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Marshal Aulstyne in Historical Personae.

This article contains all the Historical Personae entries from Final Fantasy Type-0.

Historical Personae[]

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Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform

[Machina Kunagiri]

Male, 17
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Weapon: Twin Rapiers

Rem's childhood friend and one of the newest
members of Class Zero, Machina is easily one of the
most talented cadets in all of the Akademeia. He holds
himself to extremely high standards. Although this
makes him appear standoffish at times, talking to
him reveals he is, in actuality, a friendly but serious
star pupil.

[Severed From Their Crystal's Blessing]

During the Militesi assault on Akademeia, the
imperial forces deployed two crystal jammers to
suppress the dominion's magic: one aboard a
dreadnought, and another built into a magitek armor.
Severed from their Crystal's blessing, Rubrum's
cadets, legionaries, and l'Cie were left all but

But when the l'Cie Qun'mi stepped out of her MA to
engage dominion legionaries hand-on-hand, Class
Zero destroyed the jammer aboard the imperial
dreadnought, temporarily restoring the use of magic
and creating an opportunity for cadets like Machina
and Rem to launch a counteroffensive.

Realizing the danger of the situation, Qun'mi quickly
returned to her MA and reactivated the second
jammer, but it was too late. Class Zero arrived on
the scene and mage quick work of the device,
destroying Qun'mi's MA in the process and foiling the
empire's campaign to capture Akademeia.

[Childhood Friend]

Having grown up in the same village, Machina and
Rem had been close friends for most of their lives,
but life eventually led them in different directions.
One year ago, however, their paths converged,
and the two found each other once again by pure

Before war broke out in Orience, Agito Cadets would
often train by participating in combat simulations
against their classmates. During an experimental
inter-class drill, Machina and Rem were selected as
representatives for their respective classes. Neither
one could hide the surprise they both felt at seeing
their childhood friend for the first time in seven
years—and having to square off in combat, at that.

From that day forth, the two picked up right where
they left off, spending time together before and after
their lectures. And although Machina and Rem were
initially assigned to different classes, fate brought
them one step closer when the administration
transferred both of them to Class Zero.

[Machina's Brotherly Bonds and Feelings for Rem]

Having lost his only remaining relative in the
dominion liberation campaign, Machina was
completely alone—or so he thought. Even though
losing one's memories of the dead is one of the
natural laws in Orience, Machina was terrified that he
could remember nothing about the brother he loved
so dearly. In his desperation, he began searching for
as much information about Izana as he could find.

His seven-year reunion with Rem only served to
exacerbate these feelings of frustration. As his
childhood friend, Rem was the only sould left in the
world who could bear witness to his existence. The
thought of losing her—of forgetting all about
her—was too much for him to bear.

Machina thus vowed to protect Rem at all costs. His
desperation, however, would drive him to take
drastic measures...

[Machina's l'Cie Stone]

My Focus was... The Crystal told me to stop the
Vermilion Bird l'Cie, to stop...Rem? No, but I...was
supposed to protect her. All I wanted to do was
protect Rem... How could I let this happen to her?
Why did I listen to the Crystal? And why did the
Crystal sound so much like Cid Aulstyne? ...That
doesn't matter now! I have to save Rem! Someone!
Please, help her! Please...

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform

[Rem Tokimiya]

Female, 17
Height: 5'3" (160cm)
Weapon: Twin Daggers

This well-mannered and kind-hearted girl recently
transferred into Class Zero from Class Seventh. Rem
is a terrible liar—even though she insists otherwise:
try as she may, she is absolutely unable to fool her
closest friends. Friends since childhood, she and
Machina maintain a playful academic rivalry. (To
date, she has outperformed him on all written

[Cadets Clad in Crimson Capes]

Students begin their life at Akademeia as trainees.
Those deemed as having potential are promoted to
Agito Cadet and train to become saviors of Orience.
Cadets also receive a number of enticing freedoms
and privileges, so trainees are encouraged to strive
for excellence. The administration then divides the
cadets among Classes First through Twelfth in order
to better hone their skills, and each class is
distinguished by color. For example, before they
transferred, Machina wore indigo with Class Second,
and Rem used to don a pink cape in Class Seventh.

However, though the efforts of Dr. Arecia
Al-Rashia, Sorcery managed to create a special
team of cadets outside of the class framework at
Akademeia. This elite group, known as Class Zero,
wears crimson capes to symbolize the Vermilion Bird
that defends the dominion. Legend has it that
several Classes Zero have existed in Akademeia's
past, but no records exist, and none alive today
possess any firsthand information about such a

Over the course of their training, the current Class
Zero visited Akademeia with Dr. Al-Rashia on two
separate occasions. Although they spent most of
their time at a remote facility away from the main
campus, the twelve members of Class Zero could
not escape the prying eyes of their fellow cadets.
Many students took note of the heretofore unseen
crimson capes, and rumors of a mysterious "new
class" spread like wildfire throughout the school.

[It's...just asthma.]

When she was a little girl, Rem contracted an
incurable illness. Rather than make her friends worry
about something they cannot change, Rem has
decided to keep her condition a secret from
everyone in Class Zero—including Machina.

As it progresses, the disease causes degeneration
and loss of nerve cells inside the brain, ultimately
leading the body to stop functioning. The pain
worsens with every passing day as the patient's
internal organs weaken and gradually shut down.
Rem has only been able to remain active thanks to a
powerful drug with even more powerful side effects.
Hoping not to trouble her friend, though, Rem hide
her pain, instead opting to suffer alone. Although
she doesn't know when her time will run out, she is
determined to use what little time she has left to
serve the Vermilion Bird.

[Memories of Her Childhood]

The town where Rem and Machina grew up lay on
the border between Rubrum and Milites. Throughout
its unique history, the village changed hands
between the dominion and the empire several times.
One day, however, tragedy struck the town, erasing
it from the face of Orience.

On that fateful day eight years ago, a mutant
malboro appeared in Rem and Machina's hometown.
Before long, an epidemic had spread throughout the
town and afflicted countless residents. Although the
village was officially dominion territory at the time,
the empire had laid claim to the town and sent in
several military units to "assess the situation." On
the pretext of "preventing further contamination,"
the imperial forces razed the village, nearly wiping
out the entire population.

Rem and Machina were among the handful of
survivors. Despite having been friend for most of
their lives, the two went off with separate friends
and eventually lost touch until they reunited at
Akademeia seven years later. Rem suffered
unbearable pangs of loss, even though the
memories of her friends and family had already faded
from her mind. As for Machina, he and his brother
had a falling out. Izana was out of the village during
the invasion and thus his life was spared, but his
absence during the crisis created a rift between him
and his little brother.

[Rem's l'Cie Stone]

I couldn't stand staying asleep any longer. I fought
as hard as I was able, but I couldn't seem to open
my eyes. The only thought I had on my mind was
how I longed to see his face again now...and that's
when I heard his voice: "I'm right here," he
whispered. It was then that I finally woke up. I
thought I might still've been dreaming, but I took one
look at his face and knew my dream had become a
reality now. I missed you dearly, Machina...

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Male, 16
DOB: Ter. X, 825
Height: 5'6" (168cm)
Weapon: Cards

In 833 RG, Dr. Al-Rashia took the eight-year-old
Ace under her wing and flew him off to a special
facility at Akademeia. There, she raised him, and he
began a rigorous training program focusing on
combat and magic. Nine years later, Ace joined the
liberation of Rubrum and officially registered as a
Class Zero cadet soon after.

His cool exterior masks a bit of a reckless streak,
but he means well in all he does. In this world where
memories of the dead are erased from the minds of
the living, Ace is one of the few who cam empathize
with those who suffer pangs of loss and shed tears
for the fallen. A rather sensitive boy, Ace
occasionally finds himself humming the song Dr.
Al-Rashia used to sing to him when he was younger.

[Ign. 842—One Day at the Chocobo Ranch...]

Ace and his siblings visited Akademeia twice before
officially registering as cadets, and he found himself
visiting the chocobo ranch on both occasions. When
he was much younger, he rescued a chocobo
chickling that had strayed from its nest.
Unbeknownst to Ace, the chick died shortly
thereafter due to a rare condition, and although he
doesn't remember the incident, his love for
chocobos remains strong to this day.

It was this affinity that drew him to the chocobo
ranch during his preliminary visits to Akademeia.
There, he encountered Izana Kunagiri, an earnest
young soldier in the dominion legions. Having heard
that he and his sibling would be joining the
upcoming anti-imperial counteroffensive, Ace
requested Izana fight at their side—and, after a brief
discussion, Izana accepted.

[Jam This, Milites!]

As the name would imply, the empire's crystal
jammer suppresses the Crystals of rival nations. The
Agito Cadets rely on the Vermilion Bird Crystal as the
source of their magic. Cut off from its blessing, the
cadets are left completely powerless.

Unlike their fellow countrymen, however, the twelve
Class Zero cadets are unaffected by the jammer
because they do not rely upon the Crystal. Sorcery
refuses to disclose information regarding the source
of Class Zero's magic, but rumor has it that their
ability to cast spells at any time stems from their

[An Old Entry from Ace's Journal]

I remember the day I first moved here. They brought
me to some enormous lab and told me it was an
external branch of the Sorcery Division—not like it
made any sense to me at the time. That was the
first time I met other kids my age, other kids who
were allegedly special like me. (They didn't look like
much, but that's what Mother said.)

Up until that point, I had always trained by myself.
According to Mother, the training itself wasn't going
to change—just the number of people involved.
Starting today, she said, the twelve of us would
converge into one. What she said didn't make much
sense to me (what else is new?), but I had no
reason not to trust her, so I decided to follow along.
From that day forth, the twelve of us would live and
learn as one, training to become Agito Cadets.

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Female, 16
DOB: Aqu. VIII, 826
Height: 5'2" (158cm)
Weapon: Flute

The Sorcery Division took Deuce into their custody
when she was a mere seven years old, and quickly
initiated her training. She demonstrated a natural
talent for casting defense magic—a talent she put
to good use in the Rubrum Liberation of 842. She
enrolled in Class Zero not long after the operation.

Warm and welcoming, Deuce is respectful and
understanding toward everyone she meets. However,
she is also quite serious and straightforward, and
her stubborn adherence to what she believes is
occasionally met with frustration.

["Deuce was pretty amazing back there!"]

Normally, Deuce treats everyone she meets with
respect and kindness, making concessions as
necessary to avoid conflict. Once Deuce makes up
her mind, however, absolutely no one can change it.
Strong in her convictions, she refuses to budge
even when confronted with the fiercest of
opposition. Deuce demonstrated unbelievable
resilience in the face of Lady Celestia's vengeful
death threats. She even impressed the snide Sice,
who later quipped, "If there is anyone I know not to
piss off, it's Deuce."

[An Old Entry from Deuce's Diary]

Mother said the twelve of us would converge into
one. I've given it some consideration, and I believe
she's exactly right.

Trey's thirst for knowledge is second to none. Cater
managed to cast her first spell before any of us had
memorized an incantation. For such a cute girl,
Cinque is incredibly strong. Sice can be a bit
abrasive, but she always looks after us. Seven
always maintains her composure. I'm sure Eight
could easily run laps around the rest of us. Nine
always keeps us motivated, and Jack tells the most
hilarious jokes. Queen is ever so intelligent, and King
is our gentle giant. And then there's Ace. He has the
most beautiful singing voice! Oh, I'd simply love to
accompany him on my flute someday.

Every one of us is special, and every one of us is
unique. If we all work together, I just know we can
accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Male, 17
DOB: Pet I, 825
Height: 6'0" (184cm)
Weapon: Bow

Raised at a special facility at Akademeia since the
age of eight, Trey studied the art of combat under
the tutelage of Dr. Al-Rashia herself. He participated
in the liberation of the dominion nine years later, and
joined Class Zero immediately afterward.

Cool, calm and collected inside and out, Trey takes
pains to maintain a pristine image lest someone find
some flaw they might exploit. He is extremely eager
to share his impressive breadth of knowledge with
anyone within earshot. However, Trey's unfortunate
audience usually tires of his endless exposition, and
listeners often cut him off mid-explanation.

[The Nameless Tome 14:7]

As its title would suggest, the Nameless Tome is
composed of epistles of anonymous authorship
delivered to the four peristylia of Orience. As part
of their training, all members of Class Zero had to
read selections from Dr. Al-Rashia's copy of the
anthology. Ace, Trey, and Queen have memorized
the entire tome, and they recite the following
passage when the Rursus descend upon Akademeia:

Only the chosen may enter that land.
The chosen will touch all creation, and obtain that
which is truth.
It is reason outside of reason—the reason of Agito.
It is power—the authority of Agito.
The sage proclaims:
"In all things, there is meaning. In all things,
mouring will end.
Make your choice: will you choose reason, or the
power of kings?"

And unto him, I reply:
"I will become Agito. I will sound the knell to shake
all the world.
When nine and nine meet nine, the depths of reason
shall stir.
When the seal of creation is broken, a voice like
thunder shall sound,
And thou shalt know—we have arrived."

[A Largely Truncated Old Excerpt from Trey's Written

Oh, could there possibly be a more rapturous
pleasure than poring over a good book in Mother's
office after the training has ended? Nay, I think not.

Yet I am loath to admit that I did not always possess
such an insatiable appetite for academics. On the
contrary, I first began my literary pursuits as a trifling
excuse to spend more time at Mother's side. In time,
however, I discovered the delight of erudition, and
the purpose of my visits to Mother's office gradually
shifted to the acquisition of knowledge.

My curiosity piqued, I inquired today whether Mother
had memorized the content of all the tomes that
surrounded me. She responded that she had learned
an ineffably greater number of things and
remembered them with her soul, and that a soul as
"special" as mine could surely remember just as
much as hers. Even after substantial postulation, I
have yet to comprehend how in Orience one might
go about "remembering with one's soul," but I am
determined to learn how. Perhaps I ought consult the
books in Mother's study. Verily the answer must be
contained within those pages!

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Female, 16
DOB: Gla. IX, 825
Height: 5'3" (161cm)
Weapon: Magicite Pistol

Cater has trained at one of Sorcery's special
facilities since the age of eight, studying how to
wield a Magicite pistol and cast all sorts of spells.
She finally put her skills to the test in 842 when the
Militesi Empire invaded Akademeia and passed with
flying colors. She later joined Ace and the others as
a member of Class Zero.

There is no beating around the bush with Cater: she
is very clear about what she wants and extremely
confident that she can obtain it. She tends to be
impulsive at times, but her honest, off-the-cuff
style can be rather refreshing. Cater hates losing,
and she refuses to let anyone or anything get her
down. She keeps Magicite in her knapsack to power
her magic pistol—and don't even think about
touching it!

