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This is incredible, Lady Yuna! The chocobo uncovered some sort of mysterious cave!


The Ruin Depths, also known as Cave Ruins, is an optional dungeon in Final Fantasy X-2. It is in the Calm Lands; situated behind and on a lower level than the Calm Lands Ruins.

Finding the Amazing Chocobo in the Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster version earns the trophy/achievement Chocobo Whisperer.


Uncovering the ruins[]

To unlock the dungeon, the player must dispatch and raise four chocobos, sending them out in different order, each time fighting battles to trigger their return, and healing their Heart. When the process is complete, and the Gullwings return to the Ruins, Clasko will tell them a new area was found at the back of the Calm Lands Ruins.

Exploring the ruins[]

The Ruin Depths does not have a mini-map, making exploration difficult. There are some Key items to be found, such as the Machina Reactor and Repair Manual. The Machina Reactor allows Rikku's special dressphere, the Machina Maw, to learn the Break HP Limit ability. The Repair Manual can be used in Djose to repair the Experiment, so it can be fought with higher (or lower) levels. The dungeon must be unlocked to enter in a complicated process of chocobo raising and exploration.

The boss of the area is the Anything Eater; once defeated, all five sets of locked doors are unlocked; once they are manually opened, the final door giving access to the Amazing Chocobo is unlocked. A Garment Grid with the constant ability of Break HP Limit is the prize for getting to the Amazing Chocobo and thereby getting a Mission Complete for this area. In order to get 100% story completion, players must get the Amazing Chocobo here.

The Gullwings can encounter Ultima Weapon in this area, and learn the Blue Bullet skill Supernova from him. The Flan Azabache, Phantom, Sahagin Prince and Anything Eater appear only in the Ruin Depths and in Via Infinito. Phantoms are notable for their Oversoul Fever ability, which they use automatically, every turn, until all targets are in Oversoul mode.

There are a few one-way paths through the maze, where there is no mid-level transition between a high and low level, and thus no way of proceeding in one direction, or even in the other direction if the party moved off of the highest level of platform. This would be controllable, if not for enemy encounters; if enemies encounter the party when in mid-jump, the party will drop to the lowest level when the encounter is over. A Charm Bangle, which eliminates encounters, or Steam's Enemy Encounter Override feature is the only way to restore control to the party's passage.



Musical themes[]

"Sphere Hunters" plays while exploring the Ruin Depths.


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