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The Rubber Suit is a high-ranked light armor in Final Fantasy XII that boosts the defense by 53 (Zodiac) or 42 (original), and HP by 700 and makes the wearer immune to Lightning. Out of all the light armor, it provides the second-best HP boost after the Mirage Vest's 800, but is a good candidate for endgame gear still for its Lightning protection and overall high stats.



In the original PlayStation 2 versions, the Rubber Suit is sold for 14,400 gil in Balfonheim Port once the Sky Fortress Bahamut appears. It is found in a treasure in Pharos - Third Ascent's Spire Ravel - 1st Flight (fool's façade in the southeast; 55% chance to appear, 50% chance the treasure is the Rubber Suit without the Diamond Armlet equipped Map 33 Pharos Third Ascent).

The suit is rarely poached from the Abaddon and Bull Abaddon, and is made in the bazaar set "Nature's Armory" by selling nine Prime Pelts (from certain feline and canine enemies, e.g. Tartarus), seven Forbidden Fleshes (from headless enemies, e.g. Dullahan), and eight Fire Crystals (from various enemies, e.g. the aforementioned Dullahan).

The Rubber Suit can also be obtained through the Hunt Club on the Phon Coast by giving 5 Rare Game trophies top Atak, 10 to Blok and 5 to Stok, which makes the suit available in the Shifty-Eyed Merchant's Store nearby for 13,050 gil.


In the updated Zodiac versions, the Rubber Suit is not sold in shops, but sells for 7,250 gil. It is found in a treasure in Cerobi Steppe's North Liavell Hills (20% chance to appear, 50% chance for gil, 5% chance the item treasure is the Rubber Suit with the Diamond Armlet equipped), and in Great Crystal's Sirhru Jilaam Praa'vaa (always appears).

It is still rarely poached from the Abaddon and Bull Abaddon, and is made in the bazaar in the "Nature's Armory" set with the same items as before.


The Rubber Suit is a high-ranked light armor, giving 53 or 42 defense depending on version, and a large 700 HP. It makes the wearer immune to Lightning damage, making it useful against some tough marks like Behemoth King or Ixion. In the original version, the Rubber Suit is available to buy at the same time as the Mirage Vest, which has better stats but no elemental properties; it is up to the player to decide which light armor they prefer for endgame between the Rubber Suit, Mirage Vest and the Brave Suit; the latter has poorer stat, but comes with with permanent Bravery. In the original version everyone can wear any equipment piece, and thus heavy and mystic armor may be preferable to light armor, as the latter's HP boost is not usually worth prioritizing over heavy armor that boosts Strength for physical attackers, or mystic armor that boosts Magick Power for spellcasters. However, the other types can't replicate the Lightning protection from Rubber Suit.

Other ways to protect against Lightning are the Zodiac Escutcheon shield in all versions, and the Diamond Armlet and Gendarme in the Zodiac versions.

In the Zodiac versions, Machinist, Monk, Archer, and Shikari can equip the Rubber Suit, and so it is only useful to look for if the player has chosen these License Boards for their party. In The Zodiac Age, after fighting Belias, the player can choose two License Boards per party member, and so more party members can choose from the potentially more useful heavy and mystic armor sets. However, at 700, the HP boost from the Rubber Suit can be a good aid, especially when doubled under Bubble. In late game, the player can exceed the 9999 HP cap the user interface shows if they wear the best light armor gear and use Bubble.