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The young, newly inaugurated president of the Shinra Electric Power Company. After his father's passing, Rufus has taken up the reins as head of the corporation. He aims to break with what he views as outdated practices and instead rebuild the company with a new creed, declaring the dawn of a new era during his inaugural address.

Rufus Shinra is a major character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He is a supporting antagonist in Final Fantasy VII with an expanded role in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He also appears in numerous entries of the extended universe, including Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Rufus is the son of President Shinra and the former vice president of the Shinra Electric Power Company, succeeding his father as president. He is immensely prideful, cold, and ambitious with a rebellious streak. Rufus rules through fear, aiming to break outdated practices and lead the company into a new era. He works closely with the Turks, with Tseng as his right-hand man. Rufus is also the half-brother of Lazard Deusericus and Evan Townshend.

Rufus is trained in the art of combat and personally enters the battlefield. He wields a custom-made shotgun and is accompanied by his military hound, Darkstar. He is exclusively fought by Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

Early life[]

Rufus was born in 1977 or 1982 to President Shinra and his unnamed wife.[note 2][1][2] During his childhood, Rufus's mother passed away and his busy father neglected him.[1]

At age 5, Rufus's father showed him blueprints for the Shinra Building's executive office renovations. Rufus proposed installing an escape route in case of an attack. Though his father thought it was absurd in the face of Shinra's power, he reluctantly installed it for Rufus's sake, labeling it "L" for "loser".[1]

Vice presidency and Avalanche Insurgency[]


Vice President Rufus Shinra in Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-.

In December 0000, during Chapter 2 of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Rufus was appointed vice president of Shinra. Shinra personnel were notified by email and informed that he had departed on a long-term business trip, with details undisclosed for security reasons.[3][4] Sometime after Rufus became vice president, he secretly funded Avalanche, acting as an informant and closely working with their leader, Fuhito. He aimed for Avalanche to overthrow his father so he could take his position.[5]

On February 30, 0001, Rufus video-called President Shinra and Reno in Junon to check on the troubling situation with Avalanche during "In the White Light of Day, the Assassin Smiles" in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. He watched Emma in action, praised her performance, and was eager to see more of her work.[6] On December 22, 0001, during "This Night in an Untainted World", Rufus attended an executives' meeting following Avalanche's attack on Junon, requested a damage report, and clued his father and the executives into a Shinra informant leaking information to Avalanche. He questioned his father's leadership and advised caution.[7]

On January 2, 0002, Rufus criticized his father for the kidnapped SOLDIER operatives and the failed mission near Icicle Inn during "A Light That Penetrates Through the Darkness", inquiring about his plans regarding the informant.[8] On June 17, during "The Lone Discerning Alignment", Rufus was surprised by Professor Hojo's abduction by Avalanche and asked Verdot for a report. He agreed with his father about Hojo's untrustworthiness and possibility of switching sides, but opposed calling in Sephiroth.[9] On August 9, Rufus suggested using the army to capture the Ancient Aerith Gainsborough forcefully, deeming it unnecessary to involve the Turks during "The Dash to Freedom". He disagreed with the president's cautious approach to capturing Aerith and searching for the "promised land".[10]

In January 0003, during "All of Our Resolve and Longing", Rufus and Fuhito met after Avalanche's HQ in Wutai was destroyed, content that they had fooled Shinra into thinking Avalanche was wiped out. Rufus suggested eliminating the Turks' leader Verdot for getting too close to the truth, acknowledging their inability to handle all the minor inconveniences. They planned their next move for the rocket launch ceremony.[11] On April 12, the Turks guarded Rufus while attending the Shinra No. 26 launch in Rocket Town during "Onward to the Distant Heavens". He felt space exploration was pointless and argued with Cid Highwind over it. Rufus collaborated with Avalanche to sabotage the launch, questioning his father's intentions and asserting he could lead Shinra more effectively. When the launch was canceled and space program funding was suspended, Rufus wondered how his father would publicly respond.[11]

