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A dwarf that found himself lost and alone long ago in the land of Gronoa. Having collapsed due to hunger and the surrounding miasma, he was rescued by Lunera, an elf who was living by, and soon began a friendship with her husband, Bran. Though much like the hard-working dwarves of today, having strayed for so long from his friends, his dwarfish optimism had begun to fade.

In-game description

Ruggles is a historical character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He is a legendary dwarf whose reputation has reached even the humans due to his work in the harsh continent of Gronoa. He was friends with the elven couple Lunera and Bran, who lived in a underground castle. Mentioned in the main scenario in passing, his story is expanded upon in the event A Promise Beyond Time.



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Though Ruggles is much like his hard-working brethren, having strayed for so long from his friends has faded his dwarfish optimism. He has a serious personality, well aware of his crime of creating weapons for war. He now dedicates himself to atoning for it.

He is diligent, sincere and loyal, and an indefatigable worker, able to dig up kilometers-long underground tunnel on his own for the sake of his friends. Ruggles is honorable and never forgets his debts.


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Ruggles lived about 700 years ago. He was a talented blacksmith among his people, tending to their forges. He went to the land now known as Gronoa looking for ore when the Paladian civil war between Aldore and Hess "broke" the land in two and thus Ruggles became separated from the other dwarves. Alone thereafter, Ruggles wore himself out looking for his people and collapsed. He even thought he would be alone forever and cursed the fortitude that kept him alive even when he wanted to die.

Yet, as seen in "A Promise Beyond Time", the elf Lunera finds him. As he is starving, she shares some of her bread and Ruggles swears on his honor to repay her. Lunera tells him he can keep her safe on her way back to her underground castle. When Ruggles tells her of his predicament, Lunera believes that her husband, Bran, might know where to find other dwarves and introduces Ruggles to him. Bran is rude to Ruggles however, and tells him to leave; when Lunera questions why they have to fight and pleads Bran to let Ruggles stay, Lunera starts coughing due to her miasma sickness. Bran reluctantly lets Ruggles remain, allowing the dwarf to search the elves' accumulated knowledge for answers.

Though Lunera asks him to only worry about finding his people, Ruggles clashes with Bran's belief of respecting nature's will and sets out to find the tree of purification to help Lunera. Ruggles obtains a sprout and is saved by Bran. They return to the castle where Ruggles starts cultivating the tree. He decides to make an underground road, which would be protected from the effects of miasma, and begins digging around the castle in the ground that hasn't been soaked in miasma yet.

Though Ruggles makes a lot of headway in his two projects, Lunera can't fight off the sickness anymore. On her deathbed, she thanks Ruggles for the joy he brought her and asks Bran to remember that he has a friend in Ruggles, that he is not alone. She passes away while asking the two to watch the tree grow in her stead.

Ruggles continues to work on the tunnel, causing Bran some concern. Ruggles isn't planning on dwelling on the past, and asks Bran to teach him one of their elvish songs. Though Bran finds it odd that a dwarf would try to learn their language, he accepts and starts by teaching Ruggles their writing. Like Lunera before him, he too is suffering from miasma sickness.

Time passes and Ruggles learns about their language, but Bran can't hold on for much longer. So when Ruggles is working on the tunnel and an underground monster endangers Ruggles's life, Bran comes to his aid. Bran evokes the esper Lakshmi to defeat the monster, but he is now dying. Ruggles tells Bran to resist a little bit longer until the tree gives fruit, but the elf entrusts Ruggles the future, knowing that he can keep their promise to Lunera. Ruggles says he hasn't heard the song of the elves yet, and Bran sings for him. Finally, Bran tells Ruggles that he will to go to his wife and join her in the wind, and thanks Ruggles as he passes away.

In time, the tree finally bore fruit and began absorbing the miasma (because of that people slowly came to live in the area). Reporting his success, Ruggles dedicated the entire underground castle in memory of his friends, Bran and Lunera, and left an inscription that reads: "Bran shall love Lunera forever...".

Ruggles left the castle; he finished his tunnel, and left behind a path for the adventurers to come. According to Helena, Ruggles's people cut off all ties to him since he had befriended the elves so hated by his kind, and Ruggles dedicated the rest of his life to improving the environment and mining resources in Gronoa. He continued to work as a blacksmith, and created countless useful weapons and tools that can still be found in Gronoa; he made sure to pass on his techniques and values (including his dislike of war) to his pupils for posterity, the latest being Verun. Ruggles grew famous and even got invited to move to Dilmagia, but he turned them down, claiming "I love the wind that blows here." He passed away of old age.

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Ruggles is an optional playable character, being a 3-6★ summonable unit. His job is listed as Blacksmith, and he focuses in damaging the enemy with physical attacks, mostly related to the Earth element. He can also reduce the enemies' stats and provide some support like minor stat boosts and elemental resistance to the party. He has a wide equipment selection: daggers, swords, greatswords, katanas, axes, hammers, spears, instruments, throwing weapons, maces and fists, along with light shields, heavy shields, hats, helms, clothes, light armor, heavy armor, and accessories.