mountains Edit

These mountains stand with a quiet dignity, offering a breathtaking view on clear days.

Watch of the Mountain Gods Edit

Cold winds rush up from the depths, shaking the timeworn bridges that span the chasm.

Fields of Dancing Snow Edit

Deep drifts of snow deter all but the most determined travelers. The creatures living here are of an ancient breed.

Random encounter Edit

"A Bewitching Encounter"
These creatures bewitch travelers with their honeyed song.
Forbidden: > 100 Damage

The Whitehearth Edit

A blanket of snow rests on the ground, dotted by the tracks of creatures who make this their mountainous home.

Highroads Edit

Galerria Highroad Edit

This road leads south to the Galerria Deep. Snow blows without relent along the rocky path.

Moorabella Highroad Edit

This road leads north to Moorabella. Hollows to the side of the road offer shelter against the biting blizzard winds.

Missions Edit

  • "Mountain Watch"
  • "Sky Pirate Vaan"
  • "White King of Cinquleur"
  • "The Whites of Its Eyes"
  • "A Lady's Proposition"
  • "A Lady's Persistence"
  • "Kupoppy Flower"
  • "Veis, Assassin"
  • "The Cat's Meow"
  • "The Bangaa of the Rupies"
  • "The Rivalry of the Rupies"
  • "The Nu Mou of the Rupies"
  • "The Wonders of Loar"
  • "A Lost Companion"
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