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Choosing a Rumor in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Rumors (噂話, Uwasabanashi?) are stories or pieces of information found in taverns throughout the world of Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics. According to Master Darlavon in the "Tutorial" section of the game, "Rumor" helps one gather information on current news by listening to people's conversations. Rumors are related to quests and some are read in order to start or complete missions.

For example, it is necessary to read the "Ghosts in the Colliery" rumor in the Mining Town of Gollund to obtain the optional character Beowulf Cadmus.

Rumors are also found in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift at pubs.


Final Fantasy Tactics[]

The Corpse Brigade[]

Brigandry is on the rise across the land, and Gallione has by no means been spared. Wains are struck and pillaged, high-ranking officials taken at sword-point. Most of the incidents of this past six-month are believed to be the work of a company of felons and former sellswords known as the Corpse Brigade.

It is often said the only good brigand is a dead brigand, and the Order of the Northern Sky would like naught more than to see the Brigade made corpses for true. But as yet, it is all the knighthood can do to keep the outlaws in check.

King Ondoria III[]

The health of King Ondoria III has been a subject of concern since his collapse at the birthday celebration of Prince Orinus. The Board of Chamberlains has since announced that the king has regained consciousness and his fever has broken, but will yet require several weeks of quietude and bed rest in order to recover.

Many speculate that it may be some months before the king resumes his official duties. However, Queen Louveria and her retainers have long been in charge of most affairs of state, and thus few problems are anticipated during the king's absence.

The Fifty Years' War[]

The half-century of conflict between Ivalice and Ordallia is today known as the Fifty Years' War.

The beginning of the Fifty Years' War can be traced to the death of Ordallia's King Devanne III, and his failure to name a successor. His cousin, Varoi VI, was next in line for the throne; however, King Denamda II of Ivalice (the uncle of Devanne III) proclaimed himself the rightful heir and declared war on Ordallia.

However, this was merely a pretense to justify the invasion of the neighboring Ordallian province of Zelmonia. Once an independent state, it had been annexed by Ordallia nearly a century prior. Ivalice had since been aiding the province in an effort to weaken Ordallia - an effort that ultimately failed. Tired of Ordallian rule, the Zelmonian leadership and nobility secretly petitioned Ivalice to take a more direct hand in their liberation.

After a victory in Zelmonia, the Ivalician armies marched on the Ordallian capital of Viura. As fate would have it, Denamda II succumbed to fatal illness on the road. The momentary confusion amongst Ivalice's troops gave Ordallia the opportunity it needed to regroup, and Varoi VI succeeded in pushing the Ivalicians back as far as Zelmonia. The resulting impasse would not be broken until the Romandan army's invasion two years hence.

Romanda, a powerful military state lying across the Rhana Strait, marched on Ivalice at the behest of Varoi VI, a blood relation of the Romandan nobility. However, Denamda II's successor Denamda IV was a fearless warrior, personally leading his men into battle against the combined might of Romanda and Ordallia. This, along with an outbreak of the Black Death in Romanda, forced the Romandan army to withdraw after only three years.

Two military orders worthy of particular mention in this conflict are the Order of the Northern Sky, led by Knight Gallant Barbaneth Beoulve, and that of the Southern Sky, led by Cidolfus Orlandeau, known also as the Thunder God.

After countless victories at home, these two orders had been poised to advance into Ordallia. However, the protracted conflict had begun to take its toll on domestic morale. Peasant uprisings and revolts throughout Ivalice and Ordallia forced both countries to send their troops home to pacify their own citizens, resulting in another stalemate.

It was Denamda IV's sudden death by malady that broke the stalemate, although some claim that he was murdered. His successor, Ondoria III, was ill suited to the throne, and left the governing of Ivalice to his queen and retainers. Without Denamda IV's leadership, the armies of Ivalice had little prayer of preventing Varoi VI's successor, Prince Lennard, from defeating the troops stationed in Zelmonia and advancing into Ivalice proper.

Despite the valiant efforts of the Northern and Southern Orders, Ivalice failed to repel Prince Lennard's invasion of Zeltennia. Ivalice's leaders soon began looking for a peaceful alternative. In the end, both states agreed that prolonging the war would prove mutually detrimental, and a pact was signed allowing each nation to return to addressing domestic strife. An equal peace in name, it was in reality a defeat for Ivalice.

The economy of Ivalice was brought to the very brink of ruin as it struggled to pay reparations to its former enemies and to repay the loans taken from neighboring states to fund its war effort. Soldiers returning from the front found themselves without pay, and entire orders of knights were summarily discharged from service. The swelling ranks of the unemployed did little to relieve the people's distrust of the Crown and the nobility.

The Assassination Attempt[]

While the Corpse Brigade has been vanquished, their leader Wiegraf Folles continues to evade justice. And even as the Order of the Northern Sky worked to round up the last of the Brigade, former Brigade members led an attack on the manse of the esteemed House Beoulve at Eagrose. Their target is said to have been none other than Duke Larg's advisor, Lord Dycedarg Beoulve. Fortunately, the attempt was thwarted.

In the Wake of the King's Demise[]

Since the death of King Ondoria III, Queen Louveria's campaign to seize total control of the government has proceeded apace. All who oppose her - even members of the Council - are mercilessly stripped of their rank. Even the queen mother, who had openly criticized the actions of her son's wife, was banished to Bunahan, never to return. Her fate is unknown, although some say she was poisoned.

