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A member of the Turks—a special task force within Shinra's General Affairs Division. Rude is an intimidating presence with his shaved head, sunglasses and massive frame. He speaks only when absolutely necessary and prefers to use his bare fists and physical prowess to subdue his enemies.

Rude is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He is an antagonist in Final Fantasy VII, with an expanded role in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Rude is a playable protagonist in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, and also appears in numerous entries of its extended universe as a supporting character, including Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Rude is an elite member of the Shinra Electric Power Company's special task force, the Turks, led by Tseng. He often teams up on missions with his contrasting partner and best friend, Reno. Rude is taciturn, serious, and diligent, executing his missions silently and efficiently. Despite his intimidating air, he is sincere and deeply compassionate.

Rude fights with his fists in a style complimenting his strength. He is a recurring boss throughout the series, fought in Final Fantasy VII, the training mode in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, and Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Original continuity[]

Avalanche Insurgency and Genesis War[]

Rude in Sector 8 from Crisis Core Reunion

Rude defends Sector 8.

In "Proof of a Scar Filled Existence" of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Rude and Reno recruited SOLDIER candidates worldwide, detaining some in Costa del Sol, including Azul. Rude subdued Azul after he defeated everyone and was later knocked out by Avalanche and Shears, who freed the prisoners. After securing them, Rude and Reno defeated Shears, who praised their teamwork.[2] In "Special Episode: Reno", Reno and Rude later investigated Hollander's theft of Shinra research documents related to mass SOLDIER desertions. They later defended Sector 8 with Cissnei when Genesis Rhapsodos's army attacked Midgar.[3] During chapter 3 of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Rude encountered Zack Fair, reassured him about Cissnei, and informed Tseng about SOLDIER's difficulties before resuming pursuit of Hollander with Reno. They were impeded by Genesis copies and Hollander escaped.[4]

In "This Night in an Untainted World" of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Rude declined Reno's invitations to go out and was secretly dating Chelsea. Reno worried she was an Avalanche spy, learned the truth, and later saved her from Avalanche. Rude shyly waited for her, where Reno delivered the sad news and advised against seeing her. Rude suspected her true identity but found comfort in his colleagues' support.[5] A few months later, in "One Step Further Toward Uncertainty", the Turks awaited news about their new director following Verdot's demotion. Heidegger assumed command and dispatched them to Junon to monitor for Avalanche. A despairing Rude fought an overwhelming Avalanche force until Verdot's orders renewed his hope.[6]

Rude and Reno were tasked by Tseng to rescue survivors following Sephiroth's destruction of Nibelheim during "The Scar that Sunders the Calm".[7] In "The Muddy Course of Inexorable Fate", The Turks responded to Avalanche's return and aimed to reclaim the Corel reactor. Rude, Reno, and Tseng unexpectedly encountered Rufus Shinra. Verdot exposed and arrested Rufus for controlling Avalanche, and the Turks urged him to save his daughter Elfe, but they were soon surrounded. They protected and escorted Rufus to safety, and rescued an injured colleague from the bombed reactor.[8]

Reno and Rude search for Zack and Cloud from Crisis Core Reunion

Rude and Reno search for Zack and Cloud.

Reno assisted in the search for escaped fugitives Zack and Cloud Strife, pursuing them by helicopter with Emma during Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-.[9] A year later, in chapter 10 of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Rude and Reno scouted the Midgar Wasteland by helicopter, hoping to locate them before the Shinra army. Rude encouraged a doubtful Reno, mentioned that Tseng had something to give Zack, reported they found nothing to Cissnei and relocated. Despite their efforts, Zack was killed.[10]

