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Rufus is a boss in Final Fantasy VII. Cloud battles him and his pet Guard Hound, Dark Nation, on the roof of the Shinra Building.



# Formation
464 Row 1: Rufus, A, B
Row 2: Dark Nation
465 Rufus, Dark Nation, A, B
466 Rufus, Dark Nation,
467 Rufus, Dark Nation,


Shinra Building
Heliport 464 (fixed)


Dark Nation casts Barrier to protect Rufus. Rufus is susceptible to Poison and his attacks only deal around 35 damage to Cloud in the front row. If Rufus has more than 200 HP, and Cloud did under 100 damage on his last attack, there is 1/3 chance he will laugh sarcastically. After receiving 500 damage, Rufus will flee by helicopter. The victory music will not play and Cloud will not pose.


The player should dispatch the Dark Nation first. This can be done with a single Cross-slash, given that Dark Nation has not yet cast Barrier on itself. Once Dark Nation is dead, the player should use Bolt and Limit Breaks to deplete his HP. It is also recommended to use Bio.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main {

If ((Rufus' HP > 200) & (TempVar:HPDiff < 100) & (1/3 Chance)) Then
Print Message [Rufus "Heh, Heh, Heh..."]
Choose Self
Use <> on Target
} Else {
Choose Random Opponent
Use Shotgun on Target

} AI: Counter - General {

TempVar:HPDiff = TempVar:PrevHP - Rufus' HP
TempVar:PrevHP = Rufus' HP

} AI: Counter - Death {

Print Message [Rufus "Heh... That's all for today..."]
Choose Self
Use <(Report)> on Target
If (Dark Nation doesn't have Death Status) Then
Remove Dark Nation




  • The helicopter hovering on the battle background actually counts as an enemy, but it is never targetable in a normal game. If battled via hacks, the helicopter is glitched and does not have a proper death animation. It is called [No Name] and has 255 HP and 255 MP and is at Level 255.

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