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O Mighty Mill of Rumors! ...Talk to me.

The Rumor Radar is a special ability of Serafie in World of Final Fantasy. It allows her to pick up bits of gossip from places within her surrounding area.

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Gameplay-wise, the Rumor Radar provides the player with hints on progressing through the story or post-game content. The player can access the Rumor Radar by talking to Serafie directly at Plaza 99 in Nine Wood Hills.

During Chapter 21[]

Five rumors are viewed inside the airship during the Cogna invasion and all must be viewed to proceed through the story.

Around Cornelia[]

Around Cornelia 1/1

Did you hear?! A strange, four-legged machine is closing in on Cornelia! The Warrior of Light and that tough-looking lady with the pink hair were talking about some kind of plan to keep the threat at bay, but what if it doesn't work? I can hardly sleep at night...

Around Nibelheim[]

Around Nibelheim 1/1

Get a load of this! Some kind of creepy machine is tearing the landscape up right outside of Nibelheim! SOLDIER's out there trying to take it down, but it sounds like they've barely made a dent in the thing. Not even that guy with the big sword and the young lady in the cowboy hat have been able to stop it.

Around Figaro[]

Around Figaro 1/1

I don't know where they came from, but a bunch of strange machines have taken over the desert! One of our merchants would have died if King Edgar and the castle guard hadn't come to the rescue. Figaro's putting up a good fight, but there are just so many. If only we knew what was controlling them...

Around Tometown[]

Around Tometown 1/1

You'll never believe it. There's been another sighting of that spooky runaway train! Where does it come from? Where does it go? I'm too scared to set foot outside my door. Cid and Celes have been racking their brains trying figure out what makes it tick. But if they don't stop it soon, I think Tometown might end up going tome-down...

Around Besaid[]

Around Besaid 1/1

Where did that flying mechanical monstrosity come from? It's been dive-bombing people left and right. My goodness, I just hope it moves on soon and leaves Besaid alone. How are we supposed to fight off something we can't even reach?

During Postscript[]

These rumors can be read as Lann and Reynn attempt to recruit all seven of the Pleiad.

More Coliseum Whisperings[]

More Coliseum Whisperings 1/1

Bringing the fire and ice Mirages on board was the right move. I could feel the Coliseum crackling with energy when they faced off against the twins.

Still, why is it they seem so skittish around Mirages that wield thunder? They are not weak against it, so there must be some other reason. I just hope it doesn't lead to any trouble...

The Lovestruck League Agent[]

The Lovestruck League Agent 1/1

That Jiant summoner in the hood is a babe! But how do I break the ice? What if she likes taller guys? Oh, man...

Come to think of it, didn't Quistis say the two of them were going to visit the old Jiant city? Maybe I could tag along and... Ugh, who am I kidding? I don't know the first thing about fighting. That superpowered Mirage that's been sighted in the area would fry me to a crisp.

Mog's Major Breakthrough[]

Mog's Major Breakthrough 1/1

Hip hip hurray, kupo! Finally, finally, I've found that despicable Mirage that Captain Faris has been searching for all these years, kupo! No more chasing dead ends, kupo. This time Captain Faris will have her vengeance, kupo!

The Butcher[]

The Butcher 1/1

Did you hear?! Some horrible butcher is on the prowl up in the mountains. He's been cutting down travelers at random. Can you imagine? You'd better stay at home and keep those doors locked.

At least the elder has sent for help. Once the League of S gets here, they'll put that dreadful monster in his place... Won't they?

Dr. Kadowaki's Headache[]

Dr. Kadowaki's Headache 1/1

Don't tell me you haven't heard what's going on around here! A demon has been appearing in Balamb Garden—always at the same hour—and dragging the poor folks he meets into the throes of a nightmare.

I don't know how much truth there is in it; all I know is that he's scaring my patients. I hope someone puts him in his place soon.


These rumors are available only in the Maxima version.

Challenge from a God[]

Challenge from a God 1/1

Looks like you two have really come into your own. I'd like to give you a little test, so come by the coffee shop. And be prepared, because I'm going to be using my true power...a bit. Are you ready to take on a god?

A New Encounter[]

A New Encounter 1/1

Oh, it looks like you're able to touch a new soul. You should ask The Girl Who Forgot Her Name for the details. Maybe there's a new encounter in store for you. Oh, why am I talking to you through the Rumor Radar? No reason, really. I just thought I'd try it out.

Somewhere, Sometime[]

Somewhere, Sometime 1/1

...any won't...
Hmm, the Rumor Radar seems to be on the fritz. For some reason, it sometimes picks up things that you lot are saying, and from a place it's not supposed to be connected to, no less. Oh, but there's one voice that I never seem to hear...well, I'm just rambling, so never mind me.

The Ultimate Dungeon[]

Unlocked after clearing all EX Dungeons

The Ultimate Dungeon 1/1

So you think you've adventured so much that there's no challenges left? Well, I have just the right dungeon for you to explore. I opened a portal where the Ultima Gate was sealed, so go take a look.

But keep in mind that space and time are a little unstable beyond that portal, and the rules may be a little different from this side. Be prepared!

Knock on Time's Door[]

Unlocked after defeating Enna Kros, The Immortal Dark Dragon, and Garland

Knock on Time's Door 1/1

Even I can't stop the flow of time, but I can take you back to places in your memories for a short time.

I've prepared a door at Plaza 99 in Nine Wood Hills, so go take a look when you're feeling nostalgic.

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