Royal Tactician was a Collector's Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Instead of gil, dungeons and enemy drops in this event awarded the player Ingredients which could then be traded in at the Campsite for items. Save for the 2,000 gil trade, which could be traded without limit, all items were only available once.

Item Ingredients
FFRK Mythril 500
FFRK Mythril 1,000
FFRK Mythril 1,500
FFRK Mythril 2,000
FFRK Mythril 2,500
FFRK Mythril 3,000
FFRK Soul of a Hero 2,000
FFRK MC Lode 2,500
FFRK MCII Lode 5,000
FFRK MCIII Lode 15,000
FFRK Noctis MC 2,500
FFRK Gladiolus MC 2,500
FFRK Iris MC 2,500
FFRK Prompto MC 2,500
FFRK Aranea MC 2,500
32px 2,500
FFRK Noctis MCII 5,000
FFRK Gladiolus MCII 5,000
FFRK Iris MCII 5,000
FFRK Prompto MCII 5,000
FFRK Aranea MCII 5,000
32px 5,000
32px 8,000
32px 13,500
FFRK Power Crystal 10,000
FFRK White Crystal 10,000
FFRK Black Crystal 10,000
FFRK Summon Crystal 10,000
FFRK Non-Elemental Crystal 10,000
FFRK Fire Crystal 10,000
FFRK Wind Crystal 10,000
FFRK Holy Crystal 10,000
FFRK Dark Crystal 10,000
FFRK Major Summon Orb 5,000
FFRK Major Non-Elemental Orb 5,000
FFRK Major Fire Orb 5,000
FFRK Major Ice Orb 5,000
FFRK Major Lightning Orb 5,000
FFRK Major Earth Orb 5,000
FFRK Major Wind Orb 5,000
FFRK Major Holy Orb 5,000
FFRK Major Dark Orb 5,000
FFRK Greater Summon Orb 1,000
FFRK Greater Non-Elemental Orb 1,000
FFRK Greater Fire Orb 1,000
FFRK Greater Ice Orb 1,000
FFRK Greater Lightning Orb 1,000
FFRK Greater Earth Orb 1,000
FFRK Greater Wind Orb 1,000
FFRK Greater Holy Orb 1,000
FFRK Greater Dark Orb 1,000
FFRK Summon Orb x2 250
FFRK Non-Elemental Orb x2 250
FFRK Fire Orb x2 250
FFRK Ice Orb x2 250
FFRK Lightning Orb x2 250
FFRK Earth Orb x2 250
FFRK Wind Orb x2 250
FFRK Holy Orb x2 250
FFRK Dark Orb x2 250
FFRK Gil x2,000 500



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