On May 8, 0003, during "The Muddy Course of Inexorable Fate", Rufus left Shinra HQ to coordinate with Avalanche in Corel but was unexpectedly discovered by the Turks in the unfinished mako reactor. He later accused Avalanche of breaking their agreement by occupying the reactor and Verdot exposed him as the Shinra informant and secret leader of Avalanche. Rufus offered to drop the matter if Fuhito killed the Turks, but was betrayed and regretted his actions. He was protected by the Turks as Avalanche attacked and urged them to prevent the reactor's explosive destruction.[12] During "An Eruption of Fanged Chaos", Rufus assumed the Turk inside the reactor had perished. Upon recovering them, Rufus was escorted back to the Shinra Building and put on house arrest. President Shinra falsely claimed to the public that Rufus was abroad on an extended business trip.[13]

Rufus remained on house arrest for four years, continuously monitored by the Turks. On December 19, 0006, during "The Choices We Made in the Beginning and the End", he taunted Tseng about a defecting Turk.[14] On February 20, 0007, during "The Consequences of Our Choices", Rufus mocked Tseng for the Turks betraying Shinra, warning of the army's plan to end them. Tseng assured they would not jeopardize the company, leading Rufus to admit he overestimated them. Reeve Tuesti was unable to find Rufus, who asked Tseng for his opinion on Cait Sith.[15]

On October 1, 0007, during "Resolve to Reach the End", Rufus informed Tseng about Avalanche operatives heading to Corel Prison and updated his cell's surveillance system to monitor worldwide events. He was confident in his chances to wrest the company from his father. He urged Tseng to rescue Verdot and another captured Turk, emphasizing the Turks' survival was crucial.[16] During "The Threat that Pierces the Heavens", Rufus asked an agreeing Tseng if he was prepared to rescue Verdot and provided his exact location in exchange for the Turks' loyalty.[17] On October 5, during "Veering Wildly Towards an Unstoppable End", Rufus was released from his arrest, deceiving his father into believing he had changed his perspective, but actually seeing it as an opportunity to seize control of Shinra. He proposed a plan to his father that promised glory for the company.[18]

During the epilogue of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Rufus surprised Scarlet by attending a meeting regarding the Turks' punishment for their actions. He declared that the Turks had proven their loyalty by assassinating Fuhito and Verdot. When Tseng thanked him on behalf of the Turks, Rufus dismissively responded it was not for their sake.[5]

Original continuity[]

Presidency and Jenova War[]

Rufus fleeing from Shinra Headquarters

Rufus retreats after his fight with Cloud.

Rufus returned to Midgar after Sephiroth murdered his father and assumed office as Shinra's new president during "The Nightmare Beginning Anew" in Final Fantasy VII. He met Cloud's party, criticized his father's leadership, and declared his intention to claim the "promised land" and control the world with fear. He was accompanied by Dark Nation and fought Cloud, but was defeated and retreated via helicopter.[19] Sometime before "Going After Sephiroth", Rufus assigned the Turks to pursue and locate Sephiroth.[20]

Rufus New Age

Rufus at his inauguration ceremony in Junon.

Rufus traveled to Junon via the Highwind during "The Stowaway Strategy" for his inauguration ceremony. He inquired about the airship's status, scolded Heidegger for his laugh, and noted things had changed from the time the company was under his father's leadership. Rufus enjoyed the Junon army's send-off but warned Heidegger about Sephiroth and Cloud's party before boarding a Shinra cargo ship to Costa del Sol.[21] During "Dangerous Voyage", Rufus thanked the crew upon arrival and reprimanded Heidegger for allowing Sephiroth and Cloud's party to slip through as stowaways. He urged Heidegger to take action, expecting results, and departed via helicopter.[22]

Rufus traveled to Rocket Town with Palmer during "A Sleeping Village Dreaming of Outer Space", seeking to borrow Cid Highwind's Tiny Bronco to reach Sephiroth, who was presumed to be heading to the Temple of the Ancients. He put an angry Cid in his place, reminding him that he was only able to fly because of Shinra. Rufus ordered Palmer to steal the Tiny Bronco plane, but the effort failed.[23] During "That Which Waits in the Northernmost Reaches", Rufus's search for Sephiroth led him and the other Shinra executives to the Northern Crater, where he mistook it for the "promised land" and vowed to claim it. He observed the emerging Weapon, learning about them and the Jenova Reunion Theory from Hojo. Rufus witnessed Cloud break down and give the black materia to Sephiroth, who used it to summon Meteor. He evacuated to Junon afterward with the executives and captives Tifa Lockhart, Barret Wallace, Yuffie Kisaragi, and Cait Sith.[24]

