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Rubrum Region, at the entrance to Akademeia.

Rubrum Region (ルブルム地方, Ruburumu Chihō?) is an area in the world of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0, south of Togoreth Region. It is the area of Dominion of Rubrum. The area is mostly grassy plains and forests, with some towns scattered here and there.


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Akademeia and the Vermilion Peristylium therein are located in Rubrum Region. Before the Dominion of Rubrum was officially formed, Rubrum was but one of the areas sharing similar ideological principles, alongside the areas of Togoreth, Iscah and Eibon. After Akademeia was attacked by monsters, and the attack only quelled by the Vermilion Bird Crystal's l'Cie, Akademeia was established as the official seat of power uniting the areas of Rubrum, Togoreth, Iscah and Eibon as the Dominion of Rubrum, with the dominion being named after the Rubrum Region as Akademeia was situated in this area.

The Militesi Empire invades Rubrum Region after Cid Aulstyne breaks the Pax Codex and deploys l'Cie to war. The third and final phase of the initial campaign involved deploying a fleet of dreadnoughts to infiltrate the dominion's central and eastern regions. The empire had to transport personnel and MAs via airship and anticipated an unrelenting local resistance, but the Rubrum legionaries fled to defending Akademeia from capture, and the empire took over the central and eastern regions of the dominion unimpeded.

Dominion Central Command employs the newly conscripted Agito Cadets in the liberation of McTighe, a town on the outskirts of Akademeia, to secure base for offensive operations, test the cadets' skills in the field, and gauge the empire's reaction. The regrouped dominion legions establish a base of operations at McTighe, and initiate a large-scale offensive to reclaim the Rubrum Region by deploying the recently conscripted cadets.

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Akademeia is the capital of Rubrum and is the magic academy for training Agito Cadets. Class Zero makes their home here. Akademeia is built like a fortress located on an island and is connected to the mainland via a bridge.


McTighe is a small town near Akademeia. It was invaded by Militesi Empire but soon liberated by Class Zero.


Aqvi is a town liberated by Class Zero and Dominion of Rubrum.


Corsi is a town liberated by Class Zero during Operation Reconquista.

Corsi Cave[]

Corsi Cave is a cave on the side of a plateau, east of Corsi.



In this RTS quest partially taking place on the overworld map Class Zero must help liberate the towns of Aqvi and Corsi from empire rule.


The enemies in this area are between levels 10-32. There are no battles on the beach areas.



Musical themes[]

"The Earth Under Our Feet" (踏みしめる大地, Fumishimeru Daichi?, lit. Stepping Firmly on the Ground) is the world map theme for Dominion of Rubrum territory, and uses a grand, orchestral variation of the "Chocobo Theme."


Rubrum is Latin for "(the) red".