[Hmmm... Maybe it's a déjà vu.]

Throughout her time at Akademeia, Cater has
experienced déjà vu on a number of occasions. For
example, when Class Zero was stationed in Ingram
during the short-lived Orience-wide armistice, just
one look at the imperial capital and Cater couldn't
shake the feeling she has been there before.

Troubled by this frequently reoccurring phenomenon,
Cater consulted her classmates for advice. Queen
noted that the Nameless Tome discusses
metempsychosis on several occasions, and she
postulated that Cater's memories might be resultant
of events she had experienced in a previous life.

Cater dismisses this hypothesis with a hearty laugh.
After all, if Mother said there is nothing wrong with
her, surely there was no cause for worry. The
question remained, however, as to where exactly
these memories came from...

[An Old Entry from Cater's Diary]

Okay, get this: so I was just sitting in the rear
garden, staring up at one of the trees when Eight
pops up out of nowhere and goes, "Need a hand?"
Then he leaps up, plucks an apple of the tree, and
gives it to me.

...Uh, thanks? Honestly, I just liked the bright red
color is all. It's not like I wanted him to grab it for me
or anything. Seriously, that shrimp is always butting
in and trying to make himself useful. Seems to me
like he's just trying to compensate for his short

I'm not gonna lie, though: that apple was pretty

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Female, 16
DOB: Ign. XII, 826
Height: 5'4" (163cm)
Weapon: Mace

In 833, Dr, Al-Rashia whisked Cinque off to a
special center near Akademeia in hopes of honing
her destructive tendencies. When asked which
weapon she thought would best suit her, Cinque
replied, "If you're gonna hit somebody, you might as
well hit 'em super-duper hard!" She proved quite
capable with a mace, and she was finally able to put
her abilities to good use during the Rubrum
Liberation of 842. Her official induction into Class
Zero came shortly thereafter.

Cinque walks and talks to the beat of her own drum.
Her lovably offbeat personality always keeps people
guessing as to what stunt she'll pull next. In spite of
her ostensible obliviousness, however, Cinque is
surprisingly perceptive. She will occasionally strike
right at the heart of the matter, shocking those
around her—without even realizing the profundity of
what she's said.

[Y'know, you can be pretty clever sometimes.]

Cinque's sunny, placid disposition leads other to
believe she's a bit of a ditz. In actuality, she is quite
smart, but none of her classmates have picked up
on her secret intellect. As a result, Cater and Sice
are caught off guard every time Cinque says
anything mildly clever—even if what she says is
ultimately of little consequence.

[An Old Entry from Cinque's Diary]

It's funny... Up until now, Mother's been the only
person I could rely on. I could talk to her when I had
a bad dream, have her make my boo-boos better,
and ask for a big hug whenever I wanted one. Lately,
though, I've been thinking a lot about everybody
else—y'know, wondering if they're trustworthy and
stuff. I don't really know how come, but whenever
I'm with them I feel home.

The thing is, we didn't grow up together or anything,
but I feel like I've known everybody for a super-duper
long time. That's why it's funny, y'know? And when
I asked Mother about it, she just looked at me and
smiled. But if I call her Mother, and Acey calls her
Mother, and Tre-Tre calls her Mother, too, then
maybe that means we're all...well, I don't actually
know what it means, but I'm sure I'll figure it out
sooner or later!

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Female, 16
DOB: Sil. XIII, 825
Height: 5'5" (166cm)
Weapon: Scythe

Raised at Akademeia since the age of seven, Sice
immediately demonstrated a prowess for combat and
a dislike of socializing. Dr. Al-Rashia sought to
cultivate the former, and developed a rigorous
training program. At the age of 16, Sice joined the
dominion liberation campaign and helped reclaim
Akademeia. The administration officially assigned
her to Class Zero after the campaign.

Foul-mouthed and ferocious, Sice is quick to
criticize others' shortcomings and not spare them a
second thought. She loathes getting bogged down
by other people's problems, a firm believer in the
survival of the fittest. Despite her hard exterior,
however, she takes any affront to heart. Each and
every offense fuels the flames in her vindictive
spirit, driving her to fight even further.

["Maybe the imperial forces got him."]

With the empire hot on their trail, everyone in Class
Zero was anxiously awaiting Machina's
return—except the ever-cynical Sice, that is. As far
as she's concerned, the strong survive and the
weak perish and that's just the way it is.

That doesn't mean she is completely heartless,
though. In fact, Sice actually cares deeply about her
classmates—she just doesn't show it the same way
most people do. As she once put it, "I never worry
about those guys falling behind. I just light a fire
under their asses to make sure they catch up."

[An Old Entry from Sice's Journal ("definitely NOT a

So we're all gonna "become cadets together," huh?
Yeah, I bet I'll become Agito a lot faster with eleven
piles of dead weight holding me back.

...Then again, these guys aren't completely
incompetent. Cater can cast a decent spell or two,
and King knows how to cover his allies. I'm still more
than confident I can go it alone, but I guess it
couldn't hurt to have these guys around as backup. If
that's what Mother wants, then I can play nice for

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Female, 17
DOB: Cal. XXIII, 824
Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Weapon: Whipblade

Sorcery took Seven into their custody in 833, and
they quickly discovered she possessed a propensity
for casting Ice Magic. Using these spells, she made
quick work of the imperial forces in the Dominion
Liberation of 842 and, in turn, secured herself a spot
in Class Zero.

Despite her cold appearance, Seven is actually quite
nurturing. She enjoys the admiration of her female
underclassmen, many of whom often refer to her as
"Big Sis." Seven has a hard time saying "no" when
asked for favors, though, and this selfsame
generosity puts more work on her plate than
anticipated. Nevertheless, her reliable nature and
tendency toward action are precisely why so many
cadets look up to her.

["Couldn't everybody tell?"]

Seven's classmates and fellow cadets often praise
her impressive powers of preception, but she can't
fathom why. The truth is, although she doesn't
realize it, Seven subconsciously takes note of even
the smallest details. From emotional subtleties to
minute mannerisms, she absorbs all the information
around her, processes it, and delivers a
deduction—all without the slightest bit of conscious
effort. Moreover, her conclusions are always
spot-on, and underclassmen in particular value her
sage advice.

[An Old Entry from Seven's Diary]

Today, the other kids and I visited the Sorcery
Division for the first time and received our weapons.
Actually, the whole thing feld like some big, bizarre
ceremony. When we looked around the room, the
tables were lined with all kinds of instruments of war.
Our first instinct was to grab the nearest object, but
Mother stopped us before we took even two steps
past the doorway. "You needn't select a weapon,
darlings, for the weapons will choose you," she said.

I didn't quite comprehend her words at first, but sure
enough, I was walking around the room, and before I
knew it I was holding something. It was unlike
anything I had ever seen befor: sharp like a sword
but supple like a whip. I brandishes this whipblade
for the first time, but it felt so natural in the palm of
my hand. Soon enough, everyone had a weapon in
their hands, all different shapes and sizes—just like
us. I can't say what obstacles the future may bring,
but I'm sure we can overcome them if we fight

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Male, 16
DOB: Tem. XXX, 825
Height: 5'5" (165cm)
Weapon: Knuckles

Quick on his feet, Eight caught the attention of Dr.
Al-Rashia at young age. She escorted him to a
facility near Akademeia, where he began training his
small frame and honing his skills. In 842, Eight took
part in the campaign to fend off the invading empire.
Impressed with his performance, the administration
assigned him to Class Zero.

Unlike his classmates, Eight despises all forms of
weaponry because they trivialize the human lives
they take. He has a keen perception of everything
happening around him which allows him to make
wise judgments on the fly. Even though he tries to
keep his emotions in check at all times, Eight also
has a bit of a competitive side—it's not a height
complex, though!

["Newest member? What are you talking about?"]

A proud pugilist, Eight knows better than to leave
himself open. He works hard so as to never lost his
composure, but occasionally that's easier said than
done. For example, Carla's glib gabbing and "unique"
moral code is too much for Eight's brain to handle.
Her gil-grubbing ways make his tiny little head spin!

[An Old Entry from Eight's Journal]

I hate weapons, especially the really powerful ones.
Weapons dull the pain you feel—not just from
getting hit, but from hitting others, too. If we have to
choose our weapons, then I'd rather abstain.

I asked Mother about it, and she told me I could do
as I saw fit. She outfitted me with a pair of gloves
and new shoes, and what a world of difference they
made. I can already tell my left hook will come out
faster. Thank you, Mother. I'll take good care of

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Male, 17
DOB: Aqu. XIII, 825
Height: 6'1" (185cm)
Weapon: Spear

Hoping to channel his abundant energy into
something more productive, Dr. Al-Rashia moved
Nine to a facility outside Akademeia at the age of
eight. There, she offered him a rigorous training
regimen. Still somewhat uncontrollable, Nine joined
the sortie against the imperial army in the Rubrum
liberation of 842 and annihilated all who stood in his
way. The administration took a liking to his tenacity,
and designated him a Class Zero cadet.

Impulsive and very intense, Nine shoots from the hip
and doesn't really worry about the consequences. In
fact, he prides himself in his ability to act without
overthinking—even though some of his classmates
chide him for not thinking enough. Nine rebuts,
however, that his seemingly rash decisions usually
work out for the best...most of the time, anyway. He
has a hard time dealing with situations that aren't
black and white, and he'll break whatever he needs
to in order to make clear what's right and what's

["We couldn't forget an annoying guy like you if we

If Nine sounds angry every time he opens his mouth,
that's because he is. He bares his fangs and lashes
out at even the slightest provocation, and it's
precisely that rage which drives him onward. Anger
isn't the only shade on his emotional spectrum,
though. In addition to ire and indignation, Nine also
bears love for Mother, respect for his classmates,
and pride in his country.

Regardless of how he feels about someone,
however, Nine is bold, brash and boisterous with
anyone and everyone he meets. He would much
rather be swinging his lance out on the battlefield
than spinning elegant turns of phrase. Classmate
or commanding officer, it's all the same: if you're in his
way, he'll bowl you over and give you an earful about
it afterward. That's just how Nine is—and his
classmates wouldn't have him any other way.

[An Old Entry from Nine's Journal]

I know the Crystal erases our memories of the dead,
but there's still one thing I don't get: I can't
remember anything from when I was little. Everything
from before Mother brought me here is just...gone.
They today, when I asked her how come I forgot
about my past, she gave me this irritated look.

She told me, "Death is something we need to
accept, darling, something we need to forget. How
else are we to ensure the spiral keeps spinning?" I
didn't get the part about the "spiral" of whatever,
but I'm pretty sure se was saying it's okay that I
lost all my childhood memories.

I've just gotta accept that those memories ain't
coming back—whatever they were. Who cares
about the past, anyway? It's all about the future
now! And I dunno what's coming next, but that's
why I'm gonna rush on headfirst and find out for
myself, yo!

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Male, 16
DOB: Tem. XVII, 825
Height: 5'11" (182cm)
Weapon: Katana

Sorcery was quick to bring Jack in for training,
sensing great potential. At Sorcery's special center,
near Akademeia, Jack studied the way of the
warrior, and he first put his skills to the test
defending the dominion against an imperial assault in
842. His outstanding performance earned him a spot
in Class Zero.

With a smile on his face and joke on the tip of his
tongue, Jack is known as "Class Clown Zero." No
matter what prickly predicament he and his
classmates fall into, Jack always puts a positive spin
on the situation. Although his unfaltering optimism
should theoretically inspire his classmates, his glib
nature prevents the rest of Class Zero from taking
his words of encouragement too seriously.

["If we stay positive, we can picture a brighter future!"]

Jack may come off as a real goofball, but he only
acts the way he does for his siblings' sake. He feels
that it's his duty to keep everyone's spirits up. If
Jack were the only living soul left in Orience, though,
he would be leading a much more detached life. One
can catch a glimpse of his fundamental stoicism
when watching him in the field, where a single slice
from his katana determines the outcome of battle.

[An Old Entry from Jack's Journal]

This whole "training night and day to become Agito
Cadets" thing is pretty rough, and it's easy to get
dejected. That's why I always keep a smile on my
face: to make sure the other guys don't lose heart.
"Smile, and all of Orience smiles with you," right?

Well, today, Seven asked me how come I never
smile... Seriously? Me, never smile? Are you
kidding!? I smile more than anybody at Akademeia! I
didn't get it. But then she said something that blew
my mind: "You've always got a smile on your face,
but I've never seen you actually smile."

I was stunned. I mean, I knew she was preceptive
and all, but it was like she snagged my brain with her
whipblade and pulled it right outta my skull. She
might even know me better than I know myself!

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Female, 17
DOB: Ign. XXIV, 825
Height: 5'5" (165cm)
Weapon: Longsword

Dr. Al-Rashia immediately recognized Queen's
impressive intellect. At the tender age of eight,
Queen moved to a center outside Akademeia to train
as a prospective Agito Cadet. She demonstrated a
particular prowess for casting lightning spells, and
she employed those magic skills against the empire
in the liberation campaign of 842. The decision to
assign her to Class Zero was unanimous.

A wise young woman of implacable integrity,
Queen's personality is as straightforward as the
longsword she wields. She is intolerant of all forms
of injustice, and her rigid sense of morality has
earned her the nickname of "class leader." (She is
not class leader, she will have you know.) Queen
tends to make harsh comments, but she bears no ill will.

["Anyway, he didn't have to get so angry."]

Frustrated with his fate and misled by the
commandant, Machina lashed out at his
classmates—and the level-headed Queen (of all
people) lashed right back. Under normal
circumstances, she would have most likely tried to
assuage Machina's anger, talking him down
rationally. Her uncharacteristic response, however,
was proof that even the cool queen of reason was
under considerable stress during Class Zero's flight
from Ingram.

[An Old Entry from Queen's Diary]

Today, Mother bestowed upon me an important
responsibility. She brought me a rather fantastic
chamber, one which she said serves a crucial role in
the development of all magic. It was there that
Mother intimated she would like me to learn now so I
could teach my siblings later. Before she could even
explain what to do, however, I unconsciously placed
my hand over the stone tablet before me.

"My my, darling," Mother began. "You've exceeded
my already high expectations. I suppose this means
you have the power to decipher the Akashic
Records. It is the tome containing information on
everything one could possibly wish to know about
magic. Within its pages are also recorded the past,
present, and future of Orience. Its contents,
however, are incomprehensible to mere mortals."

I was quite perplexed: surely a simple human such as
myself should be unable to decipher these writings,
correct? When I posed this paradox to Mother, she
told me that I assisted in compiling the
anthology—not myself as I am now, but another
version of myself. I walked away from our meeting
with more questions than answers, but my duty was
clear. When the time is right, I will teach my
classmates all Mother says they need to know.