Rufus taunted the captured members of Cloud's party about their capture and ordered their public execution to calm the panicked populace during "In a World Approaching Its End". When the Sapphire Weapon attacked Junon, he ordered Heidegger and his men to fire the cannon and kill it.[25] During "Struggle for the Huge Materia", Rufus held a board meeting to strategize destroying Meteor, the barrier around the North Crater, and Sephiroth. Heidegger and Scarlet suggested gathering huge materia from each region, melding them together, and ramming Meteor, assuring Rufus they had the technology to do so.[26]


Rufus caught in the explosion.

During the Raid on Midgar in "Mako Cannon Rampage", Rufus had Junon's cannon, the Sister Ray, moved to Midgar and planned to equip it with huge materia to destroy Sephiroth. He assigned Reeve to adjust the output of Midgar's reactors but was skeptical about the shells reaching the far northern border. An observing Rufus gave the order to fire, but Hojo hijacked the cannon, using its mako energy to empower Sephiroth while also killing the attacking Diamond Weapon. The Diamond Weapon's attack struck the Shinra Building and destroyed the upper floors, presumably killing Rufus. Heidegger and Scarlet were unable to contact Rufus and seized control of the company, arresting Reeve for treason.[27]

New Shinra era[]

Rufus' Geostigma

Rufus was afflicted by Geostigma.

Rufus survived Diamond Weapon's attack via a secret escape route in "Episode: Shinra" of Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile. He reflected on his past and troubled relationship with his father as he slid down, injuring himself upon landing in a sealed shelter. He took painkillers, hesitantly entered his birthday into the door's passkey, and fell unconscious as Reno and Rude found him. Rufus was confined to a wheelchair after a brief hospitalization, relocated to a safehouse in Kalm, and observed Meteor approach Midgar.[1]

The day after Holy destroyed Meteor, Rufus asked the Turks about their future plans, and they agreed to keep serving him. He assigned them to assess the situation in Midgar, directing Tseng and Elena to gather information and Reno and Rude to gather allies. Rufus shook off anxiety and loneliness as he overlooked Kalm, but was later kidnapped by an angry mob led by Mütten Kylegate and held prisoner in his mansion. He was well taken care of by Kilmister and revealed plans to build a new city on the outskirts of Midgar and Shinra warehouse passcodes to an interrogating Kylegate, who intended to lead the construction effort and govern the city himself. A subordinate of Kylegate later set the mansion ablaze and killed Kylegate, prompting Rufus to escape, but Kilmister captured him.[1]

Rufus was brought to an isolated cave where Kilmister quarantined Geostigma patients for study and treatment. When Rufus asked why he was captured, Kilmister responded that he needed Jenova because the infected displayed symptoms similar to SOLDIER experiments, but refused to elaborate further. Rufus wrote a note to the Turks, granting Kilmister access to more SOLDIER stimulants and Hojo's equipment. When Kilmister asked about Jenova's location, Rufus was unsure. Rufus eventually noticed Kilmister's addiction to stimulants, saw an opportunity to control him, and sent him to Midgar. When the cave flooded, Rufus led a failed rescue effort, was enveloped by black water, and passed out. He awoke to find Kilmister and the Turks rescuing him and a survivor named Judd, and was transported to the Cliff Resort for further treatment.[1]

Rufus remained under Kilmister's care for two years, coordinated the construction of Edge, and had the Turks build a monument commemorating how the planet repelled Meteor, which was actually meant to claim the city for Shinra. He asked Kilmister for a research update and the disease's connection to Jenova. Kilmister revealed that Geostigma was caused by Sephiroth, the black water contained traces of Jenova cells, and the disease became fatal if the infected lost hope. The next day, Rufus gave Judd a gun, who then shot and killed Kilmister. He was unfazed by Kilmister's murder, declared Shinra would find and secure Jenova, and renamed Cliff Resort to Healen Lodge to symbolize "healing the world".[1]

