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An operative with the Turks unit of Shinra's General Affairs Division. As he possesses incredible strength and a well-toned physique, he prefers using his fists over weapons.

Enemy Intel

Rude is a boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake who is fought twice. He is first encountered in the Sector 5 slums in the clearing on the way to Aerith Gainsborough's house in Chapter 8, "Budding Bodyguard". Rude is a member of the Turks tasked with capturing Aerith for Professor Hojo, and attacks Aerith's new bodyguard, Cloud. He later teams up with Reno in Chapter 12, "Fight for Survival", atop the Sector 7 support pillar to fight Cloud, Barret and Tifa, at first using a helicopter.[note 1]

He will avoid attacking the women in the player party, in allusion to how he fought in the original Final Fantasy VII. Rude is weak to Wind Wind.

Rude's helicopter also appears in the Fort Condor minigame in "Episode INTERmission", called Helicopter (Defense). It is bought from Old Snapper for three Condor Coins after advancing to Rank 3 in "Mastering Fort Condor".


Sector 5 Slums[]

Sector 7 pillar[]


In the Sector 5 battle, Rude enters Phase 2 at half health. In the Sector 7 pillar battle, Rude enters the battle in person in the final phase, starting at half health.

Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magical damage
Attack Pic Phase Description Block KB(Knockback)
Physical damageQuick Jabs All Strike a player character six times. Not used against Aerith/Tifa. Y N
Physical damageLeg Flurry All Kicks a player character thrice. Not used against Aerith/Tifa. Y N
Physical damageHammerblow All Kicks a player character into the air and slams them down to the floor. Not used against Aerith/Tifa. Y Y
Physical damageSeize Against Aerith Against Cloud in the 1st battle Against Cloud in 2nd battle All When used against Cloud in the first battle, Rude swings him in a circle and throws him at Aerith. When used against Aerith or Tifa, Rude will knock her out. In the second battle, Rude binds Cloud and Barret while attacking them. Seize is used to a target that is close. N Y
Physical damageRunning Tackle Running Tackle from FFVII Remake 1st battle Suplexes Cloud. N N
Magic damageHaymaker Haymaker from FFVII Remake All Punches a close player character, knocking them back even if they are guarding. Not used against Aerith/Tifa. Y Y
Magic damageSpinning Axe Kick Spinning Axe Kick from FFVII Remake All Sends a shockwave by jumping and kicking into the floor. Y Y
Magic damageLeg Sweep All Knocks a player character off their feet. Not used against Aerith/Tifa. Y N
Magic damageSweet Dreams Sweet Dreams from FFVII Remake All Puts a player character to Sleep Sleep for 15 seconds. N N
Magic damageShockwave Shockwave from FFVII Remake <50% HP Sends out a shockwave by hitting the floor. Used against faraway targets. Y N
Magic damageSpirit Geyser Spirit Geyser from FFVII Remake <50% HP in 1st battle Hits the ground detonating the area around him. Y Y
Magic damageTriple Shockwave Triple Shockwave from FFVII Remake 2nd battle Hits the ground sending three shockwaves that home in. Used against faraway targets. Y N
Magic damageWhirlwind Whirlwind from FFVII Remake 2nd battle Tornado sweeps the battlefield. Used when no player characters are close. Y Y
Magic damageTurks Combo Turks Combo from FFVII Remake 2nd battle Teams up with Reno. Reno uses Electroburst while Rude uses Shockwave. Y Y

First battle[]

Rude uses Haymaker.

Rude is faced with Cloud and Aerith. He is strong, but weak to wind. He targets Cloud mainly for damage, preferring to put Aerith to Sleep Sleep or knocking her out for a bit. When he grabs Cloud, Rude will spin him and then throw him at Aerith. At half health, he begins to use attacks where he punches the ground to deal shockwave damage from a distance. He will focus on the character the player is currently controlling.


Rude throws Cloud at Aerith.

It may be better to dodge his attacks rather than guard against them. Dodging his sleep-inducing attack helps avoid a character being taken out of the battle for its duration, though the player may have some items to heal the status. The player will need to switch between party members. When controlling Cloud, the player can deal damage while Aerith accumulates ATB. When Rude grabs Cloud, the player can switch to Aerith to run around to avoid damage from Rude throwing Cloud. She can deal damage with basic attacks and wind spells. When Aerith is bound, the player can switch to Cloud and attack with ATB abilities and Punisher Mode attacks.