Summer Uniform
Dress Uniform


Male, 17
DOB: Cae. VII, 824
Height: 6'1" (187cm)
Weapon: Dual Handguns

A quiet child, King usually kept to himself.
Dr. Al-Rashia, however, detected great potential in him,
and in 833 she brought him back to Sorcery's
development center near Akademeia and began
training him personally. He took to combat like a
chocobo to the racetrack, and he proved his
prowess during the dominion liberation campaign in
842, joining Class Zero after the mission.

A young man of few words, King prefers to take
action rather than waste time exchanging ideas.
Even in matters of life and death, he maintains his
composure, making rational decisions and acting
upon them immediately. Some view his reticence as
"cool," but others misconstrue him as cold and aloof
In actuality, he's quite thoughtful. Unfortunately
however, his kindness doesn't always come across
as clearly as he thinks it does.

["Should have known not to try reasoning with a

King often has to keep the aggressive Nine in check.
When the latter starts charging headfirst into trouble,
the former rushes in to hold him back. In spite of
their disparate personalities, though, King will
occasionally take a page out of Nine's book and go
on the offensive, as seen in his run-in with an
imperial soldier during the ceasefire. He's normally a
man of few words, but when he chooses to open his
mouth, a sentence or two is all it takes to shut down
any and all dissenters.

[An Old Entry from King's Journal]

People think I'm a loner. That's what Nine said. Also
said he "doesn't get it." Neither do I.

I'm the only one of us who wields two weapons. Got
a gun in each hand. Not something you see much in
Rubrum. Cater's got a pistol, but that's different.
Hers fires magic shots. Mine're just standard guns.
Shoot, kill—that's all. She said it ain't fair I've got
two. Ain't like I wanted both of 'em, though. Just
easier and more efficient using two instead of one. If
they help me save more lives, what's the problem?

Chancellor Chival VI

[Khalia Chival VI
174th Chancellor of the Dominion]

Male, 62
Height: 6'1" (185cm)

Chancellor Chival serves as both headmaster of
Akademeia and chief executive of the Dominion of
Rubrum. He enjoyed recognition in his youth as a
great mage, and he is similarly respected and
admired by his colleagues at present. Chancellor
Chival places great importance on order and
authority, and he endeavors to embody both as a
model for the denizens of the dominion, radiating
composure. The chancellor often makes visits to
villages around the dominion, preaching the gospel
of the Vermilion Bird Crystal.

[The Dominion of Rubrum]

Rubrum's governing body, the Consortium of Eight,
is headed by Akademeia Chancellor Khalia Chival VI.
The dominion is the most verdant nation in Orience,
boasting the stablest climate. Using the blessing of
the Vermilion Bird Crystal, her people have
developed their own tools and teknology. Humans
are not the only denizens of Rubrum: gentle
creatures such as moogles and chocobos also
inhabit the dominion, peacefully coexisting with the

[A Great Mage in Days of Old]

Even before Khalia Chival became chancellor of the
dominion, not a soul in Rubrum did not know his
name. In his youth, Khalia rose to fame as a
celebrated mage, performing innumerable miracles
and proving himself far more powerful than any of his
fellow cadets. Word of his great deeds spread to the
Akademeia administration, and they soon appointed
him 174th chancellor and chief executive of Rubrum.
Given Khalia's incredible fame and sudden rise to
power, rumors continue to swirl around him, and
some say he can still cast spells despite having left
his youth behind long ago.

[Converstations with Dr. Al-Rashia]

In listening to the serene Chancellor Chival speak
with the arrogant Archsorceress Al-Rashia, one can
easily discern which has more clout around
Akademeia. The chancellor alone knows the
doctor's true identity, and he both understands and
accepts that Akademeia is nothing more than a tool
to her. Although he plays not direct part in phantoma
experimentation, assassinations, and other dark
dominion dealings, as the dominion's chief
executive, he assumes full guilt through his tacit
approval of these less-than-savory operations.

When Tempus Finis arrived, Khalia awaited the
coming apocalypse in an underground mausoleum,
hoping to atone for his actions. The end that came,
however, was quite different than the one he

Dr. Al-Rashia

[Arecia Al-Rashia]

Female, Age Unknown
Height: 5'5" (165cm)

Head of the Sorcery Division and the most influential
member of the Consortium of Eight, Dr. Al-Rashia
carries herself with an air of authority and intrigue.
Ace and his classmates refer to her as "Mother," but
she bears no biological relation to any of the Class
Zero cadets. Although she is brilliant enough to
single-handedly facilitate the development and
improvement of the dominion's magic, the doctor
has also earned a reputation for her rather brash and
daring demeanor. She has maintained a powerful
presence at Akademeia for as far back as anyone
can remember, but no one knows exactly how long
she has held her position.

[Mother of Class Zero]

Everyone in Class Zero (aside from Machina and
Rem) refer to Dr. Al-Rashia as "Mother." The twelve
cadets think of her as their true mother, and they are
all officially registered as the doctor's children—at
least, according to their records at Akademeia.

In actuality, however, many mysteries surround their
birth. Dr. Al-Rashia raised Ace and his classmates
before they became Class Zero, but the twelve of
them spent most of their time at a special Sorcery
facility known as the "external branch." As its name
would suggest, the external branch is not directly
affiliated with Akademeia and thus enjoys a great
deal of independence.

While the dates regarding their lives at the external
branch are somewhat unclear, all their records
coincide regarding the nature of their cadet training:
the twelve children began learning spells and
practicing for combat under Dr. Al-Rashia's tutelage.
Through their training, the children came to trust and
love Arecia as their very own mother. Although
certain council members at Akademeia dislike that
Arecia's "children" refuse to take orders from anyone
but their "dearest mother," they cannot help but
acknowledge the kids' incredible talents. After the
cadets' spectacular performance at the Akademeia
Liberation, the consortium reluctantly accepted Ace
and his siblings as Class Zero.

["None of you will ever die."]

Whether they are engaging an enemy, summoning
an Eidolon, or undertaking a risky SO, Class Zero is
constantly confronting death. Thankfully, however,
Dr. Al-Rashia is always watching over them,
protecting them from mortal danger. After all, as
Queen Andoria explained, Ace and his siblings are
the final cogs—the culmination of a thousand years,
the destiny of Orience. Thus, Arecia returns her
twelve children into the spiral over and over to
further temper their souls, awaiting the hour of the

[Diva, the Divine Spirit]

This goddess is said to watch over Orience from
outside the spiral, but very little is known about
Diva. Some insist she is nothing more than a mere
myth, but scholars believe the following passage
from the Nameless Tome does, in fact, suggest the
existence of a higher power:

Two lights cast their all-seeing eyes upon the spiral,
Instructed of the great Will only to watch, never to
The lights raise their voices in harmony, Diva of the
Singing of the world's end, a long-forgotten fate.

[The Nameless Tome: Final Verse]

The wheel whirls within the spiral,
Its light growing ever radiant with every revolution.
Yet when the small spiral collapses in upon itself,
Its light fades, and as a wheel it begins whirling

Within the spiral emerged a single locus, so close
yet invariably distant.
In the flash of an eternity, one became ten and six,
then ten and two,
And the wheel began whirling once more.

The first revealed the power of acceptance,
The second, the power of kindness,
The third, the power of knowledge,
The fourth, the power of valor,
The fifth, the power of innocence,
The sixth, the power of tenacity,
The seventh, the power of discernment,
The eighth, the power of tranquility,
The ninth, the power of action,
The tenth, the power of ignorance,
The eleventh, the power of wisdom,
And the twelfth, the power of judgement.
Cast away were the loci of fear, love, suffering, and

Their souls elevated through the endless cycle of
Those who ascend there loce were chosen by the
divine spirits:
One wishing to open the gate with its own hand,
One wishing to open the gate using the hand of

The elevated souls shine more radiantly as the
wheel continues whirling,
But fragments break off from each locus with every
When these shards are ten and two, the souls shall
break forth from the wheel,
Involuntarily moving toward the end,
And the grand spiral shall collapse, sinking back to
the percipient depths.
Only then shall a new wheel begin to whirl.

Yet at the edge of infinity, time overflowing is born of
the spiral.
Though the gate remains closed,
Two loci who fell from the ten and two are granted
human will of the divine.
And the fallen shards rejoin the wheel in its
Each one bearing the smile of Etro.
One of the divine spirits accepts their return,
Releases the loci and sets out on a new journey.
The remaining radiance forgets the wheel of creation
and set it whirling anew.
Is this wheel one of joy, or one of despair?
Or perhaps...

Commander Kurasame

[Kurasame Susaya]

Male, 26
Height: 5'10" (177cm)

An Akademeia tribune and Class Zero's commanding
officer, Kurasame is a no-nonsense straight-shooter
of a man. Also known as the Ice Reaper, he literally
sends chills down his enemies' spines, frost
emanating from his boreal blade. Once celebrated as
one of the Four Champions of Rubrum, Kurasame
chose to remain at Akademeia to help educate and
assist fledgeling cadets. He takes a very stern
attitude toward all students regardless of class, a
tendency that has earned him the scorn of less
understanding cadets. Nevertheless, he remains
quite popular among the female portion if the
student body—doubtless because of his dashing
good looks.

Kurasame and His Classmates

A mere fraction of trainees actually make cadet in
their time at Akademeia, and only a handful are
promoted at any given time. In that sense, it was
quite fortuitous that Kurasame, Emina, and Kazusa
all managed to become cadets around the same
time. To this day, Kurasame still remembers the
the sensation of donning his uniform for the first time,
proof that the months of rigorous training he
endured had not been in vain.

Not long after his promotion, Kurasame made a
name for himself as one of the Four Champions of
Rubrum. He incurred severe injuries during one of
their missions together, but he managed to escape
with his life thanks to the power of a female
champion's curative magic. Unfortunately, however,
his three comrades were not so fortunate. Kurasame
has never divulged any further details regarding the
incident other than what has been listed in official
reports. He also flatly refused treatment for the scar
on his face, leading many to speculate he has some
special, secret reason for leaving it untreated.

Unswayed by the rumors surrounding him, Emina and
Kazusa continued to support their friend. Although
Kurasame may not show it openly, he trusts the two
of them implicitly, and he genuinely values their

The Commandant

[Suzuhisa Higato]

Male, 53
Height: 5'6" (168cm)

Leader of the dominion legions and a member of the
Consortium of Eight, the commandant is quick to
decide and even quicker to anger. His impulsive,
explosive nature tends to overwhelm his colleagues,
but Dr. Al-Rashia never seems to lose an argument
with him. He boasts a long and extensive military
career, as well as knowledge of all military matters in
the dominion. (He is less proud, however, of his high
blood pressure and rapidly receding hairline.)

[Curriculum Vitae]

Unrefined though he may be, Commandant Higato
nevertheless manages to maintain a firm grip on the
reins of power. Having exhibited strong leadership
skills since his youth, the commandant steadily
climbed the ranks after joining the military, rising
from cadet to company commander and then up to
staff officer. He even served as military instructor to
Kurasame and Kazusa in his younger days. The
commandant takes great pride in his
accomplishments, listed below:

809: Joined the dominion legions
812: Assigned to Central Command as a military cadet
821: Promoted to major; Served as company
commander in 7th Division
826: Promoted to lieutenant colonel; Assigned to
Central Command as staff officer in 7th Division
829: Promoted to colonel; Served as regimental
commander in 7th Division
831: Promoted to major general; Served as staff
officer at Central Command
835: Served as military instructor at Akademeia for
two years
839: Previous commandant resigns amidst
escalating imperial conflict
841: Appointed as new commandant; Promoted to
842: Acting commandant at onset of war

The Cadetmaster

[Miotsk Aufmachyt]

Female, 48
Height 5'3" (160cm)

The cadetmaster serves as chairwoman of the
Akademeia administration. Of all the members of the
Consortium of Eight, she is the one most
sympathetic to the cadets' cares and concerns. She
is well-versed in dominion history, able to recite
dates and facts with incredible ease. The
cadetmaster also possesses impressive
knowledge of Eidolons despite having only a
tangential affiliation with Sorcery.

[Curriculum Vitae]

Born into nobility, the blue-blooded Cadetmaster
Aufmachyt enjoyed special treatment as a trainee
and managed to make cadet without having spent
more than a few minutes out in the field. Following
the path her parents set out for her, she settled into
an official position, later receiving a nomination for a
seat on the Consortium of Eight and ultimately being
appointed to her current post as chief of

Detractors insist the cadetmaster purchased her
position using her parents' power and gil. Regardless
of their claims, however, no one can dispute that
she does her duty with the utmost accuracy and
efficiency. Her managerial skills are flawless, and
she has earned great praise for the curriculum she
devises, a rigorous program said to have improved
the cadets' abilities exponentially.

[The Consortium of Eight]

The highest governing power in the Dominion of
Rubrum, the consortium is headed by Chancellor
Khalia Chival VI.

The eight seats represent the following divisions:
-Central Command

At the time the administration first established the
consortium as Akademeia's governing body, Central
Command did not yet exist. Instead, the eighth seat
was filled by a l'Cie—one who rarely attended
official meetings. Eventually, the head of Central
Command replaced the l'Cie in order to carry out
resolutions on behalf of all Rubrum, and thus the
current Consortium of Eight was born. The two
empty seats of the eleven in the council room are
reserved for a l'Cie and a representative from the
Intel Division when they choose to attend.

The Provost

[Zaidou Tekise]

Male, 66
Height: 5'9" (175cm)

Head of the Scholastics Division, the provost is
easily the most cautious and calculating member of
the Consortium of Eight. His genius-level intellect
intimidates most of his colleagues, but his breadth of
knowledge is undeniably impressive. Many at
Akademeia find the provost's demeanor to be
condescending, but he bears no ill will: he just
knows himself to be better than everyone else and
has no inhibitions about acknowledging his

[Curriculum Vitae]

Although he was known around Akademeia as a
rather eccentric character in his days as a cadet,
Provost Tekise easily outperformed his peers in
academics, and his written test scores remain
unsurpassed to this day. After graduating, he began
touring various research facilities around the
dominion, typing up his own original ideas and
publishing theory after crackpot theory. He
presented these theories wherever he went, leaving
nothing but chaos and controversy in his wake.

The former provost took note of Tekise's undeniable
and unprecedented genius, and he wholeheartedly
recommended Tekise to serve as his successor. His
unconventional research and methodology have
raised eyebrows around Akademeia, but few actually
challenge or question his work. however, though his
dutiful and diligent attitude give him the appearance
of a cautious individual, Tekise is actually quite
crafty, always hiding some sort of trump card u his

[A Rather Broad Interpretation]

Since the foundation of Akademeia, cadets and
trainees alike had only participated in drills and other
wartime activities as part of their training to become
Agito. They had never engaged in combat for the
purpose of achieving military goals—of, at least, not
in any official capacity. The administration
considered the battle to defend the Vermilion
Peristylium the sole exception, but records suggest
that cadets may have taken part in other skirmishes
against Crystal-States in the past.

