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Ruinous Omen in Final Fantasy Dimensions II.

Ruinous Omen (ルイナスオーメン, Ruinasu Ōmen?) is a recurring summon attack in the series. It is the signature attack of the Diabolos summon in online installments in the series, serving as a substitute for its recurring Dark Messenger attack. Depending on the title, the attack deals either dark-elemental or fractional non-elemental damage.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Ruinous Omen is Diabolos's Astral Flow Blood Pact Rage ability for Summoners. When used, Diabolos will unleash a magic based attack that will deal damage equal to a random percentage of HP to all enemies within an area of effect. It can be used immediately at level 1 and costs all of the Summoner's MP to use.

In addition, Diabolos is able to use the ability against players at 50% HP when fought as a boss during the "Waking Dreams" battlefield.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Ruinous Omen is used by the different versions of Diabolos that appear in the game. All versions of the attack naturally deal heavy unaspected damage against the entire player party.

When fought in the normal version of the Lost City of Amdapor dungeon, Diabolos will use this attack as his strongest move against the party. In order to avoid the attack, players are required to solve a door puzzle to avoid losing health. However, due to the changes to boss stats, player buff changes, and the various item level increases to players, the attack deals miniscule damage since the dungeon's release in Patch 2.2.

Ruinous Omen is also used against the first form Diabolos in the Dun Scaith raid. When used, it will deal heavy raid-wide damage to the entire raid party.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

Ruinous Omen I - III are magic abilities learnable for Maina from her Diabolos signet. When used, Maina will unleash four heavy dark-elemental magic attacks to a single foe. All versions of the attack cost 86 MP to perform.

In the original Japanese free-to-play versions, the attack was known as Dark Messenger and was learnable from the Diabolos god-tier signet. It served as a stronger version of the normal summon attack and could only be used by player characters. The attack was renamed to Ruinous Omen in all languages of the premium version, likely to avoid confusion with the summon attack used by Morrow, Jornee and the Deathlord's version of Diabolos.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Ruinous Omen appears as a set of attacks related to the Diabolos (Gloomshade) Magicite boss. The enemy version of the attack, Gloomshade Ruinous Omen, deals magic dark damage to all targets of the player party. It also has the additional effect of inflicting Sap and lowers the party's holy attack level by 3. The attack is incredibly dangerous, ignoring all forms of magic negation and being able to break the damage cap of 9999.

Players have access to Ultra Ruinous Omen after obtaining the Diabolos (XI) Magicite. The attack instantly deals 99,999 damage to one enemy, and temporarily raises the dark attack level of all allies by 2.


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An omen is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. People in the ancient times believed that omens lie with a divine message from their gods.