The Dukes Larg and Goltanna[]

Duke Larg, true born brother of Queen Louveria, and Duke Goltanna, cousin of the late king, are locked in a fierce political struggle for control of Ivalice. Both men hope to be appointed guardian of Prince Orinus and thus gain the title and authority of regent. Although the queen supports Duke Larg, a goodly number of nobles and Council members appear to back Duke Goltanna, and there are rumors he may be officially appointed regent ere long.

Widespread Peasant Revolt[]

Peasants riot throughout Duke Goltanna's province of Zeltennia. This sudden outbreak of civil unrest stems from the unanticipated loss of crops due to last year's drought, coupled with the burden of taxes that have been steadily rising since the end of the Fifty Years' War. A group of former knights calling itself the Order of the Ebon Eye appears to be fomenting the violence, even as Baron Grimms' Blackram Knights struggle to contain it.

Princess Ovelia Kidnapped[]

Princess Ovelia has been kidnapped from Orbonne Monastery. Witnesses claim the knights responsible bore the crest of the Black Lion, leading many to conclude that it was the work of Duke Goltanna's Order of the Southern Sky. The duke, however, denies involvement and is dispatching a search party in an effort to prove his innocence. Given the unrest in Zeltennia, it seems doubtful he will be able to spare many men for the effort.

The Legend of the Zodiac Braves[]

Long ago, before Ivalice was united as it is today, the land was divided into seven kingdoms: Zeltennia, Fovoham, Lionel, Limberry, Lesalia, Gallione, and Mullonde. Each kingdom clashed with the others in an endless effort to expand its own territory.

The conflict continued for centuries, until a brave and ambitious young king appeared in Mullonde. This king dreamed of uniting all of Ivalice under his hand, but such feats are not with ease achieved. Turning to ancient tomes and the dark magicks found within, he summoned a demon from the netherworld to do his bidding. But once unleashed, the demon could not be controlled. It slew the king and set out to destroy the world of men.

Twelve brave warriors were gathered to slay the demon and the foul horrors that it had summoned. They soon defeated the horrors and banished the demon back to the netherworld. These twelve warriors each carried with them a crystal engraved with a sign of the zodiac, and so became known as the Zodiac Braves.

Zodiac Stones[]

These crystals are said to date from the age of myth. Each bears the mark of a sign of the zodiac, leading them to be called the Zodiac Stones. They are thought to harbor divine power which allowed the Zodiac Braves to perform astonishing miracles. Their last appearance in historical records dates from the time of Saint Ajora. Since then, the Zodiac Stones have remained hidden from mortal sight.

The Baert Trading Company[]

The Baert Trading Company, a successful trading company based in the merchant city of Warjilis, has garnered the favor of the populace by donating generously to bridge - and road - building projects, as well as to local orphanages. But not all of the talk surrounding this company is favorable. Many say the true source of the trading company's wealth is of a most unsavory nature - opium smuggling, slave trading, and even murder most foul.

A Stalemate[]

Three months have passed since the Battle of Groffovia - the first full-scale battle between the forces of Lesalia and Limberry on the plains that define the border of their two lands. Formidable knights, once allies in war, now meet each other as enemies on the battlefield in skirmishes with no clear victor - bloody clashes that have resulted in close to four hundred thousand casualties.

Many say that the two sides have reached an impasse, and the prospect of a protracted struggle does little to bolster the already low spirits of the people.

Princess Ovelia Saved[]

Princess Ovelia, abducted from Orbonne Monastery, has now been rescued. To the shock of many, the culprits were Duke Goltanna's aide Chancellor Glevanne and, it seems, Queen Louveria herself. Rumor holds that the queen instructed the chancellor to dispose of the princess, thus placing her own son next in line for the throne. Chancellor Glevanne has been put to death for the plot, but the queen denies all knowledge of it.

The young warrior who saved the princess is said to be a lieutenant in Baron Grimm's Blackram Knights by the name of Delita Heiral. In honor of his achievement, he is expected to be given leadership of the knights in place of Baron Grimms, who was killed in battle against the Order of the Ebon Eye.

The Death of Cardinal Delacroix[]

It has been three months since the death of Cardinal Delacroix, liege lord of Lionel. Although his death has been attributed to malady, many speculate that he was assassinated. Some even say that he was slain by an otherworldly fiend. The violent assault on Lionel Castle by a band of brigands on the eve of Delacroix's death lends momentum to such outlandish rumors, for strangely enough, the slain appeared to have been crushed to death.

Drought and Flood[]

Famine the likes of which have not been seen in decades has descended upon Ivalice. The eastern lands of Zeltennia and Limberry suffer from a drought which has reduced the harvest to half that of a normal year. And to the west in Gallione and Fovoham, widespread flooding has also destroyed close to half of all crops. The capital of Lesalia is awash with refugees who have lost their homes in the war, or who are simply in search of food.

Marquis Elmdore Slain[]

The marquis Elmdore de Limberry, dubbed the "Silver Prince" by his friends and "Silver Demon" by his foes, was slain by a stray arrow in battle on the Fusse Plains. Despite his noble title, he was a popular figure amongst the common people and a devout member of the Church of Glabados. A steady stream of mourners pay respects at his grave. He was a steadfast general of Duke Goltanna's and it seems a certainty that his death will affect the war.

A Turning Point[]

Having apparently lost patience with the long stalemate, Duke Larg's troops have at last taken action. The Order of the Northern Sky, along with most of the soldiers on the front lines, have marched on Fort Besselat. Besselat is an indispensable strong point in the battle against Zeltennia, and capturing it would give Duke Larg's forces access to Limberry's abundant food supply. This battle could well be the key to victory.