Nevertheless, the provost remained skeptical as to
the commandant's justification for placing the
cadets under military command. In Provost Tekise's
eyes, assigning the cadets to the charge of the
dominion legions and sending them off to war with
other nations was a rather broad interpretation of
their role in "defending the Vermilion Peristylium."
However, Chancellor Chival VI declared the
dominion—and, by association, the peristylium—to
be in a state of emergency. Thus, with the
consortium's approval, the cadets were organized
into military units and cast into the flames of war.

The Commisar

[Tazuru Kisga]

Female, 50
Height: 5'3" (160cm)

As chairwoman of Logistics, Commissar Kisga
spends a good portion of her time negotiating
strategies and allocating supplies and personnel.
She appears relaxed and demure, but as her
colleagues in the consortium know, her carefully
chosen words can be quite piercing when discussing
important issues, striking right to the heart of the

[Curriculum Vitae]

The dominion legions have long depended on local
stores for replenishment. It was Commissar Kisga
who established the fundamental concept driving
logistics in the dominion to this day: analyzing what
needs to be delivered where, when, and in what
quantities, then carrying out the delivery. She has
been credited with single-handedly expanding the
legions' sphere of activity by leaps and bounds.

In spite of her tremendous accomplishments,
however, Kisga's career is also speckled with
mysteries and omissions. For example, her
assignment to Logistics came through the personal
recommendation of Chancellor Chival VI himself.
When questioned about her past. she refuses to
answer, but her constant deference to the chancellor
lead many to believe she may, in fact, be his
mistress. Regardless of these rumors, her
contributions to the dominion logistics are
indisputable, and they eventually earned her the
appointment to commissar.

Lord Zhuyu

[Real Name: Zhuyu Voghfau Byot]

Male, Age Unknown
Height: 6'1" (185cm)

One of the dominion's Primus l'Cie, Lord Zhuyu
fights foes using fierce flames, a symbol of the
Vermilion Bird he has served for so many moons.
Although his emotional capacity has waned over the
years, he still wears his cadet uniform so as not to
forget who he was before devoting his life to the

[A Clash Between l'Cie]

A relic of an age long past, Lord Zhuyu has lived as
a l'Cie for over a century. Over the course of his
hundred-year history, he has entered the fray
countless times as defender of the dominion. His
clash at Togoreth with the White Tiger l'Cie Nimbus
was the first recorded battle between l'Cie in over
500 years. However, rumor has it that such conflicts
had occurred many times but simply went officially
unacknowledged. In fact, the scar on Zhuyu's face
comes from one such secret skirmish.

The incident at Togoreth was not Zhuyu's first time
engaging an enemy l'Cie, but it was the first time
that either he or Nimbus had used the full extent of
their powers. Needless to say, their clash gave the
world of Orience an all-too-clear picture of the
destruction that awaits when two l'Cie fight
head-to-head. Zhuyu's later victory over Soryu,
servant of the Azure Dragon Crystal, earned him the
(unofficial) title of reigning l'Cie champion.

[Battle Against the Rursus]

When the Rursus descended upon Akademeia and
began slaughtering dominion citizens
indiscriminately, Lord Zhuyu stood tall in defense of
his Crystal and his people. Yet not even a Primus
l'Cie with a century of combat experience had
anticipated the overwhelming power of these
otherworldly demons.

Although he managed to hold his own against the
Rursus, Zhuyu was struck down by a single, sudden
blow from a mysterious masked man. As soon as he
saw Dr. Al-Rashia, the masked man vanished as
quickly as he had appeared with the Rursus in tow.
Lord Zhuyu's whereabouts and well-being are
currently unknown.

Lady Caetuna

[Real Name: Unkown]

Female, Age Unknown
Height: 5'8" (174cm)

The oldest living l'Cie in Orience, Lady Caetuna is a
legendary summoner who has served the Vermilion
Bird Crystal for centuries. Records show that she
participated in the Great Orience War some 500
years ago, and her manner if speech is, fittingly,
quite antiquated and equivocal. Lady Caetuna
essentially speaks in riddles, so few are able to
decipher what she means to say.

Her Secundus powers allow her to call upon any
Eidolon at the behest of the dominion, including
those whose use has been forbidden by the
Akademeia administration. Lady Caetuna rarely
shows herself around the dominion, constantly
operating under the cover of darkness. Not even her
fellow l'Cie, Lord Zhuyu, is privy to the nature of her
activities, leading many to speculate that he is the
shining flame of the Vermilion Bird, while she is its

[The Verboten Eidolons]

While summoning normal Eidolons only requires a
single sacrifice, these forbidden beasts of war
demand an enormous amount of human lives in
exchange for their awesome power. Moreover, the
summoning itself is quite demanding: without the
limitless magic of a l'Cie, the process is nigh

Of all the l'Cie in Rubrum, only Lady Caetuna is
familiar with all the Verboten Eidolons, summoning
each of them during the Great War. However, calling
upon these gods of war came at the expense of an
entire dominion village. Deeming such a sacrifice to
be detrimental to the well-being of the nation, the
chancellor at the time moved to seal away the
Verboten Eidolons, and their use has been forbidden
ever since.

[Lady Caetuna's l'Cie Stone]

'Twas oh-so long ago... Many moons have
pass'd—so many that my memories have grown
dim—since thou bestow'd unto me the boon of thy
blade. Indebted am I unto souls innumerable, and yet
little else have I done but deprive those myriad men
of the selfsame life with which they bless'd me. 'Tis
quite just, mayhap, that one so callous as I should
suffer a fate as chilling as this...

Class 9 Uniform
Class 0 Uniform

[Naghi Minatsuchi]

Male, 19
Height: 5'10" (178cm)

This smooth operator with a stunning smile shows
up unannounced ad unexpected, then disappears
just as suddenly. He operates as liaison between
Class Zero and other departments around
Akademeia, but his position does not excuse him
from his duties as a cadet, and he always shows up
sooner or later on large-scale missions.

[Code Crimson]

Unbeknownst to most cadets and nearly all citizens,
Dominion Intel (primarily Section Four") oversees a
variety of covert missions separate from the
large-scale campaigns launched by the legions,
including but not limited to theft, assassination, and
"treatment" of traitors. Of course, some of these
covert ops are not nefarious in nature, but any and
all such secret missions that cannot be disclosed to
the public receive the designation of Code Crimson.

Although the legions usually carry out Code Crimson
missions, occasionally the orders get passed along
to cadet task forces. In order to facilitate the
execution of these secret orders, Intel sent Naghi as
Class Zero's liaison. In addition to serving as a
go-between, Naghi himself also regularly participates
in Code Crimson missions. He has taken part in so
many of these seedy operations that he has become
desensitized to their sometimes-troubling
nature—and he despises himself for that.
Nevertheless, he puts on a cheerful face and plays
the part of smooth operator so as not to blow his

Class 2 uniform
Class 0 uniform

[Carla Ayatsugi]

Female, 17
Height: 5'5" (166cm)

An overachiever with some of the highest grades in
Akademeia, Carla plays the part of
goodie-two-shoes whenever her instructors are
watching, but she forgoes the façade as soon as
they turn their backs. Although she feigns
benevolence, what really drives her is cold, hard gil.
She has adopted the moniker of "Blazing Merchant",
blazing her own business trails through the dominion
and beyond. Carla will always go out of her way to
help her fellow cadets—but only for the right price, of course.

[Carla's Family] (stub)

Her obsession with gil started as a
need to help her family. Her older
sister cares for their bedridden
mother, whose illness requires
frequent and expensive treatments.
Carla decided that she would try to
do her part by using her talents to
make the family some extra money,
eventually leading her to become a
cadet along the way.

None of her fellow students know
about her home life, though, because
she projects the image of a
cheerful, shallow, gil-loving girl
with few worries.

However, her knack for bartering
and accumulating wealth has allowed
her to get carried away with her
profits, and at times she almost
forgets why she started her shrewd
business in the first place.

Class 12 uniform
Class 0 uniform

[Mutsuki Chiharano]

Female, 15
Height: 4'9" (146cm)

An uncontrollable firecracker with a chip on her
shoulder and a bomb in her bag, Mutsuki has
convinced herself the entire world is out to pick on
her. With her explosive personality and constant
bomb threats, thus petite paranoiac leaves a lasting
impression on everyone she meets. However,
although she doesn't realize it herself, Mutsuki is a
brilliant inventor, and the Armory has even hired her
to assist them on several projects

[Mutsuki's Past] (stub)

Mutsuki is strong-willed and hard to
deceive. Unfortunately, she is also
now intensely paranoid and manic,
but there was a time when she was
carefree as any other girl. Her
parents were renowned researchers
who adored their only daughter and
taught her a great deal about how
to investigate the world using
scientific methods of inquiry.

But then a spy hired by the Empire
kidnapped Mutsuki to try to blackmail
her parents into sharing information
about the technology they were
researching. The extortion attempt
went horribly wrong when her parents
were killed while trying to negotiate
a ransom.

Mutsuki was rescued by the
Intelligence Bureau, but it was too
late to help her parents. The
incident was covered up, and in a
similar way. Mutsuki covered up her
own emotions in an attempt to hide
from the pain of what happened.
Now she rarely laughs or cries,
instead displaying suspicion towards
all. She took up the task of
completing the research her parents
started, hoping against hope that
the act of finishing their work
would somehow fill the void left
by their deaths.

Class 3 Uniform
Class 0 Uniform

[Quon Yobatz]

Male, 18
Height: 6'2" (188cm)

The premier authority on all magical matters, Quon is
more knowledgeable in spells and incantations than
anyone else at Akademeia—including his
instructors. The search for the ultimate spell is his
sole raison d'etre, and he has no qualms about
expressing his disinterest in all other matters. That
does not, however, mean he is cold or asocial: if
one were to engage Quon in a conversation about
magic or himself, he would gladly expound on the
exquisite nature of either one at great length.

[Quon Loves Magic] (stub)

It is a rare occurrence to catch
him working on something other than
his personal studies. The only
reason he became a cadet was to gain
an easy way to conduct practical
magic research experiments in
combat situations.

His grandfather and mother were
both formerly employed by the Magic
Academy. He grew up hearing many
stories of magic from them and
became obsessed with its fascinating
mysteries, bringing him to where he
is today.

Class 5 Uniform
Class 0 Uniform

[Ryid Uruk]

Male, 25
Height: 7'2" (220cm)

A man of few words, Ryid diligently trains with his
enormous lance every day—not for his own benefit,
but for the sake of protecting other people. This
gentle giant is firm in his convictions, and he would
gladly give his own life to save others. He inherited
his mother's sizeable stature, and her Lorican blood
runs thick through his veins.

[Ryid and Genbu] (stub)

Ryid's mother was from Genbu, but
his father hailed from Suzaku. It
is rare for people of the four
nations of Orience to become
involved with on another; it is
seen as taboo behavior by most
cultures. He was often teased by his
classmates while he was growing up,
but his mother passed down to him a
strong sense of Genbu honesty, while
his father taught him kindness in
adversity. He grew up to be a
strong young man.

Despite the fact that he is well
into his twenties and past the prime
age of magic usage, Ryid was able to
become a cadet by showing that he
could still use magic.

His grandfather is Enkidu Uruk,the
royal aide to the King of Genbu.

Teaching Outfit
Swimsuit Outfit

[Emina Hanaharu]

Female, 25
Height: 5'6" (168cm)

Once a cadet and now a tribune, Emina works as a
commanding officer in Akademeia—even though
even though she does not currently lead a class of her own. She
excels in both the military and scholastic arts, and
her bright, friendly demeanor has won her the
admiration of both men and women around
Akademeia. (Her gorgeous good looks have also
earned her a considerable amount of unwanted
attention from men all over the dominion.) Rumor
has it she is an avid connoisseur of bikinis, but none
have ever seen her wearing any of the swimsuits in
her allegedly enormous collection.

[The Sleeper Agent] (stub)

An investigation by the Suzaku Army
revealed that an Imperial plot
existed to infiltrate the Magic
Academy and plant a sleeper agent
there to conduct an assassination
on a Suzaku official when the time
was right. The secret plan was known
only to the agent and the point man,
although the two were not aware of
the other's identity. Each agent
received a tattoo of the Imperial
Seal to prevent friendly attack.

Many years passed after the
foundations of the plan were laid
into place. it was eventually deemed
a failure by the Empire due to the
lack of any apparent action from
agents within the Academy.

In Year 842 - Sky, Emina was
court-martialed<!—sic—> on charges of being
one of the Imperial spies involved
in his plan.

After this occurred, she disappeared
from the halls of the Magic Academy
without a trace...


[Kazusa Futahito]

Male, 26
Height: 5'11"

In his youth, Kazusa attended Akademeia with
Kurasame and Emina. Now, all three hold different
positions at the school, but although they rarely find
themselves working on the same task, their
friendship remains just as strong as ever. His
colleagues in the Armory condemn his crackpot
theories, but he is nevertheless a brilliant (albeit
somewhat quirky) scientist.

[Kazusa's Research]

Kazusa's ultimate goal is to create a human being
with his own two hands. He has no intention of using
these studies to contribute to dominion society,
however, so his daily research might be more
accurately classified as a hobby. Over the course of
his experiments, Kazusa inadvertently discovered a
method of projecting memories from part of one's
body. The teknology itself is still unstable, however
and will require a considerable amount of further
testing before it can be put to practical use.

Nevertheless, several dominion tribunes have taken
note of Kazusa's revolutionary research and begun
financially supporting his experiments. They work
behind the scenes to cover up their activities and to
provide Kazusa with the tools and the supplies he
needs. The military even bestowed him with a
laboratory under the pretext of researching the
effects of magic and imperial arms on the human
body. He occasionally receives official requests of
this nature, but to Kazusa, studying the human
body—dead or alive—is more than his occupation
or his pastime: it is his one true calling in life.


[Aria Luricara]

Female, 15
Height: 4'9" (145cm)

This barely audible orderly was assigned to assist
Class Zero. She never speaks unless spoken
to—and even then she doesn't say much, but one
cannot help but sense something buried behind her
breathy muttering and mumbling...

[Aria's Silence]

Although Aria projects a rather demure demeanor,
she is actually quite the chatterbox--perhaps even
too much of one. In fact, Aria's mother was so fed
up with her daughter's free-flowing foul mouth that
she expressly forbade Aria from speaking without
permission. Of course, Aria means no harm: she
simply inherited her father's unique speech patterns.
He was born and raised in a country village near the
Concordian border. Everyone in the surrounding area
possesses the same linguistics quirks, and for better
or worse, Aria has also adopted this manner of
speaking. To her credit, she does her best to show
her superiors the proper respect, albeit in her own
unconventional way.