Years later, in "The Consequences of Our Choices" of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Tseng informed the Turks of their decision to defy orders and assist Verdot and Elfe.[11] Rude, Reno, and Tseng devised a plan to rescue Verdot in "The Threat that Pierces the Heavens", obtaining his location from Rufus at a cost. They navigated the Midgar dump, barely persevering against strong mechs, and ultimately succeeded in rescuing Verdot.[12] In "Veering Wildly Towards an Unstoppable End", the three reunited Verdot with Elfe but found themselves surrounded by Shinra troops. Rude reacted furiously upon hearing their terms, proudly fought against them, and devastatingly witnessed Tseng "assassinate" Verdot and Elfe.[13] Tseng drove off, leaving a horrified Rude and Reno behind in "The Concerto: Played Out to its Straining Point". The pair helplessly watched their colleagues defeat Zirconiade and pondered their fates. A few months later, Scarlet proposed disbanding and executing the Turks, but Rufus opposed, acknowledging their loyalty. The Turks responded to an emergency at Mako Reactor 1, resuming their duties with gratitude and pride.[14]

Midgar operations and pursuit of Sephiroth[]

During "Storming the Shinra Building" in Final Fantasy VII, Rude served as President Shinra's bodyguard. When Cloud's party tried to escape with Aerith Gainsborough, Rude intercepted them in the elevator and prevented them from harassing the president further.[15] Sometime after the president's death, the Turks were assigned by Rufus to track Sephiroth and locate Jenova.[16]

During "Going After Sephiroth", Rude, Tseng, and Elena traversed the Mythril Mine to Junon, where they encountered Cloud's party. Rude struggled to explain the Turks' duties, prompting Elena to step in. After a chat with Tseng, Rude warned Cloud that Reno wanted a rematch once his injuries healed.[16] In "The Stowaway Strategy" Rude and his comrades relaxed at a Shinra bar in Upper Junon during Rufus's inauguration ceremony. While drunk, he instigated a brawl with a disguised Cloud.[17] In Gongaga, during "Gongaga, the Village of Sadness", Rude gossiped with Reno about who they liked and admitted his crush on Tifa Lockhart before facing Cloud's party.[18]

Rude, Reno, and Elena vacationed in Wutai on a mission to find Don Corneo in "Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter". Rude and Reno drank together, ignored Cloud's party, and Elena left. Rude and Reno later formed a temporary truce with Cloud's party to rescue captives Elena and Yuffie Kisaragi from Corneo. After Reno stunned Corneo, Rude attacked, causing him to fall. Disregarding a call from Tseng to find Cloud, Rude questioned their status, and Reno confirmed they were off-duty.[19] At some point in "Secret Date", the Turks were stranded at the Gold Saucer due to a ropeway malfunction. Rude was captivated by the beautiful nighttime view and longed to see it with someone special.[20]

During Meteorfall, in "Toward the Sea of Stars", Rude oversaw the launch and guarded Shinra No. 26 to prevent Cloud's party from boarding the rocket and securing the huge materia, but was defeated.[21] Rude and his comrades returned to Midgar in "Mako Cannon Rampage" and were determined to stop Cloud's party, confronting them in the Corkscrew Tunnel as they headed for the Sister Ray.[22] Sometime later, in "Feelings from the Heart of Every Place", Rude and Reno retrieved weapons and materia from the Relnikha to oppose Sephiroth and battled Cloud's party.[23]

In "Episode: Shinra" of Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, Rude and Reno reflected on their Turk days and worried about a missing Rufus, but were happy Tseng survived. They rescued Rufus from the ruined president's office, Reno sent Rude to get a rescue team, and he hid upon seeing Tifa. After moving to Kalm, Tseng directed his subordinates to evacuate Midgar. Rude led the evacuation of Sector 2 and regrouped with the other Turks in Sector 5, continuing their efforts in the epilogue of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-.[24] Amidst Meteor and Holy's clash in "Episode Shinra" of Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, Rude and Reno retrieved a toolbox from the Shinra Building and sheltered in a restroom, bantering and reflecting on their partnership before heading outside, fascinated by the lifestream storm.[25]


The day after Meteor's destruction, Rufus met with the Turks to discuss their future and they agreed to continue their service. He tasked them with assessing Midgar's situation, assigning Rude and Reno to gather allies. Rude visited the Shinra Building with Reno, watched him post evacuation directions and close Shinra, and silently observed the unhappy and ailing civilians. The pair returned to Kalm on foot to conserve fuel and Rude suggested they secure vehicles and weapons in Sector 5 the next day. They arrived to find refugees in their home, Rude noticed they were ill, and discovered Rufus was missing, prompting a frantic but unsuccessful search.[25]

