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A Ruby of Grief.

They're manifestations of the remorse and sadness left by the unlucky souls who disappeared into the paradox. The orbs resonate with the powerful emotions sealed inside.

Noel Kreiss describing Rubies of Grief in his narration, Yaschas Massif 100 AF.

A Ruby of Grief (クリムゾンオーブ, Kurimuzon'ōbu?, lit. Crimson Orb) is an object from Final Fantasy XIII-2, found only in the Yaschas Massif. The Rubies of Grief appeared when people started to fall victim to the paradox effect and the strong emotions that were left over caused the Rubies to manifest as large, crimson spheres. When a person is close enough to a Ruby, he can hear a distorted sound.

List of victims[]

Note: This is list of how the Rubies of Grief are unlocked in the game.

Karl – 100 AF[]

I'm Karl. This is the last place I was alive. I don't have any regrets—my life was pretty fantastic. I had a lovely wife and daughter. I loved my job, and I died doing what I was passionate about. It was just so unexpected. You know, I have this daily ritual where I come to work and the first thing I do is look at my daughter's picture. But that day, the paradox swallowed me up before I could do so.

Requesting help.

Marie – 110 AF[]

Oh, evil paradox! Where did you take Millie? This is her sister, and I'm worried sick about her! It's all my fault. I can't believe I left her alone after our stupid argument. She must be furious! I need to see her again so I can apologize. But I don't know if I can or ever will. I've become a victim of this mishap, too. I feel so guilty, so responsible. If only I'd been able to find the keepsake she was looking for.

Requesting help.

What? You have something from my sister? A wedding present for me? How can that be? She knew she was in danger, but she put my happiness first up until the very end. Thank you so much. There is nothing more I can ask for. I know I'll be able to see her again, somewhere, somehow.

Completed request.

Abraham – 110 AF[]

Anyone... Can anyone hear me? I have a message. The searchlights aren't wired correctly. If this isn't dealt with immediately, it could lead to a horrible accident. I'm Abraham. I used to be the technician in charge. Unfortunately, I disappeared before I could teach anyone how to do what I do. The current guy in charge isn't doing things by the book. Someone needs to tell him about his mistake.

Requesting help.


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Arriving at the city of Paddra between the years 100 and 110 AF, Serah, Noel and Mog learn of a phenomenon whereby people are being sucked into a local paradox, with their last thoughts and emotions manifesting as red orbs who whisper to those nearby: they are eventually given the name "Rubies of Grief" by the Academy workers who look after and investigate the Paddraean ruins. Eventually it is revealed that long ago, the city of Paddra was threatened by a beast that consumed time itself. The seeress Yeul broke the law of the Farseers by using her powers to distort the timeline and seal the monster away in the Void Beyond.

Serah resolves to help release the victims from their burdens. Each time Serah and Noel fulfill the wishes of one of the victims, they are released from their burdens and the Rubies vanish. Along with this, the pair enter time distortions springing up in the area and resolve parts of the general paradox. The last of the Rubies is revealed to belong to the incarnation of Yeul that created the paradox. After the monster is found and defeated, the paradox is resolves and Yeul's ruby vanishes.

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A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide). It is the birthstone for July.

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