The Horror of Riovanes[]

Just as rumors of the otherworldly fiend that attacked Lionel Castle begin to die down, another is now said to have appeared at Riovanes - the residence of Grand Duke Barrington. More than five hundred men lost their lives in the ensuing battle. No witnesses survived and there are no clues as to what occurred. Those who have seen the aftermath say that they will never forget the scores of corpses, some with their heads crushed like melons.

The Haunted Mine[]

Monsters have taken up residence in one of the many coal mines in Gollund. The local government sent out a call for knights to slay the beasts, but the war has made finding able-bodied men difficult. Anxious to be rid of the monsters, the government is now offering a reward for any commoner who can slay them. One can only hope that such a hero will be found soon.

Liege Lord of Lionel[]

Several months had passed since the murder of Cardinal Delacroix, and the question of who would succeed him as liege lord of Lionel had been on everyone's minds. Although a fierce struggle for power no doubt occurred behind the scenes. Celebrant Bremondt was chosen in the end as expected. He is known for his genial disposition and uncompromising pursuit of heretics, and most have high high hopes for his future as Lionel's new ruler.

Rash of Thefts[]

Clergymen from all over Ivalice have been reporting thefts as of late. All of the items stolen have been jewels in the care of religious institutions, leading the Church of Glabados to conclude that the crimes are the work of heretics or other enemies of the Church. Anticipating further incidents, it has warned its members to exercise particular vigilance.

The Cursed Isle of Nelveska[]

The isle of Nelveska lies some eighty thousand dohms north of Zeltennia. The center of the island is home to the ruins of many ancient temples which served as a crucial base for the warriors fighting Ordallia's forces during the Fifty Years' War. Although Nelveska may appear to be a lush jungle paradise, the local fishermen avoid it, claiming that it is cursed, and a "fearsome iron sentinel" will slaughter any who dare approach.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Laws: A History[]

"Laws have been a part of life in Ivalice for hundreds of years. The king in those days used powerful magic to create the first laws. The king then established the judicial system to enforce his laws. Knowledge of the means to control the laws has been passed down the royal line ever since."

Unfair Laws![]

"Resentment towards Queen Remedi has been building these last few years. The reason? Frequent and seemingly arbitrary changes in the laws. It's gone so far that some pundits wryly say she's '...doing it to please that brat, the prince.'"

Clan Borzoi[]

"I hear Clan Borzoi's on the war path these days, challenging other clans, fighting for turf. Ach, things just aren't the way they used to be."

Dirty Secret[]

"Word on the street's that Clan Borzoi's got the backing of a foreign criminal ring! Maybe one with eyes on Ivalice itself..."


"If you want to win when you engage, master some abilities! Your weapons and armor determine which abilities you can use, so choose carefully. You'll also need some Ability Points (AP) to learn abilities; you can get those by equipping armor and weapons, or by clearing missions. Everybody who goes on a mission has a chance of getting AP, so be sure to take along your friends! That's all, good luck to you!"

!Ability Types[]

"Action Abilities: Standard actions, like Black Magic or Monk Tech.
Reaction Abilities: Dodging or striking back when attacked.
Support Abilities: Enhancement abilities such as Double Sword.
Combo Abilities: Abilities triggered when an ally uses a 'combo.'"

!Job Change[]

"Job changing can come in handy. Any soldier can cast spells by changing jobs to mage. Choose the right job to maximize your engagement potential. One thing though, your race determines what jobs you can be. Only viera can become quick-footed fencers, and bangaa are tailor-made make lots of friends!"

!Expert Jobs[]

"The better you are at one job, the more job options that become available. Expert jobs give access to powerful abilities, like Double Sword and Jump."


"Thought engaging was all about defeating your enemy? Think again--there are many kinds of win condition depending on the engagement. You can check the win condition during an engagement by selecting "Mission" from the main command menu. But, there's a lose condition as well, so be careful! If Marche leaves an engagement, whether he's sent to prison or even zombified and then snuffed, you lose!"


"Ever notice the judge gives you a Judge Point (JP) when you defeat an enemy? You can use those points to cooperate on "combo" attacks. Stock up those Judge Points and do some real damage! Just make sure your allies have combo abilities so they can pitch in!"


"Laws, set by the palace, reign in Ivalice. Judges enforce those laws, and those who break them are penalized--even sent to prison in the worst cases. There are two kinds of cards you can get for breaking a law. A minor infraction gets you a yellow card. A major infraction will earn you a red card. Whichever penalty card you get, it'll go down on your record--and the more cards on your record, the steeper your penalty becomes, so watch out!"

!Treasure Hunt[]

"Sometimes treasure appears when you place a symbol on the world map. When you see a symbol shaking, that's where the treasure is, so go get it!"

!Law Rankings[]

"The judges use a ranking system to classify laws. The stricter the law, the higher its rank. [R1] laws are easy, but an [R5] law is nothing but trouble."

Snowy Pass[]

"Snow was reported falling in large amounts in Lutia. While the parents worry about the cause of this strange weather, the kids are out enjoying the snow."

!Mission Items[]

"So, you got yourself a mission item, eh? You can't equip those, but you can bring them along on your missions. Mission items are good for boosting an ally's capabilities--and some missions require certain items, so get as many as you can."

