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No, I'm not bad. But like it or not... I sometimes have to do bad things.

Rude to Cloud before their duel in the Sector 5 Slums.

Rude is a member of the Turks who appears in the Final Fantasy VII series. His first appearance is in Final Fantasy VII, and has appeared in almost every media of the compilation: Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, as well as in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Rude is taciturn, tending to relegate the talking to Reno, the partner he works most closely with. He prefers to use his fists in battle.



Rude Artwork

Original artwork.

Rude is a tall man with a stern expression. He is a bald man with a goatee who always wears sunglasses, even carrying spares should something happen to the pair he is wearing. Rude wears the standard Turks uniform in a professional manner in contrast to his partner Reno's lackadaisical style.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake and in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children he has a black goatee, but in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- field scenes and Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- he is clean shaven. His ears are pierced; his left ear has three silver rings along the edge Rude in Shinra Office from Final Fantasy VII Remake and his right ear has a silver gauge and a blue stud on the lobe Rude stepping out from a helicopter from FFVII Remake.



A rare moment in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children of Rude without his sunglasses.

Rude is serious and stern compared to his laidback partner Reno and the inexperienced Elena, preferring to talk when necessary. He occasionally loses his stoic expression, such as when his sunglasses are damaged during a fight. Final Fantasy VII Remake shows his antagonism towards Cloud's group is mostly professional, as Aerith considers him a good man at heart.

Rude has a soft spot for Tifa Lockhart, and will not attack her if she battles him in their many encounters in Final Fantasy VII. In one of his rare lines of dialogue in Final Fantasy VII, he reveals to Reno he has a crush on her.


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War against AvalancheEdit

As told in Before Crisis, with President Shinra deciding to dedicate SOLDIER to deal with the threat of Avalanche, the Turks are instructed to locate new SOLDIER candidates. Reno, Rude and the Player Turk travel the globe employing potential fighters. In Costa del Sol, the Player Turk enters a fight club called Club Duel, and captures him the strongest fighter, known as "King," for the SOLDIER process. On the trip to Midgar the candidate population is killed by a sole candidate called Azul, whom the Player Turk confronts. Azul is eventually suppressed by Rude.

While on the docks, the ship is attacked by a contingent of Avalanche soldiers led by Shears who boards the ship and frees the candidates, defeating Rude while the Player Turk attempts to recapture them. As the Player Turk returns, Rude goes after Shears and, partnered up with Reno, defeats the Avalanche commander while a freed Azul returns to the Shinra ship willingly to finish his fight with the Player Turk and become a SOLDIER to become stronger.

Following the theft of confidential documents from the 45th floor of the Shinra Building, Reno and Rude guard the room and search for clues to the missing files. An intruder sets off the alarm and the Turks defend themselves against the building's security system, which had been sabotaged by the intruder. While Shuriken (Female) looks into the sabotage, Reno and Rude continue their investigation. When Reno notices a bearded man in a lab coat watching them from the shadows, the pair chases after him, concluding the man was one who stole the data, but the suspect escapes the building.


Rude in Sector 8 in Crisis Core.

Recalled by Veld, Reno and Rude are ordered to continue their investigation as well as help stop the malfunctioning security robots that have escaped onto the streets of Midgar and begun attacking civilians. On the streets of Sector 8, Reno and Rude split up to find the machines. After finding and destroying a number of the machines, Reno helps out Rude, and as shown in Crisis Vore, together the two make their way to LOVELESS Avenue where they find Shuriken (Female)/Cissnei cornered by two Genesis Copies.

Tseng arrives, along with newly promoted First Class SOLDIER, Zack Fair, but Shuriken defeats the clones on her own. Continuing their hunt for rogue robots, Reno and Rude spot the man in the lab coat. Gaining Veld's permission to follow him, they chase him into the sewer systems where they are attacked by robots which seem to take orders from the scientist. Cornering the man, they discover him to be Professor Hollander. Two Genesis Copies appear from a hidden passage and distract the pair, giving Hollander time to escape.

Veld orders the pair to return to Sector 8 as SOLDIER has taken over the investigation of the stolen documents.

Curious over Rude's unexplained disappearances after work, Reno orders the Player Turk to follow after him in Sector 8 to discover he goes on dates with a woman named Chelsea. While the Player Turk deals with a monster infestation in the sector, Reno follows Rude to one of his dates and discovers Chelsea attempting to place a bug on his PHS.

Reno follows her and discovers she works with Avalanche, but claims to her contact she was unable to place a wire tap on Rude's PHS in spite of Reno noting she had plenty of time to do it during the date. Reno informs Rude about his girlfriend's affiliations, but Rude already knows. When the Player Turk returns from destroying the monster nest they come across Chelsea attempting to quit Avalanche and defends her from her angered comrades. Chelsea asks the Player Turk to inform Rude she would not meet him anymore, stating that, although she wished it otherwise, the Turks and Avalanche are enemies and cannot be together.


Rude pilots a helicopter looking for Zack in Crisis Core.

President Shinra grows impatient to destroy Avalanche and Veld sends Reno and Rude to gather information on Fuhito's new Ravens while the Player Turk is to gather new Turk candidates. The Turks turn against Shinra and decide to help a former SOLDIER member Zack Fair whom Shinra wants killed, and want to find him before the Shinra military does. Scouting the areas around Midgar on a helicopter, Rude looks for Zack but the Turks do not find him in time.

Rude helps Tseng and Reno find where Veld is being held and free him. Fuhito of Avalanche summons Zirconiade, the most powerful summon, and Tseng, Reno, Rude, Veld and Elfe are captured by the Shinra military. Shinra bargains that the Turks would be spared if Veld and Elfe are killed, and Tseng feigns to execute them. As Tseng leaves with Veld and Elfe, Reno and Rude wait for their remaining comrades who are fighting Zirconiade. The Turks destroy Zirconiade, but the shockwave emitted from its destruction destroys the construct on which the Turks are standing. Reno and Rude watch in horror as the construction vanishes in an explosion of light.