Wind spells are the most effective and also fill Rude's stagger meter the best. The player can also link a Wind Materia Wind Materia to Elemental Materia Elemental Materia in someone's weapon to make regular attacks more damaging against him. Cloud can use Focused Thrust to also build stagger. If the player has two wind materia, they can equip one for both party members.

If the controlled character falls critical, the player can switch to divert Rude's attention giving the other character some space to heal with items or magic.

Hard Mode[]

Sweet Dreams.

More equipment is available and thus the player can link elemental with wind materia for both Cloud and Aerith. The player can focus on using wind magic, as it is safe to use up the party's MP pool. Aerith's Arcane Ward may help with this. Rude gets tougher at half health, but he can be interrupted with wind spells with the right timing. With the Steadfast Block Materia Steadfast Block Materia equipped, guarding against Rude's attacks quickly builds ATB that can be used to cast wind spells. MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia also helps to sustain a barrage of wind spells. Rude puts a character to sleep before immediately attacking, so spells should not be cast while he is using Sweet Dreams or Seize.

Aerith can cast Aeroga Aeroga while Cloud attacks in Punisher Mode. Aerith can also use Ray of Judgment when Rude is staggered, or if she is low on MP. As many of Rude's abilities pierce Cloud's Counterstance, he should use a mix of Focused Thrust, Triple Slash, and Blade Burst. Equipping Aerith with the Synergy Materia Synergy Materia combined with the wind can easily help pressure Rude and help her pierce his defenses as Cloud goes to the offensive.

The player can immunize against Sleep with Headband or Resist Resist or Warding Materia Warding Materia linked with Binding Materia Binding Materia.

Defeating Rude grants Aerith the Telluric Scriptures Vol. IV.

Second battle[]

A Shinra chopper piloted by Rude. In addition to forward-mounted machine guns, the chopper has napalm bombs that can be launched at ground targets.

Assess information on the helicopter

Rude uses Seize against Cloud.

The player faces the Turks with Cloud, Barret and Tifa. Reno initially faces the player alone, but after taking enough damage, will temporarily exit and Rude will fly in with the helicopter. After being downed by the player's ranged attacks, he joins the fray in person and fights alongside Reno. He is already at half health at this point. He performs similarly as in the Sector 5 battle, but has more tricks up his sleeve, is stronger, and may team up with Reno in a joint attack. Rude avoids attacking Tifa the same way he avoided attacking Aerith before, preferring to incapacitate her over all out attacks. Reno's Pyramid traps a player character to set up Rude's attacks. Rude at times takes a defensive stance, during which he takes less damage when attacked.

Rude resists staggering from Fire Fire. He has the Heavy-Duty Bracer for steal.


Turks Combo.

Barret can avoid damage by staying further away. His Overcharge and Focused Shot deal heavy damage. He can be used to down Rude's helicopter. Linking Magnify Materia Magnify Materia to Healing Materia Healing Materia lets the player heal the entire party at once; Cloud is likely the party's best magic user. Rude is susceptible to Poison Poison. Rude is still weak to wind, so wind spells and elemental+wind work well. It is best to defeat Reno first before targeting Rude, stopping the duo from teaming up. Barret can use Lifesaver to take most of the damage, and Barrier Barrier can be used to resist Rude's damage. As the battle may draw out and the player takes damage, the party's Limit gauges fill up, which can be a great help in defeating Reno and Rude.

The Chocobo & Moogle is a wind summon. The DLC-only Chocobo Chick also has wind magic. The DLC-only summon Carbuncle is also good.

Hard Mode[]

Barret enters the battle with full HP and MP, and thus may be a good candidate for the magnify+healing materia combo, even if he is not the best spellcaster. Magnifying+barrier materia is another good pairing, as both Barrier and Manaward Manaward would be good on all party members. Bringing Time Materia Time Materia and Binding Materia Binding Materia give access to Sleep Sleep and Stop Stop, respectively. Parry Materia Parry Materia is excellent on both Cloud and Tifa.

Rude is pressured with wind magic and by hitting him twice, or hitting him during an action. It is possible to cast Stop and Sleep interchangeably. If one is cast and applies successfully, the target becomes vulnerable to attacks. After laying into the target the player can cast the other spell straight after, and continue attacking. Otherwise, the player can let Reno/Rude focus on one character, and attack with another.

Defeating Rude and Reno rewards Barret the Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. VII.

Musical themes[]

The battle music against both Reno and Rude is "The Turks Reno" (タークスレノ, Tākusu Reno?).



  1. The helicopter Rude uses is the same one seen as transporting SOLDIER members in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, and being used by the Turks in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

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