Two years later, in Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story, Rufus still had Geostigma, continued commanding the Turks, and planned to locate Jenova. When Reno suspected Evan Townshend was related to Rufus, he insisted on researching Evan's mother, Annette Townshend, discovering that Evan was Rufus's half-brother. Rufus requested Reno and Rude to bring Evan, who was traveling with Kyrie Canaan, to Healen Lodge. During their meeting, Fabio Braun, Keough, and Doyle attacked the lodge to rescue Thropp, who previously stole Geostigma medicine. Rufus spurred Evan into action, letting him bargain his life for Thropp and his friends' freedom.[28]

After Evan escaped with his friends, Rufus assigned Reno and Rude to pursue Evan. He later received a call from Tseng about a boy named Kadaj, who resembled Sephiroth. Rufus realized Evan's journey to find his mother would lead them to Jenova, so he ordered Tseng and Elena to accompany Evan and Kyrie.[28]

Geostigma crisis[]

Final Fantasy 7 AC Rufus shooting

Rufus falls from a building while shooting at Kadaj.

During Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Rufus had the Turks retrieve Jenova's head from the North Crater, securing it in a box. He invited Cloud to Healen Lodge, explained his near-death experience had changed his perspective, and wanted to atone for Shinra's past. Rufus almost persuaded Cloud to help them fight the Remnants of Sephiroth—Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo—but Reno's comment about rebuilding Shinra caused Cloud to leave.[29]

Kadaj attacked Healen Lodge, demanding Jenova's location from Rufus, who deceived him into believing they lost it. Rufus learned that Kadaj's gang were remnants of Sephiroth's will and sought their "mother" Jenova's power to resurrect him. He encountered Kadaj in Edge, where they discussed humanity's perseverance. Rufus promised to stop the remnants and Sephiroth's return, enraging Kadaj, who summoned Bahamut SIN. Rufus taunted Kadaj's ignorance, revealing a box with Jenova's head inside before tossing it off the building. Kadaj attacked Rufus, sent him falling, and dove after the box. Rufus drew his guns and shot at Kadaj before Tseng and Elena arrived in a helicopter and saved him. He was later surrounded by the Turks when Aerith's Healing Rain cured his Geostigma.[29]

During the epilogue of Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story, Rufus declined an invitation from Kyrie to Evan's birthday party.[28]

Deepground War[]

Rufus secretly funded the World Regenesis Organization, an organization led by Reeve that aimed to help restore and protect the planet following the Jenova War. Reeve suspected that the mysterious benefactor providing the money was someone who was in "debt to the planet".[30]

Remake continuity[]

At some point, Rufus befriended SOLDIER P0 Class Glenn Lodbrok, but eventually shot him in the back and killed him.[31]

Presidency and pursuit of Sephiroth[]

Rufus Shinra arrives to the Shinra Building from FFVII Remake

Rufus arrives at the Shinra Building.

Rufus returned to Midgar after an extended business trip during "Deliverance from Chaos" in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He personally fought Cloud alongside his military hound, Darkstar, while sending troops after the rest of Cloud's party. Throughout the battle, Rufus exchanged taunts with Cloud, amused by his bravado and remarked that he owned him for being a former member of SOLDIER. During the fight, Rufus unknowingly came into contact with the Whispers, which allowed him to perceive them.[32] Cloud disarmed Rufus who declared a new beginning for Shinra and retreated via helicopter.[33]

Tseng and Rufus from FFVII Remake

Rufus realizes Tseng cannot see the Whispers.

Rufus assumed the position of Shinra's new president after his father's death during "Destiny's Crossroads". He noticed the Shinra Building swarmed by Whispers and that Tseng was unable to see them, leaving him puzzled. Despite being troubled by the sight, Rufus had Tseng bring in the Turks and the Shinra executives lined up before him, ignoring Heidegger addressing him as vice president.[34]

At some point prior to "Deeper into Darkness" in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Rufus assigned the Turks to pursue the black-robed figure.[35]

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth promo 39

Rufus in Junon for his inauguration ceremony.