Original continuityEdit

The new incarnation of AvalancheEdit


Rude captures Cloud's group when they attempt to escape the Shinra Building with Aerith, Rude intercepting them in the elevator. Following Sephiroth's attack on the headquarters and killing President Shinra, the Turks are assigned to hunt him down and gather intel that he is heading for Junon. While on their way there, they run into Cloud and his party in the Mythril Mine. In Gongaga, Reno asks Rude who he likes, and he reveals it is Tifa.

Rude goes on a vacation in Wutai Village with his colleagues Elena and Reno where they spend their time drinking at the bar. Shinra notifies them of Don Corneo, a man wanted by Shinra, being in the area, but Reno and Rude ignore the orders as they are on vacation. Elena wants to put their holiday on hold to take the job, but as she pursues Corneo alone she is kidnapped by him, spurring Reno and Rude into action. They team up with Cloud's party and track Corneo down on the Da-chao Statue. Rude's surprise attack causes Don Corneo to lose his balance on the edge of the cliff, and Reno finishes the job. Afterward they get a call from Shinra to capture Cloud, but let them go since they are not officially on duty.

Shinra plans to destroy the Meteor approaching the planet by ramming a rocket loaded with Huge Materia into it. Rude oversees the launch and protects the entrance to the Shinra No. 26 rocket, but is unable to stop Cloud and his friends from boarding the craft to steal the Huge Materia on-board. After a Weapon shoots down the aircraft carrying various Shinra weapons and it plummets to the Bottom of the Sea, Reno and Rude are sent there to investigate, but run into Cloud and are defeated by him.


The Turks during Meteorfall.

After Diamond Weapon has been killed, and Rufus Shinra, the new CEO of the Shinra Company, presumed dead, Professor Hojo takes over the Sister Ray cannon and Cloud's party storms Midgar to stop him. Rude, Reno and Elena intercept Cloud and his friends in the Midgar sewers, but are no longer committed and Cloud has a chance of refusing to fight them.

Although not shown in Final Fantasy VII, Reno and Rude helped evacuate Midgar during Meteorfall. Reno oversaw the evacuation of Sector 4, while Rude cleared Sector 2 and Elena cleared Sector 3. Moving to clear Sector 5 together with Tseng, the four were met and assisted by the previous Turks from Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- and their former leader Veld.

Geostigma crisisEdit



As depicted in Advent Children, following Meteorfall, Reno and the other Turks remain in the employ of Rufus to help him atone for Shinra Company's actions against the planet. Tseng and Elena are presumed dead after being attacked by the remnants of Sephiroth while extracting Jenova's remains from the Northern Cave. Rude and Reno bring the parcel to Rufus and serve as his bodyguards while at the Healen Lodge where they attempt to recruit Cloud who refuses. Kadaj arrives sometime later to abduct Rufus and defeats the two Turks. Reno and Rude make their way to Edge where they fight Yazoo and Loz to protect the children from the ensuing chaos before aiding Cloud in getting Kadaj after Rufus is rescued and out of harm's way.

Remake continuityEdit

Rude from FFVII Remake

Rude confronting Cloud and Aerith. in Sector 5.

Rude meets Cloud in he Sector 5 slums on his mission to capture Aerith for Shinra, and also to avenge Reno's defeat at the Sector 5 Church. Cloud and Aerith spot him from afar and steer clear of him, only for him to intercept them on their way to Aerith's house. Though Aerith asserts that Rude is not a bad person, they fight until Rude is called back by Reno for an assignment. Rude warns Aerith to stay home.

Reno and Rude's new assignment is causing the collapse of Sector 7, Rude covertly keeping Reno from using the helicopter's gun turrets on Tifa when his partner attempts to gun Cloud down as Avalanche tries to protect the pillar from them. When Reno fights Cloud's group after starting the plate separation procedure, Rude offers support from the helicopter before joining the fight after the copter is downed. Rude and Reno evacuate on a Shinra medical helicopter while the pillar separates from the plate, which comes crashing down, and Cloud, Tifa and Barret escape on a zip wire.

Turks Office in the Shinra Building from FFVII Remake

Turks' office in the Shinra Building.

Rude and a badly battered Reno return to the Shinra Building where they meet with Tseng and talk about the questionable morality of their actions in dropping the plate and capturing Aerith. The others tell Reno to take time off, but he refuses. When a call from Rufus comes Reno and Rude head out to get him on helicopter, and when they return to the Shinra Building they down the helicopter sent by Avalanche HQ to rescue Cloud and his friends to the top of the building. Rufus alights alone and fights Cloud, but soon flees on Rude and Reno's helicopter.

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Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Rude can be fought four times, but only battle is set. The rare Ziedrich armor can be stolen from Rude during the later encounters.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeEdit

Rude is fought twice, once in the Sector 5 Slums near Aerith's house, and again at the Sector 7 Slums Tower, alongside Reno. In the second fight he'll avoid attacking Tifa directly, and will try to instead incapacitate her while doing minimal damage.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit


Rude is fought in the Training Mode.

Other appearancesEdit

Rude appears in the following Final Fantasy media:

Behind the scenesEdit

During the making of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the animators noted Rude was the easiest character to animate due to his baldness and minimal facial expressions resulting from Rude's sunglasses and character, although the animators did animate his eyes behind the sunglasses in case fans caught a glimpse of them in some scenes.[citation needed]


Rude is voiced by Taiten Kusunoki in the Japanese versions of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

He is voiced by Crispin Freeman in the English versions of Crisis Core and Advent Children.



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