Reno reported the Junon Army's control of the main office, leading Rude and him to secure weapons in Sector 5. They discovered opened warehouses where civilians gathered Shinra tools and machinery. Rude was concerned, the pair peacefully addressed the crowd, learned Kylegate was leading efforts to build a new town, and Rude stressed rationing fuel. After changing passkeys for security, Tseng and Elena aided them that night, and the Turks rested. The next morning, Verdot's report on Kylegate's plans to govern a new town and Rufus's capture in Kalm prompted urgent action. They arrived to find panicked refugees fleeing Kylegate's burning mansion but found no sign of Rufus.[25]

Rude and Reno, on lookout duty at the Shinra Building, encountered Kilmister holding a letter from Rufus requesting more stimulants. They doubted him and told him to return the next day. Rude trailed Kilmister while Reno reported to Tseng, confirming the note's authenticity. The Turks reluctantly complied with Kilmister's demands due to his information on Rufus, providing stimulants and establishing him a clinic at Cliff Resort. Kilmister eventually led the Turks to Rufus and they saved him from a flooded cave. Reno later expressed concern about Tseng's kindness towards Kilmister and the disease's impact, leading to uplifting banter and spar training initiated by Rude. The Turks eventually uncovered the origins of the disease, now known as Geostigma, its ties to Jenova, how symptoms worsen with lost hope, and also unraveled the truth behind Kilmister's death. Sometime after, Rude and Reno repainted the resort's sign to "Healen Lodge", questioning the change, and Rufus explained it symbolized healing the world.[25]

New Shinra era[]

LBT - Reno and Rude

Rude and Reno continue teaming up after Shinra's fall.

In Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story, Rude spent two years at Healen Lodge alongside his companions and Rufus, continuing his duties as a Turk. Rude and Reno were later tasked to track down Fabio Braun, who had stolen medicine from the lodge. However, they raided Evan Townshend's home in Sector 6, mistaking him for Fabio, and assaulted him. Rude restrained Evan until Reno recognized his innocence and released him. After Reno apologized, Rude mentioned that their intention was to scare Evan. He then asked Evan if he knew they were Turks and wondered if they punished him enough. After learning about Evan's dead parents, Rude and Reno departed.[26]

Rude waited outside Mireille Detective Agency for Evan and Kyrie Canaan, intending to take them to Healen Lodge. Despite their surprise attack, Rude gained control, though Kyrie sustained an injury. He was surprised by Kyrie's accusations of harassment but eventually let them go. As they traveled to Healen Lodge, Rude dozed off but was awakened by Reno, who instructed him to relay information about Evan's mother to Rufus. Kyrie later showed them a photo of missing SOLDIER Goulde Aarde, Reno recognized it, attempting to show Rude, who recognized Nibelheim upon waking up. Upon arrival, Rude and Reno escorted Evan and Kyrie to the main lodge. Rude watched the rear and restrained a thrashing Kyrie by grabbing her arm. During Thropp's interrogation by Elena, the lodge was bombed by Throp's friends Fabio, Doyle, and Keough on a rescue mission. Rufus directed the Turks, sending Rude to the resort's entrance. Rude attacked Fabio from behind as he shot at Reno. Despite Fabio's attempt to retaliate, he was out of ammunition. The attackers ran for their car, but were cornered until Evan held Rufus at knifepoint and bargained for Fabio's friends' freedom. The Turks stood down, allowing the attackers to flee and Rufus tasked a reluctant Rude and Reno with assessing the lab's condition afterward.[26]

Rude and Reno observed Evan driving a car, unable to reach Tseng or Elena. They discussed Evan and Rufus being brothers. Rude found Reno’s meddling annoying, feeling they only needed companions. They felt like outcasts compared to Tseng, Rufus, and Elena, with Rude considering himself a "cold, ruthless Turk" prompting Reno to express their reliance on each other. The pair followed Evan back to Edge and Rude cracked his neck and scowled as Evan passed the monument. As Reno fixed up the monument, Rude examined the back wheel on Evan's car and noticed a loose nut. Rude tightened it with a wrench Reno handed him, not wanting a heavy conscience if Evan fatally crashed. The pair agreed that Evan and Kyrie were troublesome and reckless. When Kyrie arrived with questions about Evan's disappearance, Rude let Reno handle her inquiries. Rude watched their conversation and laughed as Reno found himself entangled in Evan and Kyrie's romantic disputes. He compared Kyrie to Aerith.[26]