Clashing Clans[]

"Turf wars between the clans have never been fiercer. This latest round was set off by the rise of the Borzoi clan, but has since spread. Because a greater sphere of influence means cheap items and special deals at pubs, every clan wants a piece of the action. The wars are expected to continue for the foreseeable future."

The Tourneys[]

"Swordsmen and sorcerers alike are competing in monthly tourneys across Ivalice. There's even a few "tourney pros" who live off their winnings!"


"You know there's people out there that never get a red card when they engage? There's a special law that turns all their red cards yellow! You can tell one by the ribbon they wear... the lucky bums."

!Clan Level[]

"Take a look at your clan level to see how well your clanwork's going. You also have a skill level that goes up when you complete a mission. You need skill level to take on new missions. The higher your skill and clan levels go, the better your clan title gets, and that means more items and cheaper prices!"

!Clan Turf[]

"The area of a clan's influence is called its "turf"--and some clans think that means they can exploit whoever lives on land under their control. If you look at the map, you'll see that only your turf is colored in. Take care if you're going to try to liberate any areas under the control of another clan--if you see a free area go red, it means that another clan's trying to take it! If you don't engage them quick and drive them off, it's all theirs."

!Skill Levels[]

"There are eight kinds of skill levels:

Combat: Magic
Smithing: Craft
Appraise :Gather
Negotiate: Track

Thief Exposed[]

"The thief they caught was identified as a member of Clan Borzoi. I dare say they won't be sitting around quietly with one of their own in prison..."


"You can advance your clan by accepting mission requests at the pub. You can use the gil and items you earn on missions to equip your clan!"


"Attach a Game Boy (Registered) Advance Game Link (Registered) cable to link with others. You can fight together, trade items, and even trade clan members!"

Crazy Monsters[]

"Reports of crazy monsters have been increasing all over Ivalice. While the cause is unknown, experts believe it has something to do with the crystals. The crystals--pure magic in a solid form--are supposed to be somewhere in this kingdom. Rumors say the palace made the crystals--rumors the palace firmly denies."


"Clan competition is fierce and engaging is the order of the day, but try negotiating with the friendlier clans to avoid needless engagements!"

The Crystals[]

"Bervenia Palace, silent on the matter up until now, has radically reversed its policy concerning the crystals. According to information just released, crystals exist in special folds in space, called 'seams'. The report goes on to state that 'as the crystal's magic is beneficial to all Ivalice, special means are being employed to protect them.'"

Strong Laws[]

"By the order of Queen Remedi, laws are getting tougher once again. Protest movements have already started in some clans. The reason given for this latest strengthening of the laws is 'to maintain public order.' This is likely a reaction to the recent surge in clan warring."

Area Freed![]

"The merchants are back in town now that Clan Borzoi is gone. Prices be coming down, and us pubmasters can offer info at a discount, too!"

!The Totema[]

"The totema's appearance in Ivalice was sudden, and their origin unknown. Unfathomable, too, is their incredible power. One thing we can say is, they seem willing to lend that power to us. It is possible to summon the totema using Judge Points (JP) obtained by defeating an enemy in an engagement. Only members of the race that a totema represents may summon that totema. In other words, you'd get further talking to a rock than trying to summon another race's totema."

Our Heroes![]

"The members of Clan _______ are our heroes! Go show those Borzoi clanners who's boss!"

Secret Shop[]

"The famed Ezel Berbier has apparently opened a secret shop in the town of Cadoan. The new shop reportedly caters to law card traders."

!Law Cards[]

"Thanks to Ezel, there's these cards out on the market now that can change laws. Select 'Law Cards' after engaging to see what you have. If there's a particular card you want, try trading with Ezel. White cards add new laws. Black cards, or 'antilaw cards' nullify laws, and the judges can't do a darn thing about it!

Borzoi's Plan[]

"Why is Clan Borzoi restricting merchants from coming and going? You'd think they'd be the ones to suffer with the shop shelves bare!"

Borzoi's End[]

"Clan Borzoi is no more! That should put a stop to those Borzoi clanners' shenanigans, no matter where they be. 'Tis a proud day for Ivalice!"

Gukko Gone[]

"It seems that Gukko, the Clan Borzoi Boss, has escaped. A man fitting his description was seen on a small ship leaving for barbarous lands."

Foreign Ship[]

"Someone said they saw a big old ship from foreign lands off the eastern coast. I hear the word 'Redwings' was painted on her bow!"

Crime Ring[]

"Word on the street's that the ship 'Redwings' is the property of a foreign band of criminals! They better keep their paws off of Ivalice!"

The Redwings[]

"The Redwings are active and up to no good in Ivalice--and they're using Clan Borzoi to do their dirty work for them!"


"The Redwings are making a move to control all the markets in Ivalice. I guess Clan Borzoi was just laying the groundwork for them!"


"I hear the special 'Falgabird' squad of Redwings is out looking for Clan _______, after what they did to Clan Borzoi..."

The Spiritstone[]

"A minstrel I'd not seen before was in here the other day, and according to him the Redwings boss has got access to powerful magic. Apparently, the only thing that can get past his defenses is something called the 'Spiritstone'--a magical stone made by alchemy from a sigil."


"Been to the Monster Bank yet? Did you know that Morphers can use their Morph ability to borrow the abilities of any monster in the bank? For example, you can borrow a bomb's abilities to deal fire damage to your enemies. Use 'Capture' to put monsters into the bank, then equip the 'soul' they drop to gain their Morph ability. Yep, monsters can sometimes be your best friend."