[What Aria Lost] (stub)

Aria was caught in the crossfire
during Class 0's escape from the
Imperial capital, but managed to
escape death from Qator's
intervention. She decided to remain
in the Empire alongside Qator to
repay the debt, proclaiming herself
as his servant.

However, after Qator's death, the
soldiers of Byakko forgot both him
and his orders to allow Aria to
accompany him at all times. Suddenly
confused as to why an intruder was
present on base, she was shot to
death soon afterwards.

At the brink of death, Aria felt a
strange sensation. Instead of the
fear she expected, she felt as if
she had found something that had
long been forgotten. At an early age,
she was separated from her father
and lost her brother. Even the woman
who raised her was not her birth
mother. Although she could not
recall any memories of her family
members, she still felt a void in
her heart due to their absence. She
tried to fill that voide by using
Qator as a replacement for her
missing family.

And so with her life slowly fading
and her mind clouding, one final
phrase rang quietly and gently
through her heart. "I finally...
found.. it."

Moogle: Class Zero

[Hatzkhaminei Lowtoyosna Eripulci]

Gender and Age Unknown
Height: 2'1" (including pom-pom)

Officially known as the Military Operation
Organization/Guidance Logistics Expert (or
"MOOGLE"), ze provided crucial support for Class
Zero during the liberation of Akademeia. One of the
youngest moogles at the school, ze did not belong
to a particular group of cadets until Class Zero
showed up, at which point the administration
selected hir for the job.

[Magical Creatures Who Serve the Dominion]

Roughly five hundred years ago, the Vermilion Bird
l'Cie Maona shared with the citizens of Rubrum the
art of summoning. Fascinated by these awesome
otherworldly creatures, researchers in Sorcery
immediately began conducting a series of
experiments on Eidolons. They discovered that,
although most summoned beasts disappear after a
certain amount of time, a select breed was able to
remain on this plain and propagate: the moogles.

Although moogles possess a number of similarities
to summoned creatures, some scholars still refute
the claim that moogles are actually a breed of
Eidolon. Others postulate the moogles are actually
some subspecies of human—and vice versa.
Regardless of the various theories about their
existence, two facts all scientists can agree upon
are that the moogles possess excellent
communication skills, and that they enjoy the love of
everyone in the dominion.

Class 1 Moogle
Class 2 Moogle
Class 3 Moogle
Moogles: Classes First/Second/Third

[Class First Moogle]
Ze takes pride in hir position as assistant to Class
First, long regarded as the strongest cadets in the
dominion. Ever since Class Zero came along and
upstaged hir kids, however, ze has come to view the
crimson-caped cadets as rivals. This moogle
expects the most out of hirself and others, but ze
also bears great respect for anyone who puts forth a
solid effort. Ze will even reward Class Zero in
accordance with the amount of time they have spent
exploring Orience.

[Class Second Moogle]
Highly confident in hirself and hir Class Second
cadets, ze can come off as somewhat overbearing,
often offering hir sound advice without being asked.
However, ze has also enjoyed great success on the
battlefield, so hir words of wisdom—welcome or
otherwise—come from a place of considerable

[Class Third Moogle]
Detached and honestly quite depressing, ze is a
moogle of few words. Ze is rather shy, rarely
speaking unless spoken to, Once you get to know
hir, however, ze will transform into an ever-flowing
fountain of sarcasm and negativity. Still, hir
persistent pessimism is just part of hir charm.

Class 4 Moogle
Class 5 Moogle
Class 6 Moogle
Moogles: Classes Fourth/Fifth/Sixth

[Class Fourth Moogle]
Compassionate and kind-hearted, hir pleasant
personality is quite befitting of the moogle in charge
of Akademeia's healing class. Ze cares deeply about
the well-being of all cadets regardless of class or
assignment, occasionally working hirself into a state
of worried anxiety. Ze also tends to believe anything
ze hears, and said gullibility leads hir to a little too

[Class Fifth Moogle]
"Love! Friendship! Hard work! Justice! And your
bros!" According to hir, those five things are all one
needs to succeed in life. Ze is a passionate moogle,
encouraging hir Class Fifth cadets and all others to
do their best and strive for greatness. Less
impassioned cadets, however, are quick to dismiss
his sermons, countering with detached derision.

[Class Sixth Moogle]
A bit of an airhead, this moogle always seems to
have hir head in the clouds. Ze speaks hir mind with
no filter, unaware of social taboos and faux pas. Ze
also has a bit of an inferiority complex, harboring
one-sided feelings of rivalry toward the more
celebrated black mages in Class Third—in particular
toward the class moogle.

Class 7 Moogle
Class 8 Moogle
Class 9 Moogle
Moogles: Classes Seventh/Eighth/Ninth

[Class Seventh Moogle]
This scatterbrained moogle always tries hir hardest,
but almost always comes up just short of hir goal.
Nevertheless, ze always means well, and ze only
works so hard because ze cares deeply about hir
cadets. The healers in Class Seventh acknowledge
hir good intentions and think very highly of hir.

[Class 8 Moogle]
The chivalrous moogle has taken upon hirself the
admirable task of collecting Knowing Tags once
belonging to those who fell in battle. Ze fancies
hirself a noble soul, even going out of hir way to
reward any cadet who retrieves IDs from the field
and returns them to hir.

[Class 9 Moogle]
Much like the (allegedly) good-for-nothing losers ze
oversees, this moogle is nothing but a fun-loving
fool—or, at least, so ze would like others to believe.
In actuality, however, ze is composed and cautious,
and hir cadets are agents from Dominion Intel's
Section Four. Given the nature of Class Ninth's
secret missions, this moogle has a great deal of
empathy with the Class Zero cadets.

Class 10 Moogle
Class 11 Moogle
Class 12 Moogle
Moogles: Classes Tenth/Eleventh/Twelfth

[Class Tenth Moogle]
Convinced of hir scholastic superiority, this moogle
fancies hirself quite the intellectual. In spite of hir
elitist attitude, however, hir comments occasionally
miss the mark. Of course, ze bears no ill will: in fact,
ze has every intention of assisting others with hir
advice. The condescending tone is purely

[Class Eleventh Moogle]
The true intellectual among the moogles at
Akademeia, ze is devoted to hir research. Ze would
even go so far as to pawn hir pom-pom for the sake
of science. A quick thinker, e has a lot on hir mind
and is more than willing to share those thoughts with
whomever will listen.

[Class Twelfth Moogle]
Charged with controlling a class of unfettered free
spirits, this moogle has nearly reached hir wit's end.
The Class Twelfth cadets' lack of cooperation has
driven hir to neurosis. More than anything, ze hopes
to find a way for hir cadets to utilize their talents and
make a positive contribution to society.
Unfortunately for hir, however, the kids have nary a
concern for dominion society seeing as they are all
doing quite well in their own little worlds.

Suzaku Tonberry
Rubrum Tonberry

[Rubrum Tonberry]

Male, Age Unknown
Height: 2'1" (65cm)

Born on the Isle of Dragon Sanctuary, this
tonberry serves as Kurasame's attendant. Injured in
a skirmish with a lesser lopros, Tonberry was
immobilized and struggling to survive when
Kurasame stumbled upon him and saved his life.
Tonberry shared the story of the kind young man
who rescued him, and the tonberries in and around
Amiter have been friendly toward humans ever since.
Eager to repay his debt to Kurasame, Tonberry
typically stays out of the spotlight, standing behind
his savior and giving Kurasame the extra push he
needs. Nothing makes Tonberry happier than helping
out the young man who saved him, but he rarely
puts those feelings into words.

[Suzaku's Archfiends]

Four brilliant warriors who wrote a
new chapter in the history of Suzaku
together. Each one was proficient in
one of the four elements of magic:
fire, water, thunder, and wind. But
one day, in the midst of a border
dispute with Byakko, Kurasame was
found on the verge of death. The
other three Archfiends had been
killed in action during the mission.

Suspicions of foul play arose due
to the conditions in which the
bodies were found and the fact that
Kurasame, the youngest and least
experienced of the four, had been
the only survivor. However, an
investigation soon absolved Kurasame
of any wrongdoing. After he
recovered, he made his report. "While
conducting an investigation on the
border between Rubrum and Miltes,
we encountered an unexpected unit
of Byakko troops. We were caught
off guard and pinned under the
soldiers' fire, and the others lost
their lives."

While many were unsatisfied by his
explanation and held suspicions that
the Archfiends did not get along and
perhaps died due to a disagreement
blown out of proportion, the
investigation was eventually
completed and the deaths rule to be
caused by the actions of a rogue
group of Imperial troops.

Tonberry accompanied Kurasame
through this tragedy and its fallout
both. However, he did not have much
to say on the matter.

Suzaku Cactuar
Rubrum Cactuar

[Rubrum Cactuar]

Gender and Age Unknown
Height: 2'1" (65cm)

Although this cactuar's master no longer exists in
this world, this tiny speedster still sprints around
the halls of Akademeia. This former attendant to
one of the Four Champions of Rubrum is so fast,
however, that few people claim to have actually
seen this fleet-footed flora with their own eyes.
Many around the school hope to ask this prickly pal
the truth regarding the fall of the Four Champions.
Cactuar would be happy to answer their
questions--but only if they can catch the little
pincushion first.


[Izana Kunagiri]

Male, 21
Height: 5'9" (175cm)

Machina's brother and prominent dominion
legionary, Izana received a set of special orders at
the beginning of the Akademeia Liberation. His
objective was to cut through enemy lines and cross
the battlefield in order to deliver a communication
device to Ace. Determined to make his little brother
proud, Izana set out to complete his mission. Little
did he know, however, the mission would be his

[What's in a Name?]

Although the dominion legions placed this war
chocobo in Izana's care, it was his little brother who
came up with name for this feathered fighter.
Initially irritated by his older brother's request for
naming advice, Machina ultimately came around,
muttering a name under his breath: "Chichiri." Given
that Machina had a penchant for bestowing "unique"
nicknames upon small animals, the offbeat choice of
"Chichiri" came as no surprise to Izana.

At the onset of the dominion liberation campaign,
Izana left Chichiri behind and headed for the front.
Chichiri could not sit still knowing her master might
be in danger, and she broke the chains holding her
down and met Izana in the field just in time to save
him from grave danger. Unfortunately, however,
neither was swift enough to avoid the enemy
onslaught, and the two drew their last breaths
together in the streets of Rubrum.

[Izana's Dark Past]

Active and impulsive since his youth, Izana enjoyed
following the merchants who would visit the village
where he and Machina lived. He often joined the
traveling salesmen on short journeys he like to call
his "warrior's training." It was a cruel twist of fate,
then, that Izana's training would all be for naught, as
he was away on one of his excursions when tragedy
struck the village he had hoped to protect.

Upon his return, Izana was devastated to see his
hometown razed. Overwhelmed with pangs of guilt,
he struggled to recall the other villagers, but their
names and faces had all been erased from his
memory. He did remember Machina and
Rem—which meant they were both still alive, but
the joy and relief he felt were still not enough to
assuage his feelings of remorse.

Blaming his absent brother, Machina erected an
emotional barrier between the two of them, and it
took Izana nearly six years to deconstruct that wall
and rebuild their relationship as brothers. During that
time, the once-timid Machina rose to prominence as
a top-ranking Agito Cadet. Gone was the shy boy
unsure of how to utilize his myriad talents, and in his
place stood a confident, accomplished young man.

It was Izana who now stood in his younger brother's
shadow. When he failed to make cadet, Izana
instead opted to join the dominion legions, vowing to
do everything in his power to prevent any more
incidents like the calamity that befell their village
several years prior. Try as he may, however, Izana
failed to achieve the same greatness that seemed to
come so easily to Machina. Little did he know that a
routine visit to the chocobo stables would introduce
him to a cadet named Ace, who offered him an
ostensibly perfect opportunity to prove himself.


[Aki Minahara]

Female, 17
Height: 5'3" (161cm)

A model student from Class First, Aki is sociable
and caring, treating everyone she meets with
respect and compassion. Her goal is to become
Agito and restore peace to Orience, and she spares
no effort to that end. She also has a younger sister,
Fuyu, who currently studies as a trainee. Fuyu tends
to live in her sister's shadow, but Aki is always there
to watch over her little sis and encourage her to
work hard and step out into the light once in a while.


[Tachinami Show]

Male, 26
Height: 5'8" (173cm)

One of the youngest tribunes at Akademeia,
Tachinami relays orders to Class Zero on large-scale
missions and coordinates the time until the cadets
march. He and Kasumi serve as liaisons between
Class Zero and the dominion legions. Pure at heart
and firm in his convictions, Tachinami is one of the
few straight arrows in the army and rough-and-rowdy
soldiers. He is so serious that he rarely picks up on
jokes, and some of his comrades tend to feel
awkward around him—something else he fails to
notice. Tachinami is not the ambitious type, but he is
extremely talented, effortlessly completing any task
assigned to him.


[Kusami Tobuki]

Female, 22
Height: 5'5" (167cm)

The youngest member of Dominion Central
Command, Kasumi stands in for Tachinami whenever
he is engaged with other business, delivering orders
to and coordinating time for Class Zero. She is
mature and brilliant beyond her years, having already
proven her prowess in the field. Gentle but firm,
Kasumi functions less like a liaison and more like a
big sister to Class Zero. They value her friendship
and her guidance during the toughest of missions.


[Tokito Oginaga]

Male, 23
Height: 5'10" (178cm)

A gentle and mild-mannered guy, Tokito never
dreamt of joining the dominion legions, but he
decided to enlist out of a desire to serve his country.
One might also suspect, however, that he may have
also joined the legions in order to impress Emina
Hanaharu, a cadet-turned-instructor at Akademeia.
He caught a glimpse of her on his initial visit to the
school and it was love at first sight. Although
normally rather reserved, Tokito grabs the behemoth
by the horns as far as Emina is concerned,
surprising all those around him.

Marshal Aulstyne

[Cid Aulstyne]

Male, 47
Height: 5'11" (180cm)

Crafty and charismatic, Cid Aulstyne once only held
the reins of the imperial army. In a bid for power,
however, the grand marshal used hi influence to
launch a coup d'état. He successfully incarcerated
the emperor, seizing control of both the Militesi
Empire and its affiliated White Peristylium.

Since taking over, he has directed the design and
development of new armaments, personally helping
produce teknology allowing the empire to seize the
Crystals of the other nations in Orience. He has
already taken his own nation's White Tiger Crystal
hostage and begun forcing its l'Cie to do his bidding.
Moreover, he has already made clear his designs on
the other three Crystals, so it is only a matter of
time until he acts on those intentions.