Rude was instructed by Tseng to repair a helicopter in Midgar and Reno joined him. They were excited about the mission to search for Jenova. Rude asked Tseng what Rufus's plans for Jenova were and was told she belonged to Shinra and needed to be disposed of. After Reno heard an eavesdropper and returned to the monument, Rude continued repairs and guarded the helicopter. He kept watch and left the warehouse door open to lure in the eavesdropper. Upon going outside and scanning his surroundings, Keough and Fabio tossed a bomb at him, but he threw it back, resulting in their deaths. Rude then reported the incident to Reno. The pair later flew to Under Junon, found Evan's burnt-out car near a machine gun in the wasteland, and reported to Tseng. They eventually found Evan, Rude thought Evan felt guilty, and Reno explained Fabio's attempt at stealing their helicopter. They picked him up, headed for Junon, and Rude noticed Nanaki below but they refused Evan's request to talk with him. Once there, Evan and Kyrie ran away, Elena shot him, and Rude carried him to a clinic. Tseng volunteered to take Evan to Nibelheim to look into his parents per Reno's suggestion, leaving Rude and Reno with duties in Junon.[26]

Rude and Reno were bored awaiting updates from their scattered allies until Doyle and Leslie Kyle arrived. Rude assessed Leslie as potentially violent and they exchanged glares. The four decided to pursue Evan to Nibelheim, where Rude restrained a violent Reno during an encounter with Goulde. Before departing, Rude pointed out signs of another helicopter landing, briefly ignoring Reno. Rushing to a blazing Icicle Inn, Rude joined Tseng and Elena against Kadaj, observing Elena's struggles to pilot the other helicopter. When Reno asked about Rude's feelings, he stayed focused on the mission but expressed his dislike for Evan and fondness for Kyrie. As they continued attacking Kadaj, Leslie assumed control of a gun and ordered Rude to descend. Rude complied but rebuffed Leslie's command, asserting "amateurs don’t give orders". As Kadaj struck the windshield and persisted in his assault, Rude maneuvered to eject Doyle and Leslie, then leaped out with Reno before Tseng destroyed the helicopter with a missile. Afterward, Tseng and Elena brought Rude back to Healen Lodge to retrieve the other helicopter, and he returned to transport Reno, Doyle, and Leslie back to Under Junon. Upon their return to Edge, they found the monument mostly finished, thanked the volunteers, and said goodbye to Evan and Kyrie.[26]

Geostigma crisis[]

FF7AC Rude & Reno

Rude and Reno fight the Remnants of Sephiroth together.

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Reno and Rude piloted a helicopter over the Northern Crater as Tseng and Elena searched for Jenova's head. They retrieved the head, but were ambushed by Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo, who forced their retreat. They brought the head to Rufus at Healen Lodge and were later defeated by Kadaj during his assault on the lodge. Rude and Reno returned to Midgar, later transporting an unconscious Tifa and Cloud from the Sector 5 slums church to 7th Heaven after a battle with Loz. The pair informed Cloud about the missing children upon his awakening.[27]

As Kadaj's gang attacked Edge and summoned Bahamut SIN, Rude and Reno attempted to contain the situation, rescuing unconscious children under Jenova's influence before being knocked down by Bahamut SIN's projectiles. They battled with Loz and Yazoo despite their disadvantage and managed to survive. During the pursuit of Kadaj's gang, Rude provided air support for Cloud and survived their bomb's detonation. After the Remnants of Sephiroth were eliminated, Rude witnessed Rufus healing from Geostigma.[27]

Remake continuity[]

Midgar operations[]

Rude from FFVII Remake

Rude confronts Cloud and Aerith in the Sector 5 slums.