"One of your friends in jail? That means they can't fight, and that's bad. But, if you got the gil, you can get them out, and that's good! A 'release' gets them out of prison, but their penalty record stays. A 'pardon' erases one person's past recorded, but you have to go into prison in their place!"

Ruins Found[]

"Ancient ruins have been discovered deep within Nargai Cave. Clan _______ claims credit for the find. The entrance to the ruins appears to be a statue found within the cave. Perhaps other such statues can be found elsewhere?"


"The law is absolute in Ivalice, but there are some areas it cannot reach: the jagds, lawless slums where no judge will ever go. While this may sound appealing to some, even hardened class-A criminals avoid the jagds, for without judges and laws, there is nothing to prevent true death."

Trade Goods[]

"One-man trade merchants using small airships to do their business are on the rise. Many of the merchants sell rare items, and the number of shops selling traded goods is growing daily."

!Trade Goods[]

"You can buy trade items just like regular items, and some are great deals! The more you link, the more items Nono can offer, so link often, kupo--!"


"Recently, the poaching of endangered animals by some clans is becoming a problem. With the decrease in dragoons, both rockbeasts and kudik tigers have dropped in numbers, and even the rabite (commonly known as the 'lucky rabbit') is endangered."

The Sages[]

"The three sages of Ivalice have joined forces to make the Spiritstone! To work this feat of alchemy they need the sigils, and quick!

Peace at Last[]

"The Redwings have been driven from Ivalice at last! Thank you, Clan _______!"

Grissom's End[]

"The Dark Knight Grissom is said to have turned into a cloud and floated up into the heavens upon his death. Afterwards, heavy rains fell for days."

Weird Minstrel[]

"That minstrel that was giving me information about the Redwings disappeared when things quieted down. Haven't seen him since."

Wanted Poster[]

"Bervenia Palace has put a fat bounty on someone's head--but who? All the palace can say is the fugitive is 'a human member of some clan.'"

New Clock[]

"Belta Co., renown for their exacting professional work, has announced a new product: the 'Golden Sandclock.' Belta timepieces are widely praised by judges for their accuracy."

Serious Search[]

"A search of all the clans has begun by orders of Her Majesty the queen, led by none other than Judgemaster Cid himself. It appears the palace is finally getting serious about finding that wanted boy."

Judges Alone[]

"Yesterday, Judgemaster Cid announced that the judicial system would hereafter operate independently of the palace. This establishes the judicial system as a truly neutral entity, free from palace politics. The decision was made with the queen's approval."

Foreign Fiends[]

"Emergency! The Redwings smuggled strange fiends from foreign lands into the country, and now they're on the loose!"


"The Redwings are gone from Ivalice for good this time! We owe you our lives, Clan _______!"

Audience Day[]

"The day of the yearly audience ceremony for Queen Remedi and Prince Mewt is fast approaching. Also called 'Gift Day,' this day is an opportunity for people to bring gifts to the royal mother and son. Will somebody find that special something to satisfy them this year?"

Prices Soar[]

"With Audience Day near, prices for materite, a prized manufacturing material, are rising sharply. The price hike is thought to be due to a rise in demand as craftsmen and machinists work around the clock to make the ultimate gift for the royal mother and son."

Royal Vacation[]

"Her majesty Queen Remedi, along with Prince Mewt have decided to take a break from the hectic administration of Ivalice and go on vacation. There has been no announcement of where they are headed, nor any indication yet of when they will return."


"The Bervenia Tourney is scheduled to be held again this year in the palace courtyard, and everyone's excited to see the best in the land compete!"

Clan League[]

"The Clan League will be running again this year. While the favorites are last year's winner, the Brown Rabbits, they'll have a lot of competition."

-About the Clan League--[]

The Clan League is a tiered competition to determine the best clan in the land. Winners are chosen by popular vote and engagement standings. League Committee Chair Cid expects a good turnout this year. The winners last year were the Brown Rabbits, led by the Viera, Vili.

New Adventure[]

"The Pubkeepers Association recently announced the introduction of 'expert' missions, kept secret up until now. Clans across Ivalice have high expectations for the new missions."

Gukko's Return[]

"You heard!? Word is that the Borzoi Clan Boss, Gukko's come back to Ivalice! He's holed up in Cyril with his monstrous retinue!"


"[The Clan Of The Century] Our heroes have once again saved the day by defeating the monstrous Gukko! Peace, at last! Long live Clan ______! Clan ______!"

The Liberators[]

"All areas have been freed, and the clan wars have finally quieted down. Everyone's taken to calling you folks the 'liberators'!"

Unfair Judges?[]

"Judges are supposed to be the justice of the land, but rumors have surfaced that immunity from the law is for sale. The judges deny the claims, but we hear that the JudgeWatch board has agents looking into the matter!"

Blank Cards[]

"Apparently, the new laws springing up all over the place are the result of experimental 'blank cards' hitting the market. The source of the leak is unknown, but it's clear that corrupt officials are using the cards to make laws as they please. Are the judges involved? Are they to blame!?"

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Was that a...chocobo?[]

You know the old chocobo pasture out in Muskmallow Field? Well, the other day I saw me a chocobo thereabouts what had a pom-pom on its head! I ain't see the like of that before.

I suppose there might've been a moogle a-ridin' on its back, but who's to say?

-Word About Town

Go Prepared[]

You need every advantage to succeed on the battlefield. Your equipment could spell the difference between victory and defeat.

To be sure, the strength of your weapons and armor is important. But their true power lies in the abilities they possess. Simply readying a piece imbued with an ability allows you to use that ability. Why, wear it long enough and you'll even master the ability.