Rufus arrived in Junon for his inauguration ceremony during "Dawn of a New Era". He was surprisingly visited by Wutai emissary Glenn Lodbrok, whom he thought was dead. When questioned, Rufus affirmed his intent to pursue his late father's plans to go to war with Wutai over the magnum materia, but acknowledged the need for a new approach. Glenn criticized Rufus's pursuit of the "promised land" and urged him to fulfill presidential duties. Glenn mockingly congratulated an angered Rufus on "Viceroy Sarruf's" behalf. Despite Heidegger's warnings that it would violate the ceasefire with Wutai, Rufus ordered the Sister Ray to be fired during the inauguration parade as a show of power.[36]

During the parade, Rufus rode in a car, waved to the cheering crowd, and fired the Sister Ray to ring in the new world order. Tseng warned him about the presence of Cloud's party, but Rufus assured he would handle them. In his speech, Rufus honored his father, vowed to find the "promised land", and addressed Shinra's past and future. He watched the military units' performances, commended Midgar's Seventh Infantry, and invited a disguised Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith on stage. Rufus privately emphasized the need to rebuild Midgar and proposed ignoring the party's bounties if they avoided Midgar and killed Sephiroth, due to Shinra's lack of resources. Cloud's party agreed, mentioned the black-robed men as a lead, and Rufus confirmed their connection to Sephiroth. However, Yuffie's assassination attempt on Rufus jeopardized the deal.[36]

Rufus held a board meeting regarding the Magnum Materia Project and the newly-emerged Weapons during "Those Left Behind". He assured the executives they would get what they wanted and mentioned Wutai was also after the materia. When Reeve asked for an explanation on Shinra using Avalanche's activities as cover to sabotage their mako reactors and destroy Sector 7, Rufus criticized his father's decisions. He questioned why none of the executives had tried to stop his father, declared Shinra must evolve, and demanded their loyalty.[37] During "The Long Shadow of Shinra", Rufus was reading in his office when Heidegger informed him that the Nibelheim survey team had been ambushed. Both suspected Wutai was responsible, causing Rufus to smirk.[38]

During "A Golden Key", Rufus joined the Turks at the Gold Saucer to secure the keystone to the Temple of the Ancients in a special colosseum event hosted by Dio. After the Turks gave the keystone to Cait Sith, Rufus and Darkstar challenged Cloud to a rematch, still considering him a formal Shinra employee, and personally wanting to dispose of him. Rufus was defeated and escaped using a smoke bomb. Rufus later held a meeting to address Glenn's broadcast from Wutai declaring war on Shinra and dismissed questions about the Viceroy Sarruf who had not appeared in the broadcast. He monitored Cloud's party outside the Shinra Manor and prioritized pursuing the Ancient Aerith to the Temple of the Ancients, believing it led to the "promised land". He assured Reeve of his intention to respond to Lodbrok's broadcast.[39]

Rufus eagerly organized a team, met them in Junon, and headed for the temple via helicopter, commencing "Where Angels Fear to Tread". Accompanied by Hojo, he learned that the temple was not the "promised land" but rather a place for a "reunion" and a "watershed moment for mankind". Rufus tasked the Turks with investigating the temple and later witnessed its collapse after Cloud handed Sephiroth the black materia before escaping.[40]

Rufus returned to Midgar during "End of the World", denied Hojo's offer to treat a gravely injured Tseng, insisting the medical team would handle it, asserting that Hojo had enough "material". He asked for an explanation regarding the phenomenon at the temple from Hojo, who refused to draw any scientific conclusions and suggested that Shinra could dream far bigger, to which Rufus agreed.[31]

Rufus later observed Midgar from his office and received a visit from Glenn, who inquired about Viceroy Sarruf's absence at Lodbrok's broadcast. Rufus sarcastically remarked Sarruf would have attended if the set was more expensive. Glenn criticized Rufus's "rich kid" attitude and Rufus suspected the renewed war with Wutai was a distraction from Sephiroth. As Glenn applauded, he transformed into Sephiroth, revealing his plans for the "promised land" were in motion. Rufus shot Glenn in the back, revealed to be another robed figure only assuming Glenn's visage. The body taunted Rufus about Glenn's death, enraging Rufus, who shot him repeatedly.[31]



Rufus is a young man with a slim build, fair skin, blue eyes, and short, slicked-back blond hair. He claims to resemble his mother more than his father.[28]

In Final Fantasy VII, Rufus wears a black turtleneck under a white dress coat with a gray collar over another white dress coat, paired with cuffed white dress pants and brown dress boots. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, his hair is slightly longer and platinum blond. He dons a double-breasted white business suit resembling a trench coat over a charcoal gray dress shirt with a black tie. He wears baggy white pants similar to a hakama, with white belts resembling himo straps draped around his waist, black fingerless gloves, and black leather boots.