Rude, accompanied by Reno and a squad of Shinra troops, traveled by helicopter to the Sector 5 slums to capture Aerith for Shinra in "Budding Bodyguard". He ordered his troops to scout the area and proceeded to Aerith's house. Along Petal Lane, Rude greeted and intercepted Cloud and Aerith, noticing Cloud's mako eyes matched the description of Reno's assailant. Despite Aerith's pleas to avoid fighting, Rude asserted his duty, he was not bad, and it was nothing personal before attacking. Their fight ended abruptly when Reno called about a new assignment related to Sector 7. As Rude left by helicopter, he advised Aerith to stay home and was flustered by her mockingly refusing.[28]

Reno and Rude atop the Sector 7 pillar from FFVII Remake

Rude and Reno battle Cloud's party atop the Sector 7 pillar.

Rude and Reno were ordered by Tseng to drop the Sector 7 plate and destroy Avalanche in "Haunted". Rude emphasized to a troubled Reno the need to maintain public order. After receiving the separation code, they engaged the local militia defending the Sector 7 pillar and were sent reinforcements.[29] Rude piloted the helicopter while Reno manned the gun as they continued their aerial assault in "Fight for Survival". Reno fired at Cloud upon seeing him, but Rude veered sideways when Tifa joined him, claiming his "hand slipped" to an annoyed Reno. When Reno battled Cloud's party atop the pillar, Rude provided air support until being shot down. A dismayed Reno briefly thought Rude died and picked up his broken sunglasses, but Rude emerged from the fiery wreckage, reassuring Reno he had intended to join him. The pair were ultimately defeated, but the Whispers intervened, enabling Rude to reluctantly knock out Tifa, input the separation code, rescue an injured Reno, and escape via medical helicopter.[30]

Turks Office in the Shinra Building from FFVII Remake

The Turks meet following the Sector 7 plate drop.

Rude and a recovering Reno were in the Turks' office with Tseng during "The Belly of the Beast". Rude questioned the necessity behind dropping the plate and was bothered by Tseng's cold attempts to justify their actions. Their discussion ended when Rufus summoned them.[31] In "Deliverance from Chaos", Rude and Reno piloted a helicopter, destroying an Avalanche HQ helicopter meant to extract Cloud's party, and flew Rufus to safety after his duel with Cloud.[32] Tseng later informed Rufus that Rude and Reno were on standby awaiting orders in "Destiny's Crossroads", and Rufus had them brought in.[33]

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FF7 Remake Rude Render

Rude's close-up render from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Rude is a tall man with a well-trained figure, tan skin, a shaved head, hazel eyes, and a goatee. He had a clean shaven face when he was younger. Rude wears the standard Turks uniform consisting of a slim-fit dark blue or black suit ensemble. He wears a black tie and white dress shirt in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and a black tie with faintly silver patterns, a dark purple dress shirt, black leather gloves, and studded black ankle boots in the Final Fantasy VII remake project. Rude always sports sunglasses and keeps spare pairs in case they break. He also wears three silver rings on his left ear and a silver ring and sapphire stud on his right ear.


No, I'm not bad. But like it or not... I sometimes have to do bad things. Don't take it personal.

Rude is a taciturn and blunt man of few words, only speaking when necessary.[34][35] He is sensible and prefers to think before taking action.[36] He is a hard-working and proud Turk, executing his assignments silently and professionally.[37][35] However, he also shares a casual work ethic with his partner Reno, but to a lesser extent.[19] Though he has an intimidating presence, Rude is sincere, deeply compassionate, and loyal.[37][36] He cares for his companions above all else and finds it painful to imagine life without the Turks.[35][25] He respects Tseng as his leader and was happy he survived, but sometimes disagrees with his cold tact.[25][35] He values Elena and briefly partners with her during Reno's recovery leave, but she dislikes his approach to work.[16][19] Rude is also friends with Cissnei and helped her regain a sense of trust upon joining the Turks.[38]