For the adventurer seeking ever more obscure abilities, having a variety of equipment at the ready is essential. Will your equipment lead -you- to victory?

-Your Local Shopkeeper

Loot Wanted![]

Attention Hunters!

Traders at the bazaar seek loot both common and rare. In exchange: unique arms and armor, to be made available for purchase through your local shopkeeper.

Interested parties should visit their nearest shop without delay. Don't let the spoils of war go to waste!

-Shopkeepers' Guild

New Recruits![]

You can't travel far without bumping into someone looking to join a clan.

But did you know that it's not just -where- you go but -when- that determines which race you're most likely to bump into?

-Seek out humes walking Targ Wood at the turn of the new year.

-As spring approaches, you'll find many a bangaa wandering Baptiste Hill.

-Nu mou seeking to join the ranks of a clan show up near Graszton between spring and early summer.

-The soft chirping chatter of moogles comes to the Bisga Greenlands at the height of summer.

-The viera gather quietly in the woods near Camoa as the leaves turn in autumn.

Now you know where to go when you're looking to fill out that clan roster.

-Pub Patron

Trials and Tribute[]

I've heard some say that earnin' a prestigious title through them clan trials brings out people looking to join up.

Can't say as I'm surprised. A choice between joinin' a famous clan and one you never heard of ain't no choice at all.

-Barman's Tip


When you're hurrying from one place to the next, the last thing you need is to come across a road that's been blocked off. But sooner or later it happens, and there's no sense getting in a huff over it.

Times like that, I pass a few days walking back and forth, taking in the scenery - what else can you do? The road's usually open by the time I come back.

-Patient Traveler

The Road Less Traveled[]

There are as many ways to travel as there are travelers. Even so, there are two broad groups into which most would fit: those who think getting there is half the fun, and those who only think about getting there.

To be sure, there are many joys to be had by traveling from one location to the next, stopping to smell the proverbial roses.

But when time is of the essence, it can be best to dispense with the details and travel by area. Which you choose is up to you.

-Traveler's Almanac.

Speed Battles[]

Heard of speed battles, I wager. Don't know who thought 'em up, but it's not every battle you can win without laying a finger on your opponent.

The rules are simple enough: the side that lands the killing blow on the mark wins. But just 'cause the rules are simple don't mean the battles are.

More like than not, the mark in question's a beast foul enough to curdle the blood of even a seasoned hunter. Take on one of their ilk, and you take your life in your hands.

-Domis Streetears' Guild

Hale Yellows[]

Racing chocobos begin and end with the yellow. Why? They're the easiest to look after, that's why!

Must be that Choco Cure of theirs. Practically take care of themselves!

I go out at least once a year to wrangle some wild yellows. Where? Where they always is!

Targ Wood during Greenfire. Goug during Ashleaf and Skyfrost. You wouldn't believe the size of the herds around Goug during Autumn!

-Musings of a Chocobo Wrangler

Fiery Reds[]

Once you've ridden a red chocobo, there's no going back. With fire in their eyes, fire in their hearts, and fire in their Choco Meteor, there's no need to ask why!

But mounts this fine don't come cheap. You'll need deep pockets to count even one red in your stable. That is, unless you know where to look!

Head over to Kthili Sands during the month of Ashleaf. You won't have any trouble catching a wild red of your own!

-Musings of a Chocobo Rider

Incomparable Blacks[]

If you ask me, nothing compares to a black chocobo. Nothing! Soaring through the air, raining Choco Flame down from above... what more could you ask for?

My dearest and I each have one - both caught in the wild, of course. He caught his two years past, during Plumfrost in the Rupie Mountains. I caught mine just this year, in Greenfire near the Galerria Deep.

-Musings of a Chocobo Rider

Old Greens[]

I'm a chocobo knight, newly knighted, kupo! I haven't been riding long. But I have the most wonderful green chocobo!

Her Choco Esuna saved an ailing friend just the other day. She is starting to look a little patchy on the plumage front, though. Kupo...

I -could- try to find a perkier one in Zedlei Forest - they like it there in Greenfire.

But let's be honest, I wouldn't part with this one for the world!

-Musings of a Chocobo Knight

Plucky Browns[]

1st of Greenfire

Set out for Aldanna Range today. Brown chocobo is in season. Must make best use of opportunity to study this most aggressive variety of the bird in its natural habitat.

Of particular interest is so-called Choco Guard ability used to defend against predators. Also said to possess a truly singular scent.

-Chocobo Scholar's Journal, Excerpt

Shining Whites[]

Have you ever seen a white chocobo? They're quite rare, kupo. I once saw one in the snows of northern Kerwon, but I've heard they live in the Rupie Mountains of Jylland, too. There's a flurry of sightings each year in the month of Greenfire.

They say the breed in Jylland can draw Mist from the air to restore magickal energy...What I wouldn't give to see one just once, kupo!

-Chocobo Aficionado

New to the Hunt[]

There's a lot for a new hunter to wrap his head around, but at the end of the day, you won't quest long before you find yourself in battle.

Luckily, the more you fight, the more experience you gain and the more abilities you learn, so you go into each new battle a little better prepared than the last. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, eh?

-Barman's Tip

The Voice of Experience[]

We learn by doing. Experience is the key to growing more powerful. Everyone you bring with you onto the battlefield will gain experience for their contribution. The greater the contribution, the greater the experience gained.

-Barman's Tip

Master of the Trade[]

Unlike experience, everyone in your clan gains ability points whether they participate in battle or not.

