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Concept art from Final Fantasy III.

A sword from another world. A noble sword once passed down through generations in Castle Argus, it was stolen away by Hein, the man who, consumed by darkness, betrayed the king. Though it doesn't possess any special abilities, it is well-known for delivering consistent powerful attacks. After much trouble, it is said that it finally ended up in the hands of the Warriors of Light.

The Royal Sword (キングスソード, Kingusu Sōdo?, lit. King's Sword), also known as the Kingsword, King's Sword, or King, is a recurring piece of equipment in the Final Fantasy series. It is a low-ranking sword.


Final Fantasy III[]

The Royal Sword is found in Castle Hein. It has an Attack power of 40, but no other special bonuses.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The Kingsword is Cecil's default sword. It has an Attack power of 40, a Hit rate of 40, and boosts Spirit by 3. Only Cecil is meant to use it, but due to a bug Kain can also equip it at one point, although it is worse than his default weapon.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The King's Sword is a gladiator's arm for paladins. It is a potential drop from Titania in the Dancing Plague (Extreme), or can be traded for in Eulmore using tokens acquired from the same duty.

The King's Sword

The King's Sword

GLD PLD Lv. 80

Item Level 450

Physical Damage: 117 Auto-attack: 87.36 Delay: 2.24
Strength +340
Vitality +353
Critical Hit +310
Determination +217
Materia SlotMateria Slot
Repair/Melding Discpline: Blacksmith Dyeable: No Unique

The Final Fantasy Legend[]

King has a sword icon before its name, it is an extremely powerful sword found in Castle of Sword. It is a Strength-based weapon with infinite uses and an attack power of 8, having the Fire, Ice, Elec, Pois, Stone, Para, Weapon, and Quake attributes. The player will unfortunately not be allowed to keep it, having to surrender it along with the other King equipment to restore the Status of Hero and retrieve the Black Sphere. It is wielded by the enemy character also known as King Sword, who will use it to attack the player. The weapon has a chance to inflict a critical hit.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

The Royal Sword is also a unique weapon for Onion Knight. It is a level 92 weapon that increases Attack by 63 and damage done by 10%. It can be obtained by trading 29,570 gil, a Tyrfing, Goddess's Magicite x5, and Recovery Crystal x3.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The Royal Sword is a level 90 exclusive weapon for Onion Knight and provides +63 Attack and +7% damage. It can be obtained by trading 158,000 gil, a Tyrfing, an Electrum, and Youth's Dream x5.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

The Royal Sword is one of the Onion Knight's unlockable weapons, whilst in his default form. It can be obtained, alongside the Kotetsu blades and Rune Staff, either by random chance when redeeming a Treasure token, or by purchasing them from the Shop for 7,200 Gil. Like all other characters' weapons, having it equipped carries no advantages or disadvantages.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Royal Sword (III)
(King's Sword (III))
Rarity 5
Additional stats: Accuracy +95
Unique Soul Break: Blade Torrent (Luneth)

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Royal Sword is a Sword obtained from the Final Fantasy III event, The Crystal Tower. It provides 37 ATK.



A sword is a blade weapon used primarily for cutting or thrusting. The precise definition of the term varies with the historical epoch or the geographical region under consideration. A sword in the most narrow sense consists of a straight blade with two edges and a hilt. However, in nearly every case, the term may also be used to refer to weapons with a single edge (backsword).