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The Rozarrians. Their Empire lies far to the west, ever at war with Archadia. Heedless of the kingdoms caught in their midst. Dalmasca. Nabradia. Landis.


The Rozarrian Empire is a vast empire on the Ordalia continent to the west of the Archadian Empire, and one of the main political powers in Final Fantasy XII. Despite its importance in the story, the player party never visits Rozarria.

Only two people from Rozarria are met during the story: the high-ranking aristocrat Al-Cid Margrace, and his assistant. Al-Cid speaks with a Peninsular Spanish accent, but since his assistant never speaks, it is unknown if other Rozarrians have this accent.

Sage Knowledge[]

Empire located in the west of Ordalia, possessing an army rumored to be the equal of the Archadian Imperial forces. Though an emperor rules, Rozarria is a military state, and the armed forces carry much political power. In recent years, the Margrace Imperial family has sought to limit the military's power, embarking on a series of reforms to restrict the scope of their authority. Archadia's unprovoked invasion of Dalmasca sent shockwaves through the Rozarrian establishment, and many are those who see a war between empires looming on the horizon.

The Rozarrian Empire, Sage Knowledge


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Built up during the Galtean Alliance like most of the other great powers in Ivalice. Rozarria began as a city-state and eventually became one of the great empires, second only to Archadia, which kept on expanding even after Rozarria had stopped gathering more land. Archadia kept annexing smaller nations along its border and, unable to ignore such hostile actions, Rozarria declared war on Archadia and the hostilities lasted for years.


The war ended when Archadia invaded Dalmasca and held one of the key-strategic positions in Ivalice. When Vayne Solidor comes into power, hostilities rise up again, and a war is about to begin with Dalmasca as the battlefield. With Vayne's death, the Rozarrian fleet stops and a bloody war with it.

Rozarria has left their mark in the Galtean Peninsula. Around the expanse of the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea are oil rigs and tanks built in the olden days when Rozarria aimed to prospect oil from the desert. Sandstorms and frequent attacks from the Urutan-Yensa hindered their progress, and after a while, Rozarria ceased the oil drilling activities altogether.

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An empire is a dominion composed of a multitude of nations that's ruled by one sovereign leader, generally an emperor, although some empires were ruled by kings.