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Rukususu is a non-playable Tarutaru character from Final Fantasy XI. She is minister of the Federation of Windurst's Rhinostery, an institution primarily concerned with the study and cultivation of plants. She is rarely seen at the ministry, however, as she spends most of her time investigating the fate of her mentor, former Rhinostery minister Iru-Kuiru. This leads her to some of Vana'diel's most dangerous locales.

Rukususu has a French accent and uses a small amount of French vocabulary.


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Rukususu takes great interest in the unfinished research of Iru-Kuiru. He believed that the ancient Tarutaru had been led to Sarutabaruta not by a star, as legend told, but by another civilization. This unpopular hypothesis drew considerable ire and ultimately delivered him to a lonely death in a distant land. Rukususu therefore keeps the pursuit of her teacher's work to herself.

With the resources of the Rhinostery at her disposal, Rukususu ventures north to the Beaucedine Glacier. Thirty years earlier, Iru-Kuiru had discovered something there that prompted him to abandon the Federation. Rukususu delves deep into the ruins of Fei'Yin in an effort to retrace his steps.

Eventually Rukususu obtains a strange artifact and delivers it to Kerutoto, one of her researchers back in Windurst. Kerutoto senses Iru-Kuiru's spirit through the relic and suggests that he is somewhere in Elshimo. Rukususu departs for the southern continent immediately.

She succeeds in tracking Iru-Kuiru to the Temple of Uggalepih, where he had met his demise. Standing in the Tonberry-infested ruins the minister ponders her mentor's research and his reason for leading her to the site. Soon after an adventurer arrives from Windurst on a mission to bring Rukususu home. This person happens to carry the Book of the Gods, however, and inadvertently attracts the ghost of Grav'iton.

Grav'iton introduces herself as a Kuluu and, having mistaken Rukususu for the Star Sibyl, wonders why her people's collaboration with Tarutaru has been forgotten. Rukususu learns that the Kuluu introduced her ancestors to Windurst and built the Horutoto Ruins to convert moonlight into energy. At their urging the first Star Sibyl had used Horutoto's power to ensnare Fenrir and forge a pact that guaranteed centuries of prosperity for her people.

Rukususu reveals that she is not the Star Sibyl and Grav'iton therefore questions the presence of the Book of the Gods, which the first Star Sibyl wrote for her successors. The tome had become blank, however, and had been given away by Optistery minister Tosuka-Porika. Grav'iton offers to temporarily recharge the book so that the Tarutaru can relearn their forgotten history. Rukususu subsequently sends it back to Windurst with the adventurer so that it can be examined. She also gives instruction that Grav'iton's revelations about the settling of Sarutabaruta remain secret.

During this time Orastery minister Ajido-Marujido had been incarcerated as a result of unauthorized entrance into the Full Moon Fountain. Rukususu decides to contribute her enchanted Rhinostery ring to Doctor Shantotto's jailbreak plan. Although this defies the will of the Star Sibyl, Rukususu's sympathy for Apururu, the prisoner's sister, outweighs her legal concerns.

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