CG render of Rude, Reno, and Rufus from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Despite Rude's faithful dedication to his duties, he feels guilty about their more sinister missions and admits to sometimes having to do bad things, but even Aerith knows he is not inherently bad.[28] After the Sector 7 plate collapsed, he wondered if the order was really necessary.[31] Rude is also a hopeless romantic and has a secret crush on his adversary Tifa, but maintains his professionalism around her and refuses to seriously harm her.[34][39] Though their introductions were rough, Rude eventually comes to care for and help look after Evan and Kyrie.[26]

Rude is best friends and a longtime partner to Reno.[39] Despite their differing personalities, they get along well and often collaborate on missions, making a good team in perfect sync.[36][35] Rude and Reno like spending time with each other and are constantly chatting, bantering, drinking, gossiping, and training together.[37][18][19][25][26] The pair express their true feelings and confide in one another.[29][35] Rude and Reno care deeply for each other, evident in moments like Rude's fight with Cloud after he beat up Reno in Sector 5,[28] Reno's momentary belief that Rude died when his helicopter was downed in Sector 7, and Rude's rescue of an injured Reno before the plate collapse.[30] During Meteorfall, they sheltered together, reflected on their partnership,[25] and continued working together, acting as Rufus's retainers.[27][26] Rude and Reno also mumble each other's names when asleep.[39]


Rude is considered an elite operative in the Turks.[26] He is a strong fighter, preferring to use his bare fists in a hand-to-hand style that takes advantage of his massive frame and physical prowess.[35] He is a skilled pilot with impressive marksmanship and sniping skills.[37][29][32][35] Rude is also a competent mechanic, able to easily repair helicopters and work on cars.[27][26]


Final Fantasy VII[]

Rude can be fought four times, but only battle is set. The rare Ziedrich armor can be stolen from Rude during the later encounters.

Final Fantasy VII remake project[]

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Rude is fought twice, once in the Sector 5 Slums near Aerith's house in chapter 8, "Budding Bodyguard", and again at the Sector 7 Slums tower, alongside Reno, in chapter 12, "Fight for Survival". In the first fight, he will avoid attacking Aerith directly, and will try to instead incapacitate her while doing minimal damage; in the second fight, he will do the same to Tifa. Like in the original, the player can steal an armor piece from him.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth[]

Rude is fought three more times, the first two battles being alongside Elena and the third battle being alongside Reno once more.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Rude is fought in the Training Mode.

Other appearances[]

Rude appears in the following Final Fantasy media:

Though Rude appears in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, he is not fought as a boss, and cannot be spoken to. Reno does appear in a few of Tseng and Cissnei's Digital Mind Wave flashbacks.

Musical themes[]

Rude does not have a character theme in the original Final Fantasy VII. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rude has two music pieces associated with him. Rude's boss battle theme, named "The Turks: Rude", borrows elements from the "Turks' Theme" and "The Turks: Reno", and plays during his fight with Cloud. Another musical piece, named "Rude Arrives", plays during the cutscene where he lands in the Sector 5 slums. Both pieces are on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack Plus.

Behind the scenes[]


Rude in Advent Children.

During the making of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the animators noted Rude was the easiest character to animate due to his baldness and minimal facial expressions resulting from Rude's sunglasses and character, although the animators did animate his eyes behind the sunglasses in case fans caught a glimpse of them in some scenes.[citation needed]

Because Rude avoided harming Tifa during battles in Final Fantasy VII, it was decided that he wouldn't actively attack any women in Final Fantasy VII Remake—neither Aerith nor Tifa. Because battles wouldn't work if he didn't attack the two at all, he was made less aggressive, putting them to sleep instead of attacking them.[40] If the player casts Sleep Sleep on Rude, he mutters Reno's name in his sleep. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Cloud, Tifa and Barret briefly team up to take on a group of enemies in the Temple of the Ancients. In a cutscene afterwards, Rude fends off a frog that was coming at Tifa. She thanks him and Reno tells them to "get a room."


Rude is voiced by Taiten Kusunoki in every Japanese release of the Final Fantasy VII series. He is voiced by Crispin Freeman in the English releases of Compilation of Final Fantasy VII entries and William Christopher Stevens in the Final Fantasy VII remake project.


Rude was released as a Play Arts figure.


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