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The Rukh is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2.

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FFX-2 Chicken Wing Lv3

Chicken Wing Lv.3.

They are powerful and take a while to kill, and become even more dangerous when in Oversoul. In the original version, they can take away up to 75% of a character's max HP. They are deadly in the HD Remaster version, as they can instantly defeat the entire party. They are always encountered alone. It is possible to get petrified by a Rukh.

Strategy Edit

It is recommended for the party to hit them with the most powerful attacks and have high defense and magic defense, or to simply run. Carrying Softs and Stoneward/Stoneproof accessories might come in handy.

Creature Creator Edit

Fiend Tale Edit

In the Fiend Tale endings, the fiend finding this to be a cruel joke, a notable Rukh was created from the spirit of an Al Bhed. Saved by a female Rukh from his former friends, her chicks orphaned as result, Rukh became conflicted over saving his old friends or protecting his new ones from them.

Etymology Edit

A roc or ruk (from the Arabic and Persian رخ rokh, asserted by Louis Charles Casartelli to be an abbreviated form of Persian simurgh) is an enormous legendary bird of prey, often said to be white.

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