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Roye is a hume Seer from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Because of the hood he wears, many people and monsters mistake him for a very large white cat.

The mission that features Roye, The Cat's Meow, has Clan Gully protect him from and defeat the monsters that would have otherwise made a meal out of him. In gratitude, Roye teaches Clan Gully the arts of the Seer, after they advise him to take off the hood.

He is rather adept, having mastered Thundara, Cura, and Magic Frenzy, and he is equipped with a Sage Robe, a Ribbon and an Edaroya Scriptures.


  • Weapon: Edaroya Scriptures
  • Armor: Sage Robe
  • Accessory: Ribbon


Skill Effect Range AP To Master
Thundara Deals strong Lightning damage. 4 14
Cura Heals HP; also damages Undead monsters. 4 14
Magick Frenzy Allows user to follow up a spell with a physical attack. Does not work with Raise, Arise, or any Blue Magick (except for Quake). Depends on spell used Depends on spell used

Strategy to help Roye[]

Roye will be quite far from the party, so he might be overrun by the monsters for several turns. A good tactic is to either use Move↑ Privilege or the Speed↑ Privilege so that the party can reach him faster.

Having Illusionists in the team is recommended. Using the Deluge or the Wild Tornado can be highly effective since most of the monsters whom are cornering Roye are Wolves and Headlesses, and they are weak to those respective elemental spells. Using either the Eureka Crystal or Grimoire Stone can help Roye stay alive longer if the party is having a hard time reaching him.

Roye is fairly independent as he always travels alone. He has the Cura spell, so he will be able to stay alive. Since Roye will move to the corner of the map, he might not use Cura to heal himself because he will be completely cornered by the monsters. But he would still use Magick Frenzy and Recharge to keep battling. At this crucial moment, Illusionists and ranged attackers will be highly reliable to quickly dispatch enemies and saving Roye.

Additionally, even using Tinker wouldn't really give much of a bad impact on Roye because he equips Ribbons. This makes him completely immune to all status effects and can only receive buffs from the Clockwork ability. If on a certain circumstances that Roye is in great danger, a desperate resort is to use Parivir's Unburden Soul ability before it's too late to save him.


  • Roye is shown to be rather confident in his abilities by choosing to travel alone. However, if the player is not mindful of his status in the mission, he could very well fall in the first two or three turns.