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Many in Lucis have heard word of the ship that served the royal family, but yet few know what an important role it played in our shared history.

Documents in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

Royal vessel is a yacht belonging to Regis Lucis Caelum in Final Fantasy XV that also appears in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. It can be used to travel the Cygillan Ocean. It has been seen piloted by Cid Sophiar, Regis's friend, and Noctis Lucis Caelum, Regis's son. Cid also mentions Regis used to sail the boat himself.

The vessel was made playable in Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition, where the player can sail all across the oceans. The player can fish from the vessel and take photos on the boat.


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Regis and his retinue once sailed to Accordo on the royal vessel. They used Cape Caem as a hideout before Regis became king, and the lighthouse was abandoned. The vessel was left at Caem in a secret dock underneath the lighthouse.

The party on the royal vessel.

After the Crown City of Insomnia is attacked by Niflheim, the exiled Prince Noctis finds himself unable to continue to Altissia as the ferry there doesn't run. His party decides to use the royal vessel, and the mechanics Cid and Cindy come to Caem to repair the yacht for Noctis's use. Cindy sends Noctis and his retinue out to find mythril. After the boat is fixed, Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto set off to Altissia with Cid steering the ship.

Dino preparing the royal vessel.

They dock the boat at Altissia and pass the immigration control. They leave Cid in charge of the vessel while they move on. Cid gives Noctis the key to the vessel and the retinue can explore the Cygillan Ocean at their leisure (though they can't approach Angelgard), and even run into a whale. The vessel is swept beneath the waves and lost at sea after Leviathan's Revelation.

After Noctis disappears Eos is gradually overtaken by daemons. Hunters continue to search for the ship, and Dino Ghiranze—who once tried to aid Noctis to find a ferry to Altissia—informs Talcott Hester that the royal vessel has been discovered off the coast of Galdin Quay. The vessel is brought to the harbor at the resort and Dino prepares it for the Kingsglaive to head to Angelgard to uncover the mysteries of the island.

Noctis steers the royal vessel.

When Noctis awakens in Angelgard ten years later, he returns to Galdin Quay alone on the royal vessel the Kingsglaive had brought there for his use. He leaves the ship at the abandoned resort as he moves on.

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The trip to Altissia is an in-game cutscene. While the boat moves and the camera spans around it, the party discusses the recent events, rumors they have heard and what they will do once they get to Altissia.

Catching Styrial Bluefin Tuna.

The PC and Royal Edition versions make the boat usable by the player with the same controls as the Regalia. Before concluding the events at Altissia the party is given the keys to the boat and the player can explore the oceans freely and fish from the vessel and take on quests.

The boat can be docked at Galdin Quay, Cape Caem and Altissia. If the player tries to visit Angelgard they get a small cutscene telling the player to seek to power of the gods. The Regalia will be parked where the player docks the vessel.

The player can listen to the music player, rest on the ship, fish, and take photos.


Fishing spots are denoted on a radar and keep changing. When sailing, fishing-related quests become available when the player approaches the correct spot.

Open-Sea Angling[]

Open-Sea AnglingCygillan Ocean off the coast of Cape CaemSail the royal vessel manually250 EXP

When sailing the royal vessel, Prompto speaks up of a fishing spot off the coast of Cape Caem. Sailing onto the spot completes the mission. The player can fish here and catch the Dynnel Barramundi.

Whopper in the Waves[]

Whopper in the WavesCygillan Ocean by the islands en route to AltissiaSail the royal vessel manually250 EXP

When sailing the royal vessel, Ignis speaks up of a fishing spot near the islands en route to Altissia. Sailing onto the spot completes the mission. The player can fish there and catch a Nephilim Grouper.

Monster of the Deep[]

Monster of the DeepCygillan Ocean off the coast of AngelgardSail the royal vessel manually300 EXP


When sailing the royal vessel, Gladiolus speaks up of a fishing spot near Angelgard. Sailing onto the spot completes the mission. The player can fish the rare Mummy Bass there by hooking a fish and not reeling it, using the fish itself as the bait.

Mummy Bass is the hardest fish to catch. The player should have the ultimate fishing gear and use Dragon's Beard line. Eating Kupoberry Cheesecake also helps. One trick to reeling the fish in is to tap the pause button and adjust the reel/do not reel as needed, and always reel to the direction the fish swims, even before the prompts appear on-screen.


The party spots Bismarck.

The party can come across a whale called Bismarck on their voyage after accepting a quest for it from Maagho. Finding Bismarck lets the player fish for Styrial Bluefin Tuna, which yields one of the best recipes.

Photo Ops[]

Prompto taking a photo on the royal vessel.

There are six photos the player can take from the royal vessel.

  1. Restaurant - Photo of the Galdin Quay main building, taken from off the coast of Galdin Quay
  2. Island - Photo of Angelgard, taken from northeast side of the island
  3. Cape - Photo of Cape Caem, taken from southwest of the tip of the peninsula
  4. Chimney - Photo of the Rock of Ravatogh, taken from southeast from the volcano
  5. Horizon - Photo taken of the horizon to the west of Altissian islands
  6. Gate - Photo taken of the gates of Altissia when arriving there on the vessel


Royal Vessel Shop in FFXV.png

The player can shop for fishing gear from the royal vessel. The shop doesn't count as a tackle shop, so Noctis's fishing level does not affect prices.

Item Cost
Spider Silk 30
Super Baleen 100
Dragon's Beard 500
Poppeck: Chocobo 50
Poppeck: White Chocobo 50
Burrower: Green Sandworm 200
Burrower: Abyss Worm 200
Deadly Waters: Sahagin 200
Deadly Waters: Seadevil 200
Bomber: Bomb 50
Hot Breather: Blue Dragon 50
Fatal Roulette: Ahriman 50
Stormer: Purple Belly Focalor 200
Stormer: Chert Focalor 200

Behind the scenes[]

A rejected idea for the game included adamantite being a necessary component for the royal vessel.[1] Adamantite is obtained from the adamantoise.

Near the end of the voyage to Altissia Prompto comments "All work and no play," with Noctis replying "Makes Ignis a dull boy." All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a proverb used in various media productions, e.g. The Shining.