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Rufus is bandaged and briefly covers himself with a long white blanket or sheet. He later sports a loose-fitting white dress coat over a white dress shirt, a black vest with leather straps, baggy white dress pants, and black dress boots. In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, the younger Rufus initially has longer hair with bangs falling in front of his face. He wears a white suit over a white dress shirt with a black tie.


But, I do things differently. I'll control the world with fear. It takes too much to do it like my old man. A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There's no reason to waste money on them.

Rufus is a confident, calm, and charismatic leader who is ruthlessly ambitious and callous, striving for nothing but the best.[41][2] He is fearless and entitled, ruling through fear rather than money, determined to maintain Shinra's control over the world, and believing everything the company owns is rightfully his.[42][33][39] Rufus is enigmatic, rebellious, and cunning, covertly leading Avalanche and Wutai in a scheme against Shinra to dominate the world.[5][2] He is also adaptable and sharp-witted, always ready to take action and taunt his enemies.[42][28][33][39]

Rufus had a strained relationship with his father, President Shinra.[42] While his father loved him and used his birthday as a passkey, he often neglected Rufus during childhood due to his busy schedule.[1] Despite eventually being appointed as Shinra's vice president, Rufus received no executive authority, and his father warily regarded his aspirations to rule the world through fear.[42] Despite their shared goal to discover the "promised land", Rufus disagreed with his father's leadership and undermined his decisions during meetings.[5][2] He rebelled against his father, working with Avalanche to overthrow him, but failed.[5] Rufus seemed unfazed by his father's death, seized the opportunity to become Shinra's next president, and aimed to lead the company into a new era.[42][36]

Rufus has a business relationship with the other Shinra executives. He organizes board meetings and listens to their input, but questions their lack of effort to stop his father, and demands the same loyalty.[42][37] He regards incompetent subordinates coldly, especially Heidegger, and is wary of Hojo's experiments.[41][21][22][31] Despite past conflicts, Rufus began commanding the Turks after saving them from losing their jobs and execution. In return for his actions, they swore loyalty and serve as his faithful retainers.[5][29] Rufus was also a former friend of Glenn, but eventually killed him over an unknown dispute.[31]

After nearly dying in Diamond Weapon's attack, Rufus dramatically changed his perspective. He realized all the wrongs Shinra had committed and sought to redeem himself and the company.[1] With the aid of the Turks, Rufus began working for the benefit the planet, coordinating the construction of Edge, helping defeat the remnants of Sephiroth, and secretly funding the World Regenesis Organization.[28][29][43]


Rufus possesses unmatched economic and political power as president. His position allows him to utilize Shinra's resources and personnel. Rufus is trained in combat, showcasing impressive speed, dexterity, and deadly marksmanship. He wields a custom-made shotgun that can separate into dual pistols for both ranged and close combat. This versatile weapon also allows him to gain distance, dodge attacks, throw off opponents, and perform air dashes.[33][39]

Rufus carries two coins that he flips in battle to trigger various effects, such as smokescreens, explosions, and charged shots with homing properties.[33][39] He can also summon his personal military hound, Darkstar, to cast magic, healing, or supporting spells.[19][33][39]

In combat, Rufus easily parries and maneuvers behind foes to target their blind spots, even forcing the skilled swordsman Cloud to act defensively. Despite his speed and varied tactics, Rufus constantly needs to reload his gun, making him vulnerable to attacks and leaving him staggered at times.[33][39]


Rufus enemyFFVII

Rufus's battle model from Final Fantasy VII.