Ability points enable you to master the abilities imbued in equipment. Once mastered, you'll be able to use these abilities even if you switch equipment.

If you've mastered all the abilities conveyed by a piece of equipment, best equip something new so those points don't go to waste.

-Barman's Tip


You can't use any abilities until you've readied them - even using items in the heat of battle requires preparation. Now, most abilities fall into one of three flavors: action, reaction, and passive.

Action abilities let you act in battle. You can attack without readying any action abilities, but not much else.

On the other hand, reaction abilities trigger automatically when someone else does something to you.

Finally, passive abilities are always around, helping you out. Some might let you use equipment you normally wouldn't be able to, or boost the damage you deal.

Choose your abilities well, and even the toughest tussle's as easy as wyrdhare pie.

-Barman's Tip

The Sights of Jylland[]

Soaring mountains and desolate tracts of desert - you'll find all this and more in Jylland, the vast region that spans the continents of Loar and Ordalia.

When planning a trip, it's important to note that the Jylland calender uses unique names for the months that make up the typical 240-day year.

Greenfire, Bloodfire, and Rosefire are the spring months. The eastern skies glow bright in the predawn light.

Coppersun, Goldsun, and Silversun, the summer months, are renowned for their brilliant skies.

Ashleaf, Mistleaf, and Emberleaf are the months of autumn. The turning leaves burn amber and gold in the dying light.

Plumfrost, Blackfrost, and Skyfrost are the winter months, when fields of snow shine brilliantly beneath the clear morning sun.

-The Sights of Jylland, Excerpt

Two Gil to Rub Together[]

Gil may make the world go round, but I ain't seen much come round my way. Questing and adventuring are all well and good if you're in a clan, but where does that leave me?

Thought I'd try my hand at these clan trials, since I heard they don't cost a bloke gil. Turns out you need bleedin' clan points for em!

Aye, it's a clan's world and don't let no one tell you different. Time I found one to join, eh?

-Layabout Seeq


I hadn't set foot on a battlefield since I don't know when. There was so much going through my mind I'd completely forgotten items were forbidden and I drank an ether. Well, there went out judge in one gulp!

That's when things went from bad to worse. My mates were dropping left and right, and I even use a phoenix down or magick to raise them.

At that point, there wasn't much the rest of us could do but turn and run. We took the quest again and it went well enough the second time, but my clanmates still haven't forgiven me.

-Rusty Hunter


Our clan leader likes everything to go by the book. We check the enemies' weakness, what magicks they're using, and then launch a coordinated attack. It's all about efficiency with her.

Which is fine, except that she's an assassin, and assassins move fast. Sometimes I think she forgets not all of us -can- dash about the battlefield. I have to keep a close eye on her just to keep up. Maybe it's time I got a new job to put some spring back in my step.

-Disgruntled Clan Member

Itinerant Black Mage[]

I prefer traveling alone, kupo. I can go where I want, when I want. But that's not always easy for a black mage.

Preparing for battle takes tremendous concentration. That means starting out each battle with no Mist to use for magick. Having to wait before casting my first spell can be scary, kupo!

And that's not the worst part. It's much easier to end up surrounded when you're on your own. Fending off attacks from the front is hard enough, but what's to keep some footpad from sneaking up behind me and clubbing me on the pom-pom? That hurts, kupo!

At least you can rest after a battle. I was in a tournament just the other day that involved a series of back-to-back melees. I had to drink an elixir just to stay on my feet, kupo! Lucky I had one handy - elixirs don't grow on trees!

-Lonely Black Mage

Introductory Magick Studies[]

It is not enough to know the eight elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Earth, Wind, Holy, and Dark. One must also know the subject's resistance, or lack thereof, to these elements.

Some beasts have weaknesses to specific elements, taking greater damage from attacks of a certain nature. Others show resistance but are not wholly immune, these taking half the damage one might usually expect. Still others demonstrate perfect immunity, shrugging off even the mightiest of magicks. Finally there are those so in tune with a given element that they feed on its power, using that power to restore themselves.

-Notes of a First Year Akademy Student

Trials and Privilege[]

Looking to make a name for your clan? You might try the clan trials.

Yeah, it'll cost you a few clan points, but what do you have to lose? Pass the trial, and you'll improve your clan talents. What's more, you can earn new clan privileges.

There's no other way to get new privileges. Ask me, that alone's worth the price of entry.

-Pub Patron

Word to the Wise[]

So you've done a quest or two and think you know what you're about, eh? Well, you may not know everything just yet. Let me give you a few pointers to see you stay in one piece.

First is mimics. Who isn't taken in by the promise of untold riches that magicked urn or chest might hold? Well, mimics take advantage of that desire for all things golden, springing out to take eager adventures unawares. So don't go pokin' around unless you're ready for a fight.

Second is traps Without a keen eye and the proper skill, you won't know where they are until it's too late. But with the right preparation you can avoid traps, and even use them to your advantage by luring enemies into them.

Third, if you have trouble remembering the first two and worst comes to worst, you can always use a phoenix down to bring someone back to their feet.

Take care in choosing the spot to revive them, though, or you'll be right back where you started.

-Barman's Tip

This is the way![]

Once you've got a clan with more than a few members you can rely on, you can dispatch them to take care of quests while you tend to other more pressing matters.

You can dispatch them straight from the pub, or accept the quest and dispatch later. Makes no difference.

