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The Ruby's Tentacle is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII. A set of two Ruby's Tentacle enemies appear in the Ruby Weapon boss fight. They do not appear at the start and appear behind the players when Ruby Weapon chooses to.



# Formation
982 Ruby Weapon, Ruby's Tentacle A, Ruby's Tentacle B (Attack from both sides)
983 Ruby Weapon, Ruby's Tentacle A, Ruby's Tentacle B (Attack from both sides)


Gold Saucer Area
Corel Desert (fixed) 982


The attacks of the tentacles are controlled by Ruby Weapon, so attacks from them are counted as Ruby Weapon's. Despite never actually getting a turn, the Tentacles have a Dexterity stat of 253, the highest in the game (shared with the main Ruby Weapon's body). When Ruby Weapon has a tentacle out, it cannot use certain attacks because its arms are occupied.


As the player cannot target Ruby Weapon and its tentacles at the same time, they cannot be taken out at simultaneously. Ruby Weapon can summon forth the tentacles infinitely throughout the battle, even if they have been destroyed. They are not as big of a threat as Ruby itself, and the player should concentrate his or her efforts on the Weapon, as the battle ends when it's destroyed.

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