[The Militesi Empire]

Nominally speaking, the Militesi Empire is a
totalitarian Crystal-State with an emperor at its
helm. However, when the current emperor pulled a
mysterious disappearing act, Marshal Cid Aulstyne
conveniently stepped in to take control.

Unlike the other nations of Orience, the people of
Milites do not serve the White Peristylium. Rather,
the White Tiger Crystal exists solely to provide
abundant energy to the populace. When Cid
Aulstyne seized reins of power, one of his first
orders of business was absorbing the peristylium into
the imperial government. As expected, his proposal
was met with resistance.

In other nations, only those chosen by their
respective Crystal have access to its power. In
Milites, however, scientists developed teknology by
which they could extract energy from the White
Tiger Crystal and harness it to mass-produce guns,
magitek armor, and other armaments. Thanks to this
nigh unlimited source of power, the empire has
succeeded in mobilizing millions of troopers and
overwhelming the other Crystal-States with their
incredible numbers.

[The Man Known as Cid Aulstyne]

Cid Aulstyne was a precocious child blessed with
numerous talents. Even in his youth, he questioned
the nation's pious devotion to a Crystal that failed to
serve its people. All around him, he watched
innocent people starve and prosperous cities fall to
ruin in spite of their unwavering faith. How could they
continue to worship an entity which spurned its
followers so callously? What future did Orience have
so long as her people depended upon gods who led
them to their demise? The contradictions
surrounding Cid fostered within him a hatred of the
four Crystals and any other beings deemed "deities."

It was this selfsame mistrust of higher powers that
spurred Cid to take action towards the unification of
Orience—not under a Crystal, but a human being.
Thus, when Tempus Finis arrived and a mysterious
masked figure attempted to appoint him as "Judge,"
Cid refused, deciding to die as a man rather than
serve as a tool of the gods. Even in death, however
Cid was powerless to resist, and he was ultimately
reborn as the Great Rursan Arbiter. Devoid of his
soul and consumed by his newly designated Focus,
Cid towered over Class Zero in the depths of

When Cinque pondered what this Judge's motives
might be, Queen attempted to provide an answer,
but her conjecture was only half-correct. The Focus
he received from the Crystal was to harvest the
phantoma of all those who stood before him in hopes
of becoming the savior Agito.

General Bashtar

[Qator Bashtar]

Male, 28
Height: 6'3" (190cm)

A member of the Militesi nobility and a brigadier
general in the imperial army, Qator Bashtar serves
as Marshal Aulstyne's right-hand man—but not,
perhaps, without some reservations. Nevertheless,
General Bashtar is the finest MA pilot in the empire,
and he often assists in the development of new
models by testing them out himself. In spite of his
rank, he also accompanies his men out on the front
lines, often turning the tide with his own
two hands. His military prowess has earned him
several epithets, such as "White Thunder," "the
White Reaper," and "the Unscathed."

[The Man Known as Qator Bashtar]

Born into nobility, Qator Bashtar proved himself an
extremely talented MA pilot at an early age.
Higher-ups in the imperial army took note of his
myriad military accomplishments, and Qator earned
a great promotion and the honor of becoming the
youngest brigadier general in the empire's history.
However, while most stories about Qator are rooted
in truth, a number of them have been exaggerated
and reshaped into fascinating tales that serve as
military propaganda.

Qator being of noble descent, for example, is a
proven fact: the Bashtar family is a branch of the
imperial household, and Qator himself is currently
eighth in line to ascend the throne. However, he
began to distance himself from the imperial house,
troubled by the emperor's deplorable laziness and
his government's tendency toward inaction. Thus,
Qator decided to forsake his royal status and enlist
in the imperial army as a common soldier.

Although his intentions were good, the other
troopers kept their distance from the blue-blooded
greenhorn, and his efforts to enact change in the
empire from the ground up proved futile. It was only
when Cid Aulstyne took Qator under his wind and
appointed him as his direct subordinate that the
young soldier savored his first taste of success.
Qator also came into contact with someone he felt
truly understood him, and this certain someone is
often seen with him on the field of battle.



Male, Age Unknown
Height: 6'3"

A Primus l'Cie has gradually lost his humanity over
his near-hundred-year life, leaving behind only
absolute obedience to the White Tiger Crystal and
nothing else. Now that Marshal Aulstyne has taken
the Crystal hostage, however, Nimbus answers only
to Cid. He hides his face and his emotions behind an
intimidating mask, and many in the army find his
extremely taciturn nature to be unsettling. In combat
Nimbus generates a portal in midair and unleashes
arrows of compressed light. He occasionally
compresses this radiant energy to wield as a sword.

[Calamity of the Crystals]

The world of Orience is given a set life span. In order
to avoid the apocalypse, one of two conditions must
be fulfilled: the coming of the savior Agito, or the
consummation of all souls. Thus, sensing the
Crystals' bloodcurdling cry as a harbinger of Tempus
Finis, Nimbus vanished. Where he went and what he
did remains unclear, but in a world on the verge of
creating itself anew, he feared for his own existence,
a remnant of an era long gone. Some speculate he
fulfilled a Focus of his own choosing, then quietly
found repose in solitude.


[Qun'mi Tru'e]

Female, 24
Height: 5'3" (160cm)

The Secundus l'Cie of the White Tiger Crystal,
Qun'mi possesses the special ability to manipulate all
sorts of armaments and amplify their powers beyond
mortal limits. Confident and perhaps even conceited,
she does not take kindly to being outdone or
upstaged. That said, she has not been a l'Cie for
very long, so she has acquiesced to her current
position—for now.

[Engine Nine: A Replacement for Qun'mi]

These two terms, frequently tossed around in
Marshal Aulstyne's conversations with his
subordinates, refer to an artificial replacement for
the l'Cie Qun'mi. She possesses the ability to amplify
the power of magitek armor and all other machines
running on energy drawn from the Crystal. Beginning
with the prototype Zero Engine, imperial scientists
produced nine failed attempts to emulate Qun'mi's
gift, ultimately resulting in the creation of the
successful tenth model, also known as "Engine

Ironically, the teknology of Engine Nine and its
predecessors is also employed in crystal jammers
and other devices designed to suppress the power
of the Crystals. Moreover, Qun'mi was initially
involved in the development of the same teknology
that would eventually develop into her replacement.
Before she became a l'Cie, Qun'mi worked as an
imperial scientist. Marshal Aulstyne recognized her
brilliance and took her under his wind. She, in turn,
looked up to him as a father figure. Thus, when the
White Tiger Crystal chose her as its new servant,
she was more than willing to lend her powers to
assist in the research and development of the Zero
Engine and—ultimately—her own successor.

[Her Focus from the Crystal]

After Class Zero thwarted the empire's invasion of
Akademeia, the injured Qun'mi made her way to
Lorica to join Operation Northern Dawn—the
bombing of Lorica. The mission proceeded according
to plan: Qun'mi used her talents to activate and
amplify the power of the prototype Ultima Bomb, and
the enhanced explosive succeeded in erasing the
alliance from the face of Orience. However, due to a
grave miscalculation and the instability of the bomb
itself, Qun'mi got caught in the blast and fused to
the Lorican landscape.

She remained alone, embedded in the craggy
terrain, until the White Tiger Crystal led Machina to
her location. Although Cid Aulstyne was suppressing
the Crystal's voice, she heard the White Tiger cry
out to her: "Give him your claws." Thus, Qun'mi
transferred her powers to Machina, and she entered
crystal stasis right there, resting among the rocks.

[Qun'mi's l'Cie Stone]

This sucks... Someone finally goes outta their way
to talk to me, and what do I get? "Gimme gimme
gimme." Hah! I don't owe you anything. Clearly you
don't know the first thing about me because I'm all
about stealing. I want to make it all mine—to make
him all mine...but it's too late for that. I might as well
just complete my Focus and get this over with. I'm
giving you all the power I've got, little boy. Don't
screw this up.



Male, Age Unknown
Height: Unknown

This l'Cie appeared out of nowhere amidst a rapidly
escalating conflict between the empire and the
dominion. Though Incognitus dons the same mask
Qun'mi once wore, his true identity remains veiled in
mystery. In addition to inheriting his predecessor's
ability to manipulate machinery, he also boasts
incredible battle prowess. Incognitus was even able
to withstand Alexander's Divine Light unscathed
simply by amplifying the magic barriers on General
Basthar's MA.

[Machina the l'Cie]

Dreading the mere thought of losing Rem and his
memories of her, Machina sought the strength to
protect her, and he was willing to obtain it by
whatever means necessary. Thus, he made no
objections when Qun'mi chose him to be the next
servant of the White Tiger Crystal.

Machina foolishly believed he would be able to
control the powers granted him, but even after he
had returned to Rubrum, he could still sense the Will
of the White Tiger Crystal, faintly present in his
mind. That soft voice gradually grew to a deafening
roar, commanding Machina to abstain from
participating in any and all campaigns that might
negatively affect the empire.

Then, in the Battle at Big Bridge, the nature of the
Crystal's orders changed: Machina was no longer to
refrain from acting against the empire. Instead, he
would now assist the empire in their clash with the
dominion. Brigadier General Bashtar undoubtedly
recognized the voice behind Machina's mask, but he
said nothing. So long as this new l'Cie was willing to
serve the White Tiger, he cared little for who he
might be.

Machina defended Qator Bashtar from Alexander's
Divine Light by amplifying the magic barriers on the
general's MA. He did this not out of deference to the
Crystal's Will, but out of desire for
self-preservation. Before long, however, the Will of
the White Tiger began rapidly premeating Machina's
thoughts and erasing his ego until he lost any
semblance of self-control and impaled the one
person he had fought so desperately to protect.

Queen Andoria

[Andoria Kaya Tranka Fam Forturio]

Female, 47
Height: 4'5" (135cm)

Andoria, queen of the Kingdom of Concordia, is the
only one in all of Orience able to commune with
Soryu, the wyvern said to be the incarnation of the
Azure Dragon Crystal. Noble and impartial, she
places a great deal of importance on law and order.
Andoria maintains her composure in any situation,
and she always follows her heart.

[The Kingdom of Concordia]

Home to the Azure Dragon Crystal, the Kingdom of
Concordia is a matriarchal nation. From the queen
herself down to the lowest-ranking bureaucrats, all
important government positions are filled by women.
Queen Andoria rules over the land, guarding the
Azure Peristylium and sharing the Will of its Crystal
with her people.

It is that selfsame Crystal which grants Concordians
the ability to communicate with wyverns and other
creatures. This power serves the populace well in
their daily lives, and military applications of the
Azure Dragon's blessing have provided the kingdom
with enough power to hold its own against the other
three Crystal-States. Given that the Concordians
never grow taller than a few feet, they prefer
commanding monsters to fight on their behalf. When
they are forced to join the fray, however, the
kingdom's dracoknights make use of their innate
speed to run circles around their enemies, then
pierce their foes with long spears.

[The Fabula Pact]

In the year 448, the four peristylia signed a
non-governmental agreement separate from the Pax
Codex forged by the leaders of the four
Crystal-States. It stated that war between nations
opposed the will of the grand deity Pulse, and
established a non-aggression pact between the

Ultimately, the pact proved meaningless because the
agreement was signed only by the peristylia of each
nation--not their respective heads of
government--and thus lacked any true authority.
Moveover, its definition of "interstate aggression"
was too vague to be rigidly enforced. In a bold move,
however, Queen Andoria, recognizing the crucial role
the four peristylia had played in beginning and ending
past wars, successfully invoked the Fabula Pact as
grounds for initiating tripartite peace talks.

[The l'Cie Queen]

As a Secundus l'Cie, Queen Andoria possesses a
unique power. Many presume it to be her ability to
commune with Soryu, the supposed reincarnation the
the Azure Dragon—but they were mistaken. In
actuality, the Crystal blessed Andoria with
clairvoyance. She can trace the paths down which
various actions and choices may lead this world and
predict the future with astounding accuracy.

Andoria's foresight revealed to her the destiny of
Orience: the ascension of Class Zero, the
surpassing of Finis—and her own death. After
consulting with Soryu, her closes confidant,
Andoria chose to believe in the minuscule possibility
that this world might be saved. Accepting her fate,
the queen made her way to the empire to engage in
peace talks with the other Crystal-States.

Upon her arrival in Milites, Andoria sought out the
fourteen children who appeared in her vision. She
wanted to meet the ones responsible for realizing
the future she foresaw. Just before she returned to
the imperial headquarters, Andoria left Machina with
these parting words: "Shape the future, the choice
you make shall." That bold choice would cost the fair
queen her life and bring great suffering upon Class
Zero—but it was the future beyond that she truly
chose. The fate of Orience now in the cadets'
hands, Andoria bid farewell to Class Zero for the
first and last time.

King of Concordia

[The King of Concordia]

Male, 42
Height: 4'4" (132cm)

The male and only male monarch in the history of the
Kingdom of Concordia, the king is an obstinate and
obstreperous man. His Arrogant Highness places his
own well-being far above the needs of the people
he is supposed to serve.

[The Queen's Assassination and the King's

Though born into royal family, the current king
was initially barred from ruling on the basis of his
gender. As a member of the nobility, he enjoyed
comforts and luxuries unbeknownst to the populace
at large—and yet he yearned for more. He dreamt of
a day when a man would ascend the Concordian
throne, an unprecedented and unthinkable
occurence. Given her ability to see the future,
Andoria chose to rule without designating a
successor. If only he could find a way to remove her
from power... His lust for power intensifying by the
day, the king plotted Andoria's downfall, but all his
attempts to execute these plans were stopped cold
with a single, chilling glance from the queen.

However, when the king formed an alliance with the
Militesi Empire, Andoria's icy glace thawed, melting
into a gentle smile. Convinced that she had lost her
clairvoyance, the king saw this as his opportunity to
strike. Conspiring with Marshal Cid Aulstyne, the
king executed his despicable plot to assassinate the
queen and frame Class Zero. He cared little for
whatever future awaited him. All he knew was that
on that day, in that moment, his dream had become
a reality: he was now King of Concordia.

[The Legend of Dracobaltia]

It is a forbidden tale...the legend of the Blessed
Lady, the celebrated first Queen of Concordia, and
the accursed Kingdom of Dracobaltia. Of course, not
all such tales are true, but the family's association
with the Cursemire of Naraku lends considerable
credibility to the legend passed down in the House
of Yuzuki. The tale is as follows:

Long ago, the Blue Dragon Crystal blessed its
people with the power to commune with wyverns.
Six centuries ago, however, the Dracobaltians began
feeding on these dragons. What began as a
dangerous curiosity gradually transformed into an
insatiable hunger until the worshippers of the Blue
Dragon could consume nothing but wyvern flesh.

