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Dual Horn from Final Fantasy X.

Ruminant is a fiend type in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 characterized as a bull-like creatures with two giant horns protruding from their backs they use to ram into their enemies with their signature move Gore (Final Fantasy X) or Skewer (Final Fantasy X-2). In Final Fantasy X-2 they Oversoul after 12 kills and change their signature move to Stampede to simply run over their enemy. They also use the attack Flame Ball in Final Fantasy X for Fire-elemental damage on their enemies.


Sphere Break[]

Ruminant Coin
Silver Ruminant Coin
Gold Ruminant Coin
Coin No. 14 Coin Value 1
Trait Item
Location Win: Luca Stadium (Dream Shop Core Sphere)
Found in the Western or Southern Expanses of the Bikanel Desert.