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The Delgantua area.

This sprawling ruin is thought to date back to the Galtean era. The lost arts of the time are evident throughout.

The Ruins of Delgantua are a location in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Situated in the northwestern reaches of the continent of Loar, this vast stone fortress is empty and isolated from the rest of Ivalice. The skies above them are perpetually fraught with Mist, and the highroad that connects the Ruins to the chilly area of Moorabella is also abandoned.

The architecture of Delgantua must have been a sight to behold when its glory was yet undiminished; exquisite symbols are carved into its elaborate halls, and thin streams of water flow silently through the vacated stone floors. The leader of Khamja, Illua, beckons Luso Clemens to this lonely place several times, in order to perform dark rituals called from the magicks of their Grimoires.

Locations Edit

The Ruins of Delgantua Edit

The ruins of a great castle built during the Galtean era. its once mighty ramparts are now cracked and tumbled.

Random encounter Edit

"Just Desserts"
Distorting their outward appearance, these creatures can hide themselves with ease.
Forbidden: Non-elemental Effects

Gateway to the Past Edit

Gatey Tactics A2 LowaytothePast
This wide passage encloses a broken courtyard. Fragments of elegant ornamentation give silent testimony to the ruin's former glory.

Hall of Kings Edit

This grand throne room was once the seat of power. Even its emptiness is imposing.

Hall of Blessings Edit

Divine light washes over this wide chamber, illuminating prayers painstakingly carved into the flagstones.

Secret locations Edit

Way of Judgment Edit

The wall at the end of this long, straight passage is inscribed with the images of fantastical creatures.

The Way of Judgment is unlocked after the completion of the mission "The Stone With No Name". The Demon Wall is battled during the second half on the aforementioned mission.

Highroads Edit

Moorabella Highroad Edit

This road leads east to Moorabella. The way is broken and overgrown from disuse.

Missions Edit

  • "A Request"
  • "The Ritual"
  • "The Stone with No Name"
  • "Unfamiliar Folk"
  • "Aid the Serpent"
  • "The Way of the Sword"
  • "Yellow Wings in Trouble"
  • "Ruinous Traps"
  • "Starstruck"
  • "The Wonders of Loar"
  • "The Forgotten Places"
  • "Chita on Weapons - Masters"
  • "A Small Favor"
  • "Wanted: Devotees!"
  • "The Honorable Thing"
  • "A Bride for Montblanc"
  • "Just Desserts"
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