Yet unbeknownst to the Dracobaltians, their
dragon-devouring conflicted with the Will of their
Crystal. Pained by the people's heresy, the Blue
Dragon Crystal began to rapidly lose its luster until
its light finally faded and the Azure Dragon Crystal
took its place. The wyverns cursed the
Dracobaltians for their sins, transforming the people
into their current deplorable state. To This very day,
the Dracobaltians remain trapped in the Cursemire
of Naraku, longing to return to the world that
spurned them and exact their revenge...

Lady Celestia

[Claes Celestia Misca Sancest]

Female, 32
Height: 4'5" (135cm)

Often magnanimous and occasionally malicious,
Celestia serves as the Akatoki Warden, one of the
elite members of the kingdom's Five-Star Royal
Guard. She hails from an old and distinguished
family. Her parents were very strict with her, bringing
up their eldest daughter through rigorous education.
Celestia rose to the challenge and sailed through
with flying colors. Government officials took note of
her hard work and selected her for the position of
warden. Despite her hardworking nature, though,
Celestia will sometimes lose herself in her
surroundings, swept up by beautiful scenery or the
sound of music. This affable side has won her great
popularity among the kingdom's citizens.

["Now unto me, your innocence you must prove."]

Even in a fit of passion, Celestia maintains her ability
to clearly analyze any situation and listen to
whatever the other party has to say. Her people
place great faith in her as the queen's ambassador.
Celestia was also a close personal friend of Her
Majesty, and she accompanied the late queen during
the entirety of her visit to Milites--even during her
private meeting with Class Zero. Clemente, her
self-declared rival, also accompanied the queen,
dismayed that she was not the only attendant.
However, despite having two trustworthy Five-Star
Wardens by her side, Queen Andoria was unable to
escape her fate, and she was assassinated during
armistice talks in Ingram.

[Communicating with Wyverns]

Words like ratelo ("strike the target") and rhit
("return") may sound like mystical incantations to the
untrained ear, but they are actually phrases used to
command wyverns in Soryusian, a language unique
to the people of Concordia. While the common
language of Orience boasts a superior vocabulary
and ease of expression, Soryusian is an intentionally
simple language. By limiting the number of phrases,
dragoniers and other Concordians can accurately
communicate orders to dragons with little room for

[Celestia the l'Cie]

After the late queen's assassination, the Azure
Dragon Crystal selected the strongest-willed warrior
in all of Concordia as its new Primus l'Cie: Celestia.
Unlike most l'Cie however, her time in service of the
Crystal was quite short. Her initial attempts to
communicate with Soryu proved futile, and she
began to lose hope. Slowly but surely, however,
Celestia regained her memories of the late queen,
and Soryu revealed to her the future that Andoria

Unable to make full use of the powers she received
from the Crystal, the newly appointed l'Cie Celestia
was unable to best Class Zero in combat. In spite of
failing to complete her Focus, however, she did not
transform into an accursed Cie'th. As it were, the
Azure Dragon Crystal had bestowed upon Celestia a
second Focus: devote her life to defending the
people of Concordia. With Soryu at her side, the two
l'Cie resolved to protect the kingdom against the
Dominion of Rubrum.

However, when Tempus Finis descended upon
Orience, Celestia made a bold decision. Following in
the footsteps of her friend and predecessor, she
chose to believe in the same future the late Queen
Andoria foresaw. Against the Will of the Azure
Dragon Crystal, Celestia left Concordia to fend for
itself against the Rursus, determined to see her
decision through the very end. Struggling to
maintain her human will after devolving into a wyvern
Cie'th, Celestia created a path for Class Zero. She
entrusted the twelve cadets with the future before
falling victim to Cid's Judgment. The new Rursan
Arbiter stripped the phantoma from Celestia's body,
and the Akatoki Warden faded into oblivion.


[Clemente Yuzuki Nes Peacemaker]

Female, 23
Height: 4'3" (130cm)

Yuzuki Warden of the Five-Star Royal Guard,
Clemente proved her military prowess early on and
earned her title at a young age. She is a distant
relative of Celestia. People often used to compare
the two girls, igniting flames of rivalry within
Clemente. When her entire unit falls in the war
against Rubrum, she sides with Milites in an attempt
to exact revenge, but her hopes are dashed by
Class Zero. In her despair, Clemente considers
ending it all when Rem steps in and persuades her to
keep going. Her faith restored, Clemente sets out
once again to complete her true mission.

[The Yuzuki Warden]

In principle, the Five-Star Royal Guard lives to serve
and protect the queen and the kingdom as a whole.
The House of Yuzuki also functions as protectors of
the nation, but they are also charged with the
unusual task of guarding the seal over the Cursemire
of Naraku. Only those raised in the House of Yuzuki
and trained in the special sealing arts may fill this
rare position. Due to their direct connection with the
heathen Dracobaltians, the members of the Yuzuki
clan are some of the few in Concordia with thorough
knowledge of the old Blue Dragon dynasty.


[Claudio Tonogiri Misca Sancest]

Male, 14
Height: 4'2" (128cm)

Celestia's only son, Tonogiri knows not only his
mother's successes as the Akatoki Warden, but also
her personal struggles as a human being. Hoping to
help her in whatever way he could, Tonogiri took the
Royal Guard entrance exam at age 12 and passed
with flying colors. Many of his comrades in the
Akatoki Division accused this "mama's boy" of riding
Celestia's coattails, but he withstood their taunting,
steadily building a reputation of his own. Although his
mother worried about him, she felt great pride in her
little boy's accomplishments.

When Celestia relinquished her humanity to serve
the Azure Dragon, Tonogiri was utterly shocked.
Even though she became a l'Cie of her own volition,
he could not help but feel the Crystal has stolen his
mother from him. Despite his initial misgivings,
however, Tonogiri was pleasantly surprised to see
that his mother had not changed. Although she was
now a l'Cie, she still devoted herself to her country,
she still held herself to high standards, and she still
showed compassion for her people and—most of
all—her dear son. Proud of his mother, Tonogiri
decided then and there to do whatever it took to
follow in her footsteps, even if it meant putting his
own life on the line...


[Gilgamesh Ashur]

Male, Age Unknown
Height: 7'3" (220cm)

A rogue Black Tortoise l'Cie who has forgotten his
Focus, Gilgamesh wanders the world in search of a
purpose. In his quest for strong spirits and stronger
blades, he appears on the battlefield to challenge all
present to a duel, hoping to test their mettle as well
as their metal.

[The Lorican Alliance]

In other Crystal-States, the people harness their
respective Crystal's energy through magic and
magiteknology. The citizens of the Lorican Alliance,
however, absorb the power of the Black Tortoise
Crystal directly into their flesh. As a result, their
bodies are large and powerful, easily able to
withstand a slew of spells or an onslaught of
ammunition. They have even forged special
armaments using energy from their Crystal, buried
beneath the land and housed within the Black
Peristylium, the sole purview of the Lorican King
himself. The Lorican people's Black Tortoise Armor
allows them to stand tall in the face of even the
mightiest Eidolons and magitek armors.

[The Last King of Lorica]

Although many in the Lorican Alliance live as
paladins, only those capable of proving their power
are chosen to ascend the throne. He who rules will
then serve the people as their king and the Black
Tortoise Crystal as its l'Cie.

When the former Lorican King passed away, his son
Gilgamesh was one of the first candidates proposed
to be his successor. The people were cold and
unwelcoming, however, insisting that nepotism did
not a great king make. Even after demonstrating his
superior strength by besting his opponents in
combat, he found it nigh impossible to sway public
opinion in his favor. Gilgamesh spent much time
alone in his chambers, brooding over his

Then, in the year 832, a coup d'état in Milites set off
sparks of revolt in Lorica as well. The alliance
erupted in a fire of civil unrest, but the late king's
advisor, Enkidu, stepped in to quench the flames,
giving his own life in order to save the kingdom he
loved so dearly. In accordance with Enkidu's dying
wish, Gilgamesh exercised his authority to deliver
swift and just punishment to the instigators, who
were never heard from again. Soon afterward, the
Crystal selected Gilgamesh to defend the Black
Tortoise, and he became the strongest and most
beloved king in Lorican history.

Some recall seeing Gilgamesh enlist the aid of
another l'Cie to help quell the uprising of 832.
Eyewitnesses have reported seeing a strikingly
similar figure searching for l'Cie Stones around
Orience, but these accounts have not yet been


[Enkidu Uruk]

Male, 58 (at death)
Height: 7'10" (240cm)

An attendant to the Lorican King, Enkidu served
Gilgamesh since his master was but a child, and he
remained the king's closest confidant. When
Enkidu's daughter conceived a child with a dominion
man, the people of the alliance nearly drove the
entire family out of the country. However, Gilgamesh
stepped in to put a stop to the persecution. Ineffably
grateful to hie liege, Enkidu's loyalty to his majesty
never wavered throughout his life. Firm but fair, he
guided Gilgamesh as he would his own son until the
coup d'état of 832, when Enkidu gave his life for the
man who saved his once before.



Female, Age Unknown
Height: 5'3" (160cm)

One of the cloaked figures who appears in the
Chapter of Truth, Tiz is known as "the ephemeral
number ten." Based on her conversation with Dr.
Al-Rashia, it appears she has some sort of
connection with Ace and the rest of Class Zero...

[The Nameless Tome 4:11, First Paragraph]

The first locus to be cast away belonged to age.
Age is the fountain from which flows all man's
The manifest mark of mortality.
Though they could not sever it from the spiral,
The divine spirits shunned age, deeming it
They let out a sigh lasting for ages,
And when the crumbling cliffs had finally eroded to
Age was finally alone,
A pariah within the whirling wheel of percipience,
Within every wheel.
And like the crumbling cliffs,
Age's heart began to wear away,
Until the day the soul of suffering appeared.

Lean Joker

[Lean Joker]

Male, Age Unknown
Height: 5'11" (182cm)
Weapon: Unknown

The other cloaked figure who appears in the Chapter
of Truth, Lean is also known as "the forgotten joker."
Shrouded in mystery, Lean occasionally
masquerades as a soldier in order to assist the
cadets. Based on his conversation with Dr.
Al-Rashia, it appears he, too, has some sort of
connection with Ace and the rest of Class Zero.

[The Nameless Tome 4:11, Third Paragraph]

The third locus to be cast away belonged to
An indispensable inevitability.
Unless one understands, experiences, and expunges
One can never attain sublimation.
Yet the divine spirits did not desire to ascend.
Thus, they deemed suffering unnecessary to the
For it was not sublimation but transformation that
they sought.
And so, within the eternally ephemeral spiral,
Suffering came to know pain in all its forms.
Then, in the abyss of despair, he found a girl
Standing perched over an even more treacherous
In that instant, he awoke to the reversal at the end
of all pain.
From that moment forth, suffering began thirsting for
that inversion
In whichever wheel he traversed.

The Mysterious Masked Man

[The Mysterious Masked Man]

Male, Age Unknown
Height: 6'7" (200cm)

All that is known about this man is that he was the
one responsible for appointing Cid Aulstyne as the
Rursan Arbiter.

[The Nameless Tome 4:4]

Within the whirling wheel, nestled in the infinite
Lie two sacred thrones.
In one sits the divine spirit aligned with Lindzei,
In the other sits the divine spirit aligned with Pulse.
One seeks to stain the soil with blood
And thrust open the gates to the realm unseen,
The other nurtures souls,
Hoping they will open the gates on the spirit's
Bound by their covenant,
Despite an infinitesimal probability of success,
The two continue to challenge the limits of
Over and Over, cycle after cycle,
Until they fade from this world.



Gender Unknown, 300 (estimated)
Length: 5,249 ft

A rare case among l'Cie, Soryu is one of the only
non-human creatures chosen to serve its respective
Crystal. Through its ascension to demigod status,
this wyvern came to be known as the reincarnation
of the Azure Dragon itself.

[Keeping Watch Over Machina]

As Class Zero fled Ingram with imperial troops hot
on their trail, Machina could not shake the sensation
of something watching him. As he awoke in the
abandoned shack after his confrontation with
Celestia, he felt a piercing gaze bearing down on
him—and that gaze belonged to none other than
the Azure Dragon l'Cie, Soryu.

Although the two had not yet crossed paths, Soryu
was certain that Machina becoming l'Cie was a
crucial element of the future foreseen by the late
Queen Andoria. Hoping to exacerbate Machina's
transformation, Soryu remained fixed in the Militesi
skies. Apprehensive about a foreign l'Cie hovering in
its airspace, the empire responded by tightening its
defenses, an outcome in line with Soryu's plan that
ultimately affected Class Zero's escape. Soryu
continued watching over Machina from high above
the clouds, jamming Class Zero's transmissions in
order to ensure the plan's success. Then, after
having borne witness to Machina's ascension, Soryu
at last returned to Concordia.

[The Guardian of Concordia]

When Concordia forged a pact with Milites, the
Azure Dragon Crystal fell under the control of the
empire's Engine Nine. As a result, Soryu was cut off
from the Will of its Crystal. In response, Soryu
neither objected nor assented to the empire's
underhanded alliance—it remained perfectly still,

Although becoming an Azure Dragon l'Cie granted
her the ability to converse with wyverns, Celestia
was not immediately able to commune with Soryu.
The Azure Dragon began revealing the late queen's
memories to her successor l'Cie, one by one. In that
instant, Celestia finally awoke, enlightened to all
Queen Andoria had foreseen.

