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Royse is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is a Entrepreneur in Ul'dah who runs the masked carnival and is Martyn's boss.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Royse watches Martyn from afar as he is attempting to sell his wares to adventurer's, and approaches him after he is investigated by Limsan authorities. She gives a proposition to him where he can participate in her masked carnival idea and teach the Warrior of Light blue magic to put the magical art on display, and obtain wealth. After he agrees she gives him a new costume and the stage name "The Great Azuro."

Over time Royse becomes suspicious of Martyn's dealings and disappearances outside of the carnival and investigates with the Warrior of Light. They witness him do some shady dealings with some thugs and the Warrior of Light fights them off. Royse confronts Martyn about him buying dream flowers to make the illegal drug somnus. He explains he needs the flowers in order to make a cure for the Whalaqee's sickness, brought about by Eorzean travelers. Royse believes his story and states that she should've told him as she has connections to people who could make the cure.

After learning of Whastratch taking advantage of the Whalaqee's need for the cure, Martyn gets into an argument with him and Royse determines that they should settle it in a duel at the Masked Carnivale. After the Warrior of Light defeats Whastratch in battle, Royse congratulates them and is given the title of "Azuro the Second" by Martyn.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Royse has Martyn and the Warrior of Light meet Fygreiss Loetkilbsyn, a new financier of the Masked Carnivale. Royse shows him around the various guild's that help make the Carnivale what it is now. Although he is interested in the monsters and resources used in the shows, he is unimpressed by blue magic and wants his son Zirnberk to perform in order to gain more prestige for his company, and use the monsters as guards. Following Zirnberk's introduction into the Carnivale as Siegfried, he challanges Martyn to a duel and she wants him to be in tip top shape to perform his very best.

Over time Royse notices voidsent are missing for the events, and tracks him and the other blue mages down near Copperbell Mines in Western Thanalan. She confronts him and states that he crossed the line taking her voidsent, investor or not. Fygriess states with what he's invested into the Carnivale its as good as his, buying it right from under Royse's nose. Royse insults his status as a member of the syndicate and he threatens to drive her out of Eorzea. Martyn suggests a duel in order to settle who owns the Carnivale, with Royse initially disagreeing, due to it being risky. Unfortunately Fygreiss accepts and she has no choice but to accept the terms.

Before the match with Siegfried, Martyn disappears in order to find information on his foe, putting Royse into a panic. Her and the Warrior of Light search Ul'dah for him and she berates him once he's found. As the match begins Siegfried is outfitted with new magitek armor, shocking Royse as she states she doesn't remember the story of him wearing Garlean armor and a hand cannon. Unfortunately Martyn is defeated in combat but the wager is still on due to Siegfried wanting a rematch, due to his magitek armor being an unfair advantage. Royse now puts her hopes on the Warrior of Light to win the wager and tells them to prepare for the match. Following their victory, she congratulates them on and gives thanks for saving the Carnivale. Her and Fygriess apologize to each other and make an agreement that blue mages can do bodyguard work in his mines for coin. The two guild members Nutiba Buntiba and P'yandih are inspired by the show, and Royse states that they may have a spot in the Carnivale before long.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Royse Confronts Kageyama.

After a show at the Masked Carnivale two foreign spectators from Kugane tell Royse and Martyn that their performance is a knockoff of the "Fukumen Fighting Festival" and the "blue wizards" back home. Royse tells Martyn to go to Kugane to see if they are truly copying their masked Carnivale performances. After a length of time passes, Royse travels to Kugane herself to see whats taking Martyn so long. After finding him, and discovering he wagered the masked carnivale on a bout and lost she berates him. She takes over the invsetigation and meets with Nutiba in front of the Kugane Castle gates in order to obtain the Carnivale back. They meet Nutiba and he reveals why he stole Martyn's wares and the carnivale's ideas. After learning that it was to protect his wife from Kageyama, he appears and Royse confronts him on his theft of her idea. She offers a rematch against the Warrior of Light in Ul'dah, and full ownership of the Carnivale included if he wins. He accepts and gloats about it saying that his prized fighter "Golden Goliath" will win again. Royse apologizes for putting the Warrior on the spot, and the three head home in order to prepare for the match. Once home she gives them a new outfit for the match and wishes them good luck, along with exposing Golden Goliath for the fraud he is.

With victory claimed, she congratulates the Warrior for saving the Carnivale twice now and is confronted by an angry Kageyama. She reveals that she has enough evidence to put him in jail for smuggling soy into the city, and that she lured him here for that very reason. The authorities promptly arrest him and Nutiba asks what will happen to him for participating in his scheme. Royse forgives him, and Gogo approaches them, stating that he wants to keep the festival going as he enjoyed entertaining the masses. Royse agrees as it brought in a large profit, and allows it to continue, stating that they now have competition and must continue the show.



Royse is a highlander hyur with blonde hair and brown eyes and is seen with Endless Summer Glasses on her head that are dyed wine red. She wears a Gyuki leather jacket, windsilk bottoms and dragon skin boots.


Royse is an entrepeneaur and is a smart business woman who knows how to negotiate terms and business in her benefit. She often makes high stake bets on her business if it is threatened, but places her trust in the Warrior of Light and Martyn.