If you're sending people off on a quest they're likely to see battle in, make sure they're equipped good and proper first. They'll only get experience for completing the quest, not for the battle. But they'll get ability points, same as always.

-Barman's Tip

Intermediate Magick Studies[]

Afflictions and Ailments

There are a great number of debilitating magicks at the mage's disposal. Learning their various effects is the first step toward mastering them.


The victim is unconscious and can neither move nor act.


The victim has been turned to solid stone and can neither move nor act.


The victim has been turned into a toad and can only move.


The victim loses all control and mindlessly strikes out at his foes.


The victim mistakes friend for foe, attacking his allies.


The victim acts erratically, attacking friend and foe alike.


Poison courses through the victim's body, slowly depleting his health.


The victim cannot see and has difficulty landing physical attacks.


The victim cannot speak, preventing the use of magick.


The victim is in a magicked sleep and can neither move nor act.


The victim cannot move.


The victim cannot act.


The victim forgets all knowledge of abilities.


The flow of time is slowed for the victim, increasing the dealy between actions.


The flow of time is stopped for the victim, preventing him from moving or acting.


A flammable oil covers the victim, rendering him vulnerable to fire-based attacks.
-The Forgetful Mage, Excerpt

Advanced Magick Studies[]

The Lesser Undead

The dark hills and woods of the land abound with all manner of undead fiend. Zombies and ghosts are two of the more common, if not more deadly, variety.

Both zombie and ghost are possessed of the ability to rise after being struck down, but only ghosts can teleport where they will, attacking their quarry from all sides.

Cunning and luck are needed in equal measure to defeat a group of the creatures, as they must all be defeated at the same time in order that rites might be preformed to prevent their rising again.

Those with knowledge of burial might inter a corpse during battle, and placing a phoenix down on the remains will likewise release the spirit to eternal rest.

All would be wise to employ curative magicks and the holy healing powers of potions and the like when facing these minions of the dark.

-Bestiary of Creatures Fantastic and Rare

The Highest Bidder[]

Everyone knows that, these days, clans use the auction house to stake out their turf. But few remember how it came to be so.

Back in the day, clans would battle one another to settle their claims. Well, you don't need much of an imagination to know how that tune went. It was bleedin' chaos.

Walking wounded everywhere - bad for the peace. So the auction house were set up to put an end to all that. Gave the clans a way to flex their muscle without lettin' blood.

The authority of the auction houses is recognized across Jylland, so clans that earn champion status over an area have tremendous influence.

Manage to claim all the areas in a region, and a clan becomes the region master. Not every day that happens, though. Been years since the last time. Always a big deal when it does!

-Pub Patron

Chocobo Chivalry[]

The job of a chocobo knight is like no other. They're able to mount weakened chocobos and use the chocobo's inborn abilities.

Pretty useful, eh? Only catch is, they have to concentrate so hard on controlling the chocobo, they can't use any abilities of their own.

'Course, once they dismount, they can use abilities same as anyone else. But wild chocobos will bolt the first chance they get, and what's a chocobo knight without a chocobo?

Unless you're switching to a better mount, you had better think twice before letting your current one get away.

-Job Connoisseur

Passive Aggression[]

Don't let their name fool you. Passive abilities can play a very active role in battle. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Dual Wield

A powerful ability that enables you to equip two one-handed weapons. Just remember that you can't dual wield polearms, claws, rapiers, or spears.

Monkey Grip

Enables you to equip a two-handed weapon with only one hand, freeing the other to hold a shield. Won't work with bows, crossbows, or hand-cannons, naturally.


Holding a one-handed weapon with both hands will let you put more power behind the swing. Not much point when it comes to gloves or guns, though.
-Barman's Tip

Trinkets of Summoning[]

Trinkets and baubles that can summon mighty scions to do their possessor's bidding?

I have heard such as these exist. Yes, powerful artifacts that can claim victory for their bearer when all hope seems lost.

The power to call on creatures of myth and legend i no trivial one. One must be worthy of such power, or one will succumb to it.

-Traveler from the East

Slipping Time[]

There are places in Jylland that aren't...right. Not fully connected to our world, you might say. Step in, and in the span of a breath, a month has passed. A frightful thought, that.

Still, you could put a place like that to use, if you had a mind to.

-Pub Patron


Watch enough auctions, and you start to learn how to read people's "tells": movements that give away what they're planning to do.

When they're going to play a 5-coin token, they let out a cry.

When they're going to play a 3-coin token, they strike a defensive posture.

When they're going to play a 2-coin token, they walk back and forth.

When they're going to play a 1-coin token, they get very pushy.

When they're going to pass, they shake their head.

If you can learn to read your opponents, you'll be sitting with he high rollers in no time. Not everyone has a tell, though, so don't rely on it too much. That's what keeps things interesting. Am I right?

-Auction Aficionado

Clan Talents[]

Talents are one measure of a clan's success. It's important to know what each one means.

Negotiations - how well you work with people.

Aptitude - how handy you are with machinery.

Teamwork - how well you work with your fellow clan members.

Adaptability - how well you deal with changing situations.

The higher your clan is rated, the better. Some petitioners won't even let you accept their quests if they don't think you're talented enough to get the job done.

-Lemme, Swordsman

More New Recruits[]

Remember what I said about finding recruits from different races in different seasons? Well, I've figured out a few more things to go along with it.

'Round year end, the more rotund adventurers come out in the Aldanna Range. And if it's winged companions you're after, make for Fluorgis.

If that doesn't help you find the right person for your clan, I don't know what will.

-Pub Patron