When Tempus Finis arrived and the Rursus began
wreaking havoc upon the world, Soryu fought
valiantly to defend the Kingdom of Concordia. Soryu
transported Celestia to Rubrum, but sustained fatal
injuries along the way—and as a new era dawned in
Orience, Soryu found repose in a peaceful, silent

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Tagisu


By the age of ten, I was already a butcher in battle. The next 30 years of my life were a haze of blood and steel. My one pursuit in life was to follow my Focus, to take my place as a l'Cie among the ranks of the Dominion of Rubrum. Death filled all of my days... These two hands of mine burned and drained life from everything they touched. Finally, I was able to defeat a Genbu l'Cie in battle. As he vanished before my eyes, I realized that my body had begun to vanish as well... My Focus was complete.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Kayahara

Fifteen years hath pass'd since I broke free of my
mortal shackles. Fifteen years hath pass'd since I
ceded my soul to the Will of the Crystal. Fifteen
years hath pass'd since I first began serving as
guardian of the Crystal's chosen people. After
fifteen years, her people hath now built a country to
defend her—and, at last, my Focus hath been

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Yu'u

In this year of 252, I, defender of the Vermilion Bird
Crystal, have planted a seed of information in the
hope it might henceforth grow into a beautiful,
blossoming tree of knowledge. The wisdom I have
imparted unto thee hath already prevailed o'er the
great nation to the east. Having fulfilled my Focus, I
now leave this mortal plane with a smile of
satisfaction on my face, but I beseech thee,
followers of the Crystal: let not thy magic wither
away to naught.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Mizu'a

Twenty revolutions I spend at Akademeia,
wand'ring those halls in search of my life's meaning.
'Twas only in the year 270, when a consortium arose
# to govern magical affairs, that mine aimless ambling
ceas'd, and awoke did I to the Focus granted to me of
the Crystal. And now, having awoken to my purpose,
I might finally return to sleep.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Yuka

'Twas the year 316. Not yet understanding my
Focus, I simply acted as the Crystal bade me and
my journey'd to the kingdom of the Azure Dragon—and
a full year later, I have at last attained total clarity. I
must surreptitiously use my power to cast the
Concordian court into chaos. Such is the Will of the
Crystal. and so shall I serve.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Maona

Within all mortals exists an extraordinary latent
power, flowing forth from one's conciousness and
manifesting itself as a great beast. At the tender age
of eighteen, my spirit on the verge of drifting from
its human vessel, I too witness'd that nigh divine
power take physical form. Only in death can one
bring life to these awesome creatures. Thus, unto my
people, I offer a warning: call upon the power of
these beasts only shouldst thou be prepared to
surrender thy life.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Kanna

The esteemed Lady Maona bequeath'd unto we
Rubrumites the ability to tap deep into our
consciousnesses and call upon the incredible,
otherworldly power within ourselves. 'Twas only once
I, too, chose to serve the Crystal that I learn'd of an
even greater energy hidden in the furthest depths of
the abyss of nonexistence. In turn, I enlightened my
people, awakening them to the potential they
possess and fulfilling my Focus.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Kiyosaki

I know not the year nor mine age—not even the
reason the Crystal hath select'd me as its avatar. A
fog has enveloped so much of my consciousness,
yet one thing has become perfectly clear: my
absolute potential. The months I spent training since
my youth were all for the sake of preparing me for
this moment. And now, even the infamous Northern
King, clas in his unholy aegis, will kneel before me
and fade into eternity.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Suzusu

Countless l'Cie are born of the Crystal, yet only a
select few manage to complete their Foci, let alone
discern the nature of the mission given them. I ought
thus consider myself one of the fortunate, as mine
assignment is clear: I must halt the movement of all
those villains who oppress our nation. Now, after
eight years of waiting, I may finally join the Crystal.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Rino'i

At the age of 22, the Crystal appoint'd me the new
defender of the Vermilion Bird and executor of its
Will. In accordance with the Crystal's desire for
peace, I took it upon myself to eliminate all those
who insist'd upon exacerbating conflict. Hypocrisy?
Fie upon't! My work will not have been for
naught—of this I am certain. With the signing of the
Pax Codex, I can finally rest in peace...

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Satori

How many moons have I spent wand'ring this world?
How many voices hath called out to me, defender of
the Vermilion Bird? I know not. And although I am
capable of completing the task given me of the
Crystal, I shan't succumb to temptation. I must
exercise patience, for were I to repair this device,
'twould prove of little use in this age. Nay, I must
wait some centuries more that I might be able to
share my knowledge with one who might be able to
harness this device's power.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Yugino

My wounds cry out for treatment. Shrieks of pain
echo throughout every inch of my flesh...but I harbor
no doubt I have served my Crystal well. The precise
number of l'Cie I have slain escapes me, but such
figures are of little importance. All that matters is
that now, in the fortuitous year of 666, I have
fulfilled my Focus.

White Tiger l'Cie Jögge

How many years have passed since I renounced my
humanity, I cannot say. It feels as though I have
spent an eternity in service of the Crystal. For as
long as I can remember, I have known but my Focus
and the divine Will of the White Tiger: destroy the
vermilion scourge that would do harm unto our fair
federation. My mission complete, I may now finally
enter an eternal slumber. It is my sole wish that my
homeland will enjoy peace even after I close my

White Tiger l'Cie Alöe

I recall very little of my youth... I suppose I may have
lived twenty or so years, but the number of years we
spend here are not important. All that truly matters is
how we spend the time allotted to us—and, in an
effort to imbue my existence with a purpose, I chose
to devote my life to the White Tiger. After countless
painful hours of research and experimentation, I have
succeeded in harnessing the Crystal's energy with a
metallic instrument some have dubbed "magitek." May the fruits of my labor ensure the prosperity of
my people for eons to come!

White Tiger l'Cie Wehrer

Why the Crystal chose a wizened old man like me as
its trusted retainer I will never know. I trembled with
excitement, enraptured by a second chance to stand
tall on the field of battle. Even now, in my final
moments, I shake with ecstasy knowing I
successfully defended the White Tiger from those
clad in armor obsidian. Like an impenetrable aegis, I
shielded my nation from injury, and now I become
something even stronger and more permanent—a

White Tiger l'Cie Aarmad

I was born into this world in the year 277, but it was
not until some thirty years later that I discovered my
true calling. Were it not for the White Tiger Crystal, I
would surely have lived out my days without
purpose. Together with my fellow countrymen, I
helped create an iron juggernaut, one that might lead
our fair nation to glory—and now, I lie myself down
to sleep. UNto you, my compatriots, I entrust the
future of our fatherland.

White Tiger l'Cie Ehm

In the year 313, when I was only a mere 23 years of
age, I acquired sublime strength as a l'Cie, power
enough to obliterate all life from the face of Orience.
Along with that power, however, the Crystal also
charged me with a great responsibility. The
demigods of Lorica sought to extinguish the White
Tiger's light, and it was thus my duty to defend our
beacon of hope from all those who might de her
harm. Now, at long last, my mission is complete.

White Tiger l'Cie Rhiane

I had spent but five years as an imperial soldier
when I witnessed it... All of a sudden, our vermilion
enemies began falling, one by one, and victory
seemed within our reach. What we confused for
divine providence, however, was a dreadful curse in
disguise. Enormous beasts rose up from the earth
and towered over our ranks—and it was then that
the Crystal sought my aid. Although I was
overwhelmed by this sudden turn of events, in that
instant, I awoke to my Focus: slay the wicked
creatures and defend the White Tiger.

White Tiger l'Cie Jorug

It was the year 358. On the cusp of my twentieth
year, I was prepared to enlist in the imperial army
when the Crystal called our and beseeched me to
hear its plea. Vermilion, black, azure—all must
perish. Thus, I set out to raze forests, level
mountains, and eliminate all who did not swear fealty
to the White Tiger. My work complete, now I lay me
down to sleep upon the bodies of my foes.

White Tiger l'Cie Theo

For twenty years, I served my country as a soldier in
the Militesi Army. At the age of 35, however, it
dawned on me that I might better serve the empire
by protecting our beacon of hope and thus ensuring
its light may guide our nation forever more. Now
cognizant of the truth about this world, though, I
know our Crystal will only truly be safe from harm
once all of Orience is united under the emblem of the
White Tiger—and I believe I have found the one man
who can accomplish such an incredible task. I have
fulfilled my role, and the future of our world rests in
his hands.

Azure Dragon l'Cie Tenebra

The year was 150. I was born into an era of strife, a
nation devided. Troubled by the state of my country, I
sought a means by which I might remedy the discord
that plagued my people. It was then that the Blue
Dragon Crystal granted me a Focus: to quell the
fighting between factions and unite my people under
a single flag. Today, at long last, my people are one.

Blue Dragon l'Cie Augusta

I have served the Blue Dragon Crystal ever since I
came into this world in 208. Unto me, the Crystal
granted the ability to communicate with other
life-forms—as well as the ability to control them. In
turn, this power I transmitted unto the people of
Dracobaltia, fulfilling my Focus. Soon, in all things,
the Will of the Blue Dragon Crystal shall reign

Azure Dragon l'Cie Caelan

Threescore since the gift I received, choose
me as its agent did the Crystal. Those of the wicked
false beacon born, seal them away we must. Allow
others to follow the same path we must not! With
that purpose in mind, the earth I dredged and the
cursemire did I create. Their heretical ways, never
the world shall know...

Azure Dragon l'Cie Argenia

Nearly half a century had I lived when, in me a
responsibility did the Crystal vest. To aid Lord Caelan
and Lady Lazuline was I ordered. Working in consort,
within the Cursemire of Naraku, the idolatrous
heathens did we three seal away. Now that my
Focus I have fulfilled, my time has expired. Never
shall those gates open—in my final moments, thusly
I pray.

Azure Dragon l'Cie Lazuline

Nearly one score ago, into the Kingdom of
Concordia I was born—or, so told I am. Not long
have I lived, yet already faded my memories have.
Not even my Focus can with clarity I remember...
With Lord Caelan's aid, into Naraku a dreadful
something I did seal. The Crystal's Will I followed,
and my purpose have I fulfilled.

Azure Dragon l'Cie Vesta

In the year 268, once over the threshold of
adulthood I crossed, as a humble servant of the
honorable Azure Dragon Crystal I chose to live.
Following its divine Will, upon a sea of clouds, a
citadel did I construct. Therein shall our monarch
dwell, and forever may our nation of Concordia

Azure Dragon l'Cie Albus


I was born in Year 298. I became
l'Cie when I was only fifteen years
old. I was given the power to speak
the ancient tongue of the dragons,
those majestic creatures that soar
the skies above us. This is a blessing
that has not been granted by the
Crystal for many years. In thanks for
this honor, I will do all that the
Crystal asks of me.

Azure Dragon l'Cie Anatidus

To protect the Crystal are nations born. To transmit
the Crystal's Will do leaders serve. And yet, to the
throne, a heathen did ascend. From the guiding light,
his gaze he averted. Before to ruin our country did
fall, farewell to my wife I bade, and unto the Crystal
my life I devoted. From the infidel, retake the throne I

Azure Dragon l'Cie Clareus

For over a century the Crystal I had served when,
without forewarning, from the ocean depths, a sinful
serpent did the mages of vermilion call forth. "Cede
your lands!" they cried, yet to their demands I
refused to capitulate. For my kingdom and her
people, I fight. That she may ever maintain
independence, I can but pray.

Azure Dragon l'Cie Daphnia

Half a century as a mortal did I live, yet of that time
many images have faded—save my granddaughter's
face. For her sake, become a l'Cie I did. Into a
war-torn world she was born, and overcome with
pity was my heart. Thus, the Crystal's call I heeded
and my humanity did I renounce. No matter the cost,
the white and vermilion flames of futile conflict I
must quench. That my granddaughter may enjoy a
peaceful life, I pray...

Black Tortoise l'Cie Urshanabi

In the days when I still lived among humans, they
called my "Namshub" because of how my blade
would gleam as it tore through the flesh of my
enemies. How many I slayed before I received my
Focus from the Crystal, however, I cannot recall... At
age 19, as a means of atoning for my
transgressions, I took to constructing a shrine to
house the sacred light of the Black Tortoise. We
cannot erase the sins of our past. We can only pray
the beacons of hope will guide future generations
along the path of righteousness.

Black Tortoise l'Cie Shamhat

In days of old, our temples were tainted by idols who
besmirched the name of the Black Tortoise. Even at
the young age of sixteen, I was furious with the
idolatrous king, enraged by his callous ignorance of
the people's torment and despair. I gouged my own
eyes as penance for our hegemon's heresy, but it did
not suffice. Thus, I donned the mantle of l'Cie and
began training four valorous warriors who might
avenge all those who suffered under the king's
wicked yoke. My Focus now fulfilled, I entrust the
fate of our nation and our Crystal to these brave

Black Tortoise l'Cie Erragal

From the moment of my birth, a world of war was
the only one I knew. Even as a little girl, I knew that
my country was in grave peril—which is why, when
the Crystal called out to me, I knew I must follow its
Will. In order to unite our people, we needed a
martyr. In order to quell the unrest, we needed to
shed blood. The Crystal bade me follow, so indeed I

Black Tortoise l'Cie Siduri

In my former life, I was known as the Warrior
Resplendent, but I have since taken up the aegis of
the Black Tortoise. Yes, I suppose it was five years
ago that the Crystal first requested my aid in
defending our nation against the murderous
mechanized armies of the west. Imbued with a
tremendous power, I took to the battlefield,
slaughtering all those who dare encroach upon our
territory. Now, I return to the Crystal from whence I
came, stained red with the blood of mine enemies.

Black Tortoise l'Cie Enlil

I surrendered my soul to the Crystal at the age of
twenty-one, and I have since devoted my life to
carrying out its Will—and nothing more. Countless
sacrifices were necesarry, but at last I have
perfected a technique to imbue our warriors with
power that transcends mortal faculties. My Focus
fulfilled, I now take my leave of this world. May these
superhuman soldiers defend the Black Tortoise
Crystal and her people even more.

Black Tortoise l'Cie Nimrud

I spent a mortal existence for nearly thirty years, yet
my life as a l'Cie spanned all of twenty-hour hours.
Anshar, out guardian of the Black Tortoise, was
fighting furiously against the wicked Wehrer of the
western empire. As the Crystal willed, I took up arms
and set our to defend my home. No longer would the
agent of the White Tiger terrorize our lands!

Black Tortoise l'Cie Anshar

I am loath to admit my shortcomings, but I cannot
deny them when pressed. Though I pride myself in
my power, I was no match for the indomitable
Wehrer. Only with the aid of my compatriot was I
finally able to fend off the Accursed Tiger of the
West. The bitter battle raged for six days and
seven nights, but we guardians of the Black Tortoise
emerged victorious. And now, my duty fulfilled at
age twenty-one, I close my eyes on Orience one
final time.

Black Tortoise l'Cie Ziusudra

Some years after I received the blessing of life did
the Crystal also bequeath unto me its power and its
Will. It spoke to me, cried out to me for help:
"Vermilion clouds doth gather on yonder horizon.
Thou must dispel the coming storm--no matter the
cost." Word soon spread to Lorica that the wicked
Warrior God Ramuh was rampaging through Orience.
My Focus immediately apparent to me, I took up my
halberd and readied myself for battle.

Black Tortoise l'Cie Kaimanu

The last memories that remain of my mortal life are
ones of death and destruction. The vermilion mages
summoned great beasts of war, creatures with power
unparalleled, to wreak havoc and bring calamity upon
our nation. It was in the year 348 that I forsook my
human existence in order to serve my liege and my
land as a l'Cie. Within three years' time, I had
crafted and perfected a suit of armor to protect my
king against Rubrum's malevolent monsters, and it is
my utmost wish that it may continue to shield him
and his successors from harm long after I am gone.

Spoilers end here.


Personae is Latin for "persons".