Rufus fights Cloud one-on-one alongside Dark Nation atop the Shinra Building early in Final Fantasy VII.

Rufus boss coin toss from FFVII Remake

Rufus's coin toss attack in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake Rufus is again fought by Cloud alongside his pet, now renamed Darkstar. He is faced in Chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos". He is a significantly more threatening opponent, performing combo attacks with Darkstar. He parries Cloud's attacks and guns him from behind. He alternates between shooting and reloading, and ordering Darkstar, who can buff him. Rufus and Darkstar return as bosses with similar battle mechanics in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, where the duo serve as the end boss of chapter 12, "A Golden Key".

Musical themes[]

"Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony" plays during his initiation ceremony in Junon. In Final Fantasy IX a band on the M.S. Prima Vista plays the theme in the Evil Forest. This version, called "Rufus's Welcome Ceremony (Millennium Version)", is found on the Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack PLUS album. A piano arrangement is included on the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII album. The theme is also included on the compilation album Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Limited Edition.

The original Final Fantasy VII version is included in the music player in Final Fantasy XV. It is the eleventh track of the Memories of FFVII album that is available by default.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rufus's boss theme is titled "Rufus Shinra" and uses traits of "Fight On!" and "Shinra's Theme".

Other appearances[]

Rufus, as seen in Opera Omnia

Though a non-playable minor antagonist in-universe, Rufus's other appearances draw from his role as an antihero later in the Final Fantasy VII franchise. In his four appearances as a playable character, Rufus is shown to favor handguns and has employed various forms of skulduggery and/or Shinra Power Company hardware as special moves.

Rufus has made appearances in the following works within the greater series:

Behind the scenes[]

Rufus advent children

Rufus covered by a white sheet in Advent Children.

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Rufus is covered with a sheet so as to hide his face, and his voice was made soft and deceptive to give him a sense of mystery. Toru Okawa, who voices Rufus in the film's Japanese version, stated he got the impression Rufus was the type of person always hiding something, and that the scene where he rises from his wheelchair and casts off his cloak is one of his favorites, where Rufus reveals his secrets at last.[44]

Okawa noted that Rufus's line "a good son would have known" has become a fan favorite, and Tetsuya Nomura has joked the irony is that such a line comes from Rufus. Nomura said that Okawa's voice had an undertone of mystery and elegance, and was perfect for Rufus's part: "Only someone like Rufus, a big shot president, would be able to jump off a building without hesitation and expect his Turks to take care of everything."[45]

Rufus coins from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Rufus' coins in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rufus employs personalized coins for special attacks during his fight with Cloud. Each side has a meaning that reflects Rufus's personality and his plans to rule the Shinra Corporation and Midgar. One side shows an emblem with a sword, a shield, and a pair of wings, with the words "Shinra Inc., A New Era. Ever Forward. Reign Supreme." surrounding it, which symbolizes the Shinra ideals and Rufus's lust for power. The other side shows the words "Fierce Pride", alongside Darkstar and mandragora flowers, which symbolizes both "enchantment" and "fear".[46][47][48]


Rufus is voiced by Toru Okawa in the Japanese releases of the Final Fantasy VII series. In the English releases, he is voiced by Wally Wingert in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and by Josh Bowman in the Final Fantasy VII remake project.


A Play Arts Kai figure of Rufus Shinra based on his Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children design was released in Japan in October 2013. Another figure based on his Final Fantasy VII Remake design was released November 6, 2021 in Japan and January 2022 in the United States.


Rufus is a name of Latin origin, and means "red-haired". In a March 4, 2020 interview, Yoshinori Kitase explained that the word "SHINRA" derives from the word "myth" in Japanese (神話, shinwa?) because SHINRA was about becoming god and controlling everything.

Rufus is one of the few Final Fantasy characters with a last name written in kanji and a first name in katakana, and, along with his father, the only character in Final Fantasy VII (and the series in general) with kanji in the name that isn't a title or a nickname.


  1. During "Episode: Shinra" in Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, Rufus remembers a conversation with his father over 20 years prior when he was 5 years old.[1]
  2. Rufus is approximately 25 years old in Final Fantasy VII and 30 years old in Final Fantasy